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UPDATE: Southampton Town Board Votes Down The Hills Proposal Tuesday

The developer will apply for permission to build, on property zoned CR200." Dec 4, 17 1:00 PM

The current appropriate CR200 zoning requires each home to sit on 200,000 square foot lots, a minimum lot width of 200 feet, 100 foot front and rear set backs,125 foot combined side yards. Only special permission will allow anything else. A worthwhile thought would be requiring only well water irrigation systems, forbid, (Town wide) lawn fertilizers, and requiring innovative onsite septic systems. " Dec 4, 17 11:00 PM

Public Hearing Set For Discovery Land Subdivision In East Quogue

Take a look at the setback requirements of the current zoning." Jan 12, 18 4:44 PM

CR 200 Zoning (Country Residence)
Lot minimum area per home 200,000 sq. ft.
Lot minimum width 200'
Side yard minimum 50' of a required total of 125'
Front yard 100'

Without special permission no golf.
No golf = weak interest" Jan 12, 18 4:55 PM

State Official: Southampton Town ZBA Policy Appears To Be In Violation Of Open Meetings Law

Oh, so that's why a decision of such magnitude was assigned to a zoning appeals board. Greed is crafty, clever, inventive, innovative, and contagious." Dec 6, 18 10:05 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Rejects Petition To Incorporate East Quogue As A Village

The Village movement is "plan C" to have a future path to apply for approval of the hills golf course. The property there would be much much more valuable and viable with a golf course to build homes around. The problem is our bay cannot absorb all the additional poop, our aquifer would be imperiled, and our Town of Southampton would take a major credibility hit." Jun 11, 19 8:44 AM

During testimony there we 2 complaining about the misleading nature of the doorstep encounter with the petitioners. There was only 1 who countered, yet that measure was satisfied ?" Jun 11, 19 10:49 PM

East Quogue Residents Will Vote On Village Incorporation Next Week

Wham bam the village is a scam
A tool for developers to transform pristine land
A Playland for the exclusionary that's what there might just be
Unwelcome are most others who can't afford the fee.
The Bay can't afford it either and Neither can the soil
Greed fed monsters commonly
cause folks blood to boil.
" Oct 10, 19 4:15 PM

I attended the informational meeting tonight and the committee's dais was wide. Their Attorney had 50 years of experience working on Village matters. That is remarkable, he answered many questions. My question however did not make the time cut. Does there exist on Long Island, an Incorporated village that has a separate gated community within it's borders? " Oct 11, 19 1:33 AM

UPDATE: Town Planning Board Approves Lewis Road PRD Preliminary Subdivision Application And Findings Statement In Split Votes

Where does support for SPECIAL PERMISSION to build a golf course complex in East Quogue come from?
I don't think it's local golfers, they can't play there. I think the traffic will increase, our water supply is below it, pesticides and effluent will flow downhill (GRAVITY) to Weesuck Creek and Shinnecock Bay. Where can support for this be coming from?
To date I think, the existing 5 acre building lot zoning has not been built on. I think SPECIAL PERMISSION is being "REQUESTED" to build this central attraction to generate interest to build where there was no interest before. I think without GRANTING the "REQUESTED" SPECIAL PERMISSION the building of houses there will remain unattractive to buyers. Therefore avoiding risk to our water and ecology. However support for this SPECIAL PERMISSION sure is persistent, It has survived our TOWN BOARDS WILL and in my opinion our electorate's will AGAINST IT. where can the support for it be coming from?" Oct 31, 19 1:46 PM