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Commercial Fishermen Rally In Hampton Bays, Demand Changes To DEC's Enforcement Policies

You are all being much to kind to a government that doesn't serve the people. " Jan 22, 15 12:06 PM

UPDATE: Lofstad Wins Seat In Southampton Town Board Special Election; Yastrzemski Concedes

whatever the commentators think of the candidates, the number of votes cast is a disgraceful statement on either the number of registered voters who don't care enough to vote or everyone went to Florida before the snowstorm. " Jan 27, 16 9:59 AM

Hampton Bays Library Postpones $9.9 Million Bond Referendum Vote; Reschedules For April 4

There's nothing wrong with the current library. Who's complaining about it other than the Board?" Mar 17, 17 1:25 PM

Nonprofits Interested In Former Hampton Bays Chamber Of Commerce Building

If the property is owned by Southampton town it should be repaired by the owner not the renter. Most non-profits have no ability or funds to replace/rebuild the second floor and pay all of the operating expenses as well. That's why they're called "NON" profit. In any case it would be a great spot for a welcome to Hampton Bays facility with all of the information of what to do and see once Main Street is redesigned, Canoe Place Inn is open, the fishing pier at the bridge and our beautiful Ponquogue Beach facility is completed.

Geraldine Spinella, Hampton Bays. " May 21, 18 7:45 PM

Work Begins On Canoe Place Inn Project In Hampton Bays

I couldn't agree more that it will be a sign of success at last. Proud to say Hampton Bays is my home! Driving along Montauk Highway from the canal to 24 will be a heartwarming experience - especially if the Diner ever reopens!! The CPI will be a beautiful addition. The only negative I can see to all of this improvement is the traffic will double and we can't expand the roads. Next project Gail!! " Dec 6, 18 1:22 PM

Property value increasing is great if you're interested in selling but not when your property taxes triple as well. That's actually the real concern of the "ordinary people". Everyone loves to see their town step up in both improvement and reputation. They hope to be able to afford to stay when it does!" Dec 6, 18 1:27 PM

The Hamptons Standard Sued For Claims Of Trademark Infringement As It Changes Name, Menu

The interior is fine. But the menu needed renovation. Blue pancakes with frozen blueberries on top were not anyone's idea of a good breakfast option " Oct 25, 19 10:31 AM