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Affordable Apartments Plan In Tuckahoe On The Table Tuesday

part of the issue with the site this development is to be built on--is that there is an aquifer for the ground water--most all homes in this area are well water--with a waste management system of any type--any leeching or seepage from these systems will pollute the ground water--including the pumping stations on north magee st--will the town be held liable for polluted wells???or are they going to offer public water to the area at no cost??can't wait to hear the excuses--" Aug 8, 13 12:44 PM

sandy hollow rd only has public water from county rd 39 to 100 sandy hollow rd---leaving most of the residents with well water---and the main @ the installation is not large enough to deliver good pressure to the rest of the area--checked with SCWA" Aug 11, 13 9:50 PM

Residents Blast Affordable Housing Plan; Officials Say It May Be Last Chance

Isn't it interesting how the real facts re:this development were totally ignored in the article---no mention of the danger to the ground water & public water pumping station located on north magee st---the possible installation of a modern NEW to the public waste management plant--that's electricallycontrolled--Please---NO hurricane Gloria or any SUPER STORMS--back-up batteries don't last forever--also, intersting--no acknowledgement that the new plan may possibly have too much square footage for the site--also--no talk about the amount of restrictions placed on renters--no large gatherings--no pets--camaras surrounding the area--and as of tuesday--not owned by Housing Authority--but privetly owned by developer who runs and owns many of these developments on the island--including hampton bays & thru-out NYS---at the open hearing--very few, if any, of the public's questions were answered--maybe this should be tabled until all the answers are available" Aug 15, 13 10:32 PM

UPDATE: Over $18,000 Raised For Photographer Who Lost Equipment In Water Mill House Fire

its not covered under the home owners insurance?" Mar 7, 16 5:01 PM

Sandy Hollow Affordable Housing Project In Tuckahoe To Break Ground This Summer

is there a plan in the works to bring public water to the many homeowners and tax payors on sandy hollow rd who don't have acess to water--since the plans for this development show the waste management facility is to be built on or in close proximity to the aquifer for our well water" Apr 17, 17 4:37 PM

Southampton Town Board Considers Allowing Wastewater Treatment Systems For Small Lots

and lets not forget the infamous sandy hollow cove where the waste water treatment system is to be placed on a protected aquifer for our ground water in the area with false promises to all local residents to receive public water-- with last conversation with SCWA--there are no records of the developer requesting public water to be installed from ctny rd 39 down sandy hollow rd with accessibility to all homeowners who still have well water --are these tax payors the forgotten few " Feb 28, 18 2:43 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Village And Town Police Work Together On Traffic Signal Modifications

it's 3:30 in the afternoon on sandy hollow rd--the traffic headed south is in total grid lock--no one moving--maybe open up sebonac rd and traffic could divert down back roads to sunrise--no thoughts put into this regarding the working class folks" Jun 11, 18 3:50 PM

Group For The East End President Calls On Town Board To Hold Work Session To Revise ZBA Policy

speaking of developments--has anyone driven by the monstrosities that Qeen Thron-Holst and her jesters okayed for Sandy Hollow Rd??--the buildings the People were told would fit so nicely into our neighborhood--the buildings that would sit far back from the road--with plenty of room for beautiful landscaping to block them--all fantasies fed to the public at public hearings--at no time did the members of the town board take into consideration the voice of the people--and, apparently, follow thru with the design to try to obstruct its view--trust the board?? just another fantasy " Jan 11, 19 2:54 PM