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Noyac Residents Give Zeldin An Earful On Aircraft Altitude Request

A pretty misleading headline. Zeldin appears trying to fix a long standing problem he inherited, with sincerity and a sense of urgency. SHP headline makes it sounds like he's the focal point of the residents ire. Wonder how the headline would have read if hero Bishop was still in office?" Apr 7, 15 8:23 PM

Ha! Thanks for posting," Apr 7, 15 8:28 PM

Zeldin Blasts Obama For Putting Politics Before Policy In Iran Nuclear Talks

Great job Lee! Finally a leader from the east end who will express his opposition to the most inept president in the history of our republic." Apr 21, 15 9:52 PM

Great job Lee! Finally a leader from the east end who will express his opposition to the most inept president in the history of our republic." Apr 21, 15 9:54 PM

Goldman Sachs CEO Sued By Contractor After Working At Bridgehampton Estate

What a joke this lawsuit is. Blankfein should counter sue for defamation. Let's see how quickly the shyster construction worker experiences a miraculous "complete recovery" and decides his lawsuit doesn't need to go forward. " May 5, 15 10:18 PM

Hamptons Collegiate Baseball Begins This Weekend

This league is awesome! Everybody should come out and support this growing, high level, collegiate baseball league. " May 29, 15 9:09 PM

Climate Change Forum And Benefit Slated For Saturday

Will there be any speakers in attendance to offer a fact based refute to the climate change absolutes? Or, as usual, is an opposing view unwelcome by "open minded" progressives?" Jun 3, 15 10:18 PM

Elderly Woman Airlifted To Stony Brook Following Three-Car Crash On County Road 39 Wednesday

CR39 AKA "Death Road."

The intersection of Hill Station and East Inlet is beyond belief. CR39 must be changed back to one lane. This would allow space for a desperately needed shoulder for cars to pull over as well as police/ambulance crews to operate. One lane would force a slow down in speed as well as reduce the terrifying situation of cars passing each other going in opposite directions at 65 miles per hour with a foot of space between them.

Someone needs to file suit naming the town and the county for creating and such a dangerous situation." Jul 24, 15 6:20 PM

UPDATE: Hampton Jitney Accident On County Road 39 Cleared

Quite fortunate there wasn't any on coming traffic. Death Road 39 would have claimed another couple of victims if there was.
" Aug 11, 15 10:03 PM

Plans For Median On Long Beach Road To Be Topic Of Discussion

Where in the world is a median for "Death Road" CTR 39?" Aug 17, 15 1:46 PM

Westhampton Beach Waldbaum's To Close Its Doors In September

Waldbaums is a disgrace in every town their located. Good Riddance to that lousy supermaket." Aug 19, 15 10:09 PM

Complaints Of Overcrowding On LIRR Trains To The East End Continue

The long Island Railroad is an utter disgrace. Every line is terrible. Overcrowded, chronically late, awful attitude from train personnel. Reminds me of the trains I rode while traveling in Bangladesh.

" Aug 20, 15 10:17 PM

Elected Officials Reflect On 20th Anniversary Of Sunrise Wildfires

Good grief Ms. Throne-Holst, please stop with the phony global warming nonsense and focus on the heroic effort of the firefighters who put out the wild fires.

Thank goodness pragmatic Lee Zeldin is our East End representative. " Aug 24, 15 9:54 PM

Joy Behar Refuses To Watch Her Mouth, Returns To 'The View'

Joy Behar is an awful person. Foul mouthed, no class. I hope she shaves her back before returning to the View. " Aug 27, 15 7:34 PM

Zeldin Co-Sponsors Two Resolutions To Thwart Iran Deal

Congressman Zeldin.....Thank you for standing up against evil and opposing this indefensible deal. How in the world can anybody support a "treaty" so inherently dangerous and naive? Answer: Obama. Kerry and every other delusional Democrat.

November of 2016 can't come fast enough." Sep 11, 15 8:35 PM

Zeldin Reflects On Boehner's Resignation And What Is Necessary To Move Forward

Keep up the great work Congressman Zeldin. The vast majority of your constituents think your doing an excellent job representing us in Washington. " Oct 5, 15 10:33 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Calls For State Department Spokesman John Kirby To Step Down

Obama and his disastrous foreign policy - highlighted by his administrations top to bottom anti Israel sentiment - is making an already dangerous world, even more dangerous.

Zeldin's right. Get rid of Kirby and the even more inept John Kerry. " Oct 15, 15 9:21 PM

Dan Rather Sets Record Straight

As decent and humble a person Mr. Rather appears to be, the fact is that he wrote and reported the news with an undeniable left wing bias. Rather is an unabashed liberal who allowed his personal political views to shape his news reporting. Since day one in the CBS News anchor chair Rather gave his viewers half truths and distorted facts when reporting the news. Ultimately, it was his hatred of all things Republican that led to his use of false information - fed to him by liberal activist CBS News Producer Mary Maples - that caused his professional downfall.

" Oct 16, 15 10:25 PM

UPDATE: Fence Installed At Historic Burying Ground Removed Over Weekend

Throw the book at these arrogant cads.

Doing a project like this does not just happen without the owners determining where to put the fence and bushes. Not a chance this was a simple landscaping "oversight" on the owners part. " Oct 30, 15 11:00 PM

Former Southampton Town Supervisor Linda Kabot Joins Town And Country

She seems happy and energized to start a new career. Good grief. Please leave her alone." Nov 16, 15 9:27 PM

Questions Raised About Driving Privileges In Connection With Anna Pump's Death

Another illegal alien here is the US exploiting the generosity of our country, who kills a wonderful person through criminal negligence. Just last year we lost a nun when she was run down by an illegal alien. That man has never been brought to justice as he quickly left the country and is in hiding somewhere in South America.

It is utter madness not to have control of our borders.. " Nov 24, 15 10:15 PM

Video Showing Deer Jumping Hedges, Crashing Into Car In Southampton Demonstrates Need For Caution When Driving

So let me get this straight. This incident was the fault of the driver? Good grief. " Dec 7, 15 10:26 PM

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