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Southampton Town board gets details of forensic audit report, creates audit advisory committee

The whole town should be looking towards Richard (the King ) Blowes to take responsibility for the financial fiasco!" Oct 19, 09 4:26 PM

Heaney Seeks Nomination To Run Against Schneiderman

this must be a joke! Heaney who left Southampton hall after putting the town in fiancial ruins is looking for another free ride. Get rid of the jerk" Mar 14, 11 7:19 PM

Twelve Drug Arrests In Hampton Bays Over Fourth of July Weekend

I wonder what it cost the taxpayers for police services to make such a small bust?" Jul 5, 11 1:23 PM

Westhampton Beach Lifeguard Quits After Being Denied Permission To Respond To Fire Alarm

As usual the mayor is saying it's my way or the highway. I thought the village board makes the policies?" Aug 25, 11 12:56 PM

Southampton Housing Authority Pitches New Ideas To Create Affordable Housing

Now land purchased as open space is going to have houses built on it! Something is wrong with the town's thinking." Aug 29, 11 11:38 AM

Family Moves Into New Habitat For Humanity House On Quiogue

I agree with dagdavid!" Nov 3, 11 9:05 AM

Cops: Air And Ground Patrol Nabs One For ATV Use In Pine Barrens

I wonder what the tab is just to get one person? Couldn't these services be used to nab some real criminals!" Jun 30, 12 12:11 PM

Spota Calls East End DWI Task Force A Success, Extends Patrols To Waterways

someone is paying the officers salaries!
" Sep 14, 12 6:21 PM

Bay Constable Storage Building Condemned; Town Seeking Temporary Storage Space

They knew this 30 years ago and did nothing about it. Now they are really going to pay!
" Oct 3, 12 7:16 PM

Gregor Suspends Leaf Bagging In Southampton Town

That's how a thinking man operates!" Nov 7, 12 6:15 AM

Southampton Town Settles Discrimination Charges With Officer

It's time to shut down the SHTPD and use the county PD which we already pay for!" Mar 8, 13 8:11 AM

Fines, Penalties For Rental Violations Could Increase In Southampton Town

They let a town employee go! Now they are going to hire someone who is already working! What a way to help with the unemployment rate in Southampton!" Apr 12, 13 6:48 PM

UPDATE: Wilson Chains Trucks To House In Latest In Property Dispute

She seems to have lost her mind!
" Apr 16, 13 8:09 AM

Kidnapping Report Appears To Be Phone Scam

Why are the town police responding to southampton hospital which is in southampton village?
" Jun 13, 13 9:46 AM

Activists Want Capital One To Drop Alec Baldwin, His Beneficiaries Are Still Supportive

If it wasn't for the money they all would want him fired!" Jul 31, 13 10:48 AM

East Quogue Fire Commissioners Will Host Meeting Next Week To Discuss Antenna Plans

It is not something that is needed! If are unsure speak to former commissioners and past chiefs that are not commissioners now! The electronic siren will be overpowering and the 100' pole will still be in the fall zone. They need to spend the money on maintenance of the building which needs many repairs!" Aug 14, 13 11:26 AM

Kabot Wins Conservative Primary By One Vote

That was so the conservative votes in Nov. will go to Kabot hoping that along with Rep. votes will win her the election. Southampton Town will go back to old times with a budget in the red." Sep 20, 13 5:34 PM

Hampton Bays Mourns Death Of Michael L. Zarro

RIP Mike!" Oct 22, 13 5:36 PM

Former Peconic Baykeeper Launches New Group

He doesn't know what a real job is. Just these non-profit organizations started by himself. He always makes himself the boss. As far as him having an affair it is important as it shows his character." Jul 2, 14 12:31 PM