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Bill And Hill Might Sleep Here

If Bill and Hillary sleep here I would recommend a team of workers dressed in Haz Mat suits do a complete antiseptic scrub down of the residence. Especially the room where Bill slept. " Aug 3, 16 8:51 PM

Local Residents Return From Delegation Trip With New Views On Immigration

This seems like a noble organization. However, a few observations: The charity was started in 2005 with a $60 million dollar grant. It will run out of money in 2017. That's an enormous amount of money to go through in 12 years. I hope the money is going to help those in need and not pay exorbitant salaries for the employees. In addition, has the charity conducted any work towards trying to reform the government of Mexico whose rampant corruption and discriminatory human rights policies create the deplorable conditions these poor people have to live in? It's always better to try and fix a problem at the root cause as opposed to working around it." Aug 10, 16 7:21 PM

Southampton School District Provides Information Sought In Lawsuit

Amazing that these clowns who work for us taxpayers refuse to tell us how they spend our money. Government at it's best. Hillary and the Democrats want to expand government and make larger it and more powerful. What are people thinking wanting to vote that party into office?" Aug 14, 16 10:29 AM

Schmidt's Market In Southampton Village Ready To Open This Week

Great news! Everyone should make a special shopping trip to help get then back on their feet." Aug 16, 16 9:26 PM

Trump Nearly Added Southampton To List Of Golf Course Properties, But Sebonack Won Out

Great story. Mr Pascucci sounds like an absolute gem of a guy. Could have used a little less of the evil Donald Trump angle but overall a well written very interesting story. Glad things turned out the way they did." Sep 1, 16 9:48 PM

UPDATE: Suffolk County Lifts Storm Surge Warning Monday Morning, Minor Flooding Still A Possibility At High Tide

Another "End of the World" storm predicted by these idiots is once again dead wrong.

The irresponsible media has ruined a fantastic holiday weekend for many merchants and those who count on tourists and vacationers to earn a living by chasing everyone home. Their inaccurate, doomsday predictions have turned east coast beach towns into empty ghost towns. I wish these same hype artists who create this mass hysteria just to increase ratings, were held accountable for their crimes.

Just another reason to distrust and dislike the media. " Sep 4, 16 4:08 PM

One Person Injured In County Road 39 Accident In Southampton Monday Morning

Until "Death Road 39" get's a middle barrier and an additional traffic light is installed at Hill Street Station forcing traffic to maintain a reasonable speed, the carnage will continue. " Sep 5, 16 5:06 PM

Suffolk County Legislature Approves Measure To Charge 5 Cents For Shopping Bags

Just another form of taxation disguised as a "socially responsible" action. It just never ends with Democrats taking our money to waste on funding a bloated, dysfunctional government." Sep 8, 16 9:45 PM

Police Diverting Traffic Around Accident On Westbound County Road 39 Thursday Morning

Death Road 39 strikes again. Although this accident seems quite tame. Usually it's not until the medevac helicopter lands for emergency transport and multiple cars are mangled that the city council even bothers to register any crash on CTR 39 as "a traffic accident" " Sep 23, 16 8:09 PM

Local Boy Scout Troop Soars With Nine Eagle Scouts

Tremendous accomplishment men! You are all hero's in our community. " Oct 6, 16 8:44 PM

Three-Car Accident On County Road 39 In Southampton Causes Traffic Delays Friday Morning

CR 39; AKA "Deathroad 39" strikes again. At what point will the road have more traffic lights installed? Hill Street Station and Inlet Road is an absolute must. " Oct 7, 16 9:44 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin, Anna Throne-Holst Debate Thursday Night

ATH and her progressive liberal agenda will destroy the east end. Her campaign is built on lies and deceptions meant to sound appealing to uninformed voters. However anybody who takes the time to study and understand exactly what she's proposing, will recognize the insanity of her vision for our community.

Go Lee!! " Oct 14, 16 7:55 PM

Press News Group To Host Congressional Debate

Hopefully Lee is able to keep the debate focused on facts and policies. Something ATH would dread. As long as she can keep the dialogue from becoming cerebral and intelligent, Nurse Rachet has a chance." Oct 21, 16 8:06 PM

EDITORIAL: The Press Endorses Anna Throne-Holst For The U.S. House

Another liberal rag supporting an incompetent, corrupt Democrat. Disgraceful." Nov 2, 16 7:45 AM

Eastbound Accident on County Road 39 Causes Backup In Southampton

"Death Road CTR 39" Is really racking up the accidents this year. " Nov 4, 16 9:33 PM

Southampton Village Board Considers Requiring Permits To Cut Down Trees On Residential Lots

Didn't people get the message with Tuesday's election? We don't want nanny government telling us how to run our lives, dictating everything we can and can't do. " Nov 11, 16 7:33 PM

Dueling Applications Reflect Conflict Over Sagaponack Property

The best part of this story is that once this massive headache created by greed, double-dealing and lies is resolved, these three individuals will be next door neighbors. " Jan 6, 17 9:04 PM

Patients, Healthcare Providers Concerned Over Possible Repeal Of Affordable Care Act

How much was the author compensated by the Democratic party to write this? The propaganda is so preposterously pro-Obamacare that it could have been written by Obama himself.

Shame on you SHP for allowing this to be reported as "news"" Jan 10, 17 6:17 PM

Dozens Rally To Save Health Care During Sunday Protest In Southampton

Can't wait until Friday's inauguration when common sense once again takes control of our country. Good riddance Obama and all the socialism you and the Democratic Party saddled us with for the past eight years. " Jan 16, 17 9:17 PM

Local Residents To Make A Statement With Women's March On Washington

Looking forward to a lengthy article from the SHP allowing Trump supporters to voice their opinion on their concerns about the eight-year Obama presidency. The paper is committed to presenting both Democratic and Republican points' of view; right?

Should I hold my breath? Ha!" Jan 18, 17 7:35 PM

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