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Linda Elaine Katana Of Eastport Dies March 22

So sorry to hear. She was a wonderful, wonderful person. God Bless." Apr 28, 17 7:00 AM

Zeldin Votes In Favor Of ACA Repeal; Schumer, Gillibrand Say They Will Work To Defeat Replacement Plan In Senate

What a disgrace the Democrats are. They know full well that Obamacare is collapsing (has collapsed) inflicting terrible financial problems on tens of millions of Americans, yet oppose fixing the catastrophe all because it's a Republican-sponsored bill. May Democrats never win another seat, in any, election ever again. " May 4, 17 8:03 PM

Democrats Seek To Muster City Voters To Shift Their Polling Places East

Of course, the SHP aka "liberal rag" features a story like this to publicize/encourage left wing nuts to import their socialist values to the East end. Please stay in Manhattan and continue to ruin that city with your demonic social policies. We're quite happy here under Lee Zeldin's stewardship." May 31, 17 8:47 PM

Jobs Lane Closed In Southampton Village To Remove Tree

Ahhh..boneheaded government at it's finest. How can anyone justify doing a project like this in the summer when the tree is in full bloom and the village is packed with shoppers. " Jun 14, 17 8:41 PM

East Hampton Village Board Halts Change Of Zone Review For Ron Perelman's 'The Creeks'

I know owning a summer house can at times seem consuming and problematic, but this is ridiculous." Jun 16, 17 8:27 PM

MS-13 Has Presence On South Fork, Police Officials Say

Didn't the idiots in Greenport vote themselves a sanctuary city? If so, hope they like the residents they now find themselves surrounded by." Jun 20, 17 9:40 PM

Didn't the idiots in Greenport vote themselves a sanctuary city? If so, hope they like the residents they now find themselves surrounded by." Jun 20, 17 9:42 PM

LongHouse Gala Held On Saturday

My guess is there weren't a lot of Trump voters in this crowd. " Jul 25, 17 8:16 AM

Holidays Return To Southampton School District Calendar

Well at least the BOE Snowflakes have agreed to acknowledge holidays that the community and the school district enjoy. C'mon ladies and gentlemen....only one more to go. Say it with me, then you can all run to your safe spaces....Columbus Day!" Jul 27, 17 8:22 PM

Man Convicted Of Southampton Village Home Invasion Sentenced To 21 Years In Prison

Democrats hoping he'll be out in time to vote for them in the 2018 mid terms." Aug 2, 17 7:55 PM

Protesters Converge On Stephen Schwarzman's Water Mill Home

What a disgrace these creeps are. The more Trump's agenda get's passed the better America becomes for all citizens. That's a stone cold fact. MAGA!!!!!" Aug 4, 17 9:30 PM

East Hampton Town ARB Chair Describes Scene In Barcelona At Hotel After Thursday's Attack

If you idiot Democrats keep allowing illegal immigrants to pour into our country, the awful experience this gentleman and his family experienced, along with those poor victims of this attack, will soon play out in every American city on a regular basis. Stop the Obama/Merkel open border madness and all of us will be immeasurably safer!

" Aug 17, 17 8:27 PM

Petition Calls For Zeldin's Removal From U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council

Left wing nuts at it again.

I wonder if these socialist zealots understand how far out of the mainstream their bizarre view of the world is?

Thanks Lee, keep up the great work!" Aug 22, 17 10:30 PM

Some School Districts See Low New Student Enrollment Numbers

It appears that a sizable percentage of students in these school districts are illegal aliens. The strain and the negative impact this large group of "students" has put on Long Island schools through draining resources is staggering.

Fortunately, Trump, Lee Zeldin, and other common sense politicians are beginning to change the destructive legislation the Democrats pushed on us during the Obama regime." Aug 30, 17 8:23 PM

East Hampton Committee, Formed To Open Town To Latino Community, Abandons Town Hall

What an outrageous article! What Trump is doing is getting rapist, murders and M16 gang members out of the country. Unfortunately, this pious article makes it sound as though we're back in Nazi Germany with people being stopped in broad daylight and their papers demanded. Give me a break! Maybe if Trump had been President the Nun who was run over in Water Mill by an illegal alien with a criminal record then fled back to Central America and was never caught, or the young woman in Southampton who was raped in her home by another illegal alien would both have their lives back. If you want to have a reasonable discussion on the matter of immigration at least have the intelligence and intellectual honesty to do so. Southampton Press you should be ashamed for allowing an article this cravenly biased to be published." Sep 5, 17 9:19 PM

Zeldin Votes Against Bipartisan Harvey Relief Bill After Debt Ceiling Measure Is Added

Good Job Lee. We're all behind your common sense approach to governing." Sep 12, 17 10:16 PM

Thiele Decides Against A Run For Zeldin's Congressional Seat In 2018

Kate Browning changing party's from the Workers Families Party? That's just another name for the Communist Party.

She must be even more left-wing and corrupt then Tim Bishop." Oct 2, 17 7:55 PM

Actor Robert DeNiro Asks To Rebuild His Montauk House

Guess he doesn't need the deck to be as big now that Harvey's Weinstein's no longer on the guest list." Oct 11, 17 7:08 PM

Zeldin Met With Pence On Tuesday To Discuss Tax Reform Bill

This is why we need to re-elect Lee Zeldin to office. He has a direct line to the President and VP Pence and will help them craft an excellent tax reduction bill benefiting all Americans. Incredible that the corrupt liberals and anti-American democrats oppose this measure, trying to somehow claim the tax reduction will only benefit the rich. If liberals would just take the time to educate themselves on the issues, they undoubtedly would become Conservatives. " Oct 30, 17 8:10 PM

East Hampton 2020 Renewables Goal Is Lost, Town Officials Acknowledge

When you elect progressive, liberal nuts to run your government these are the results you get. Complete failure vs. stated goals, a total lack of financial understanding for their delusional pursuit's, followed by zero accountability to the taxpayer.

Pretty much what the last 8 years were like under the Obama administration." Nov 6, 17 9:48 PM

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