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UPDATE: Southampton School Officials Change Prom Policy Following Requests From Community

I love the military, and they love me back you know, but wahhhhh, arbitrary rules.

Just kidding, kinda. This really is dumb. Glad the school realized how stupid it made them look." Jun 6, 17 2:29 PM

MS-13 Has Presence On South Fork, Police Officials Say

Weapons of mass destruction are in HB too! Send in the troops!

Screw both these guys and their rhetoric, and stop lumping Hampton Bays in with Flanders please. 1 stabbing does not equate with a "gang presence" and usually police have evidence of things before they declare something fact, right? Didn't they drop the "gang" charges against that kid? Lol clowns..." Jun 21, 17 1:16 PM

Hampton Bays Wrestling Coach Has Drug Possession Charges Dismissed As Part Of Plea Deal

Lol, right. The unnamed, unidentified hitchiker whose name doesn't appear in any police logs anywhere. It was HIS drugs, I swear. He threw them right into my shirt pocket when I went to talk to the cop! Idiot...." Jul 6, 17 11:42 AM

East Quogue Educator Sues School, Town Police After Getting Roughed Up During Lock-Down Drill

You're telling me that police officers, in 2017, used excessive force? Pshhhh come on" Jul 6, 17 11:48 AM

New Southampton Town Police Chief Deploys Anti-Terror Units To Summer Events

Who could've possibly seen this coming from this guy? Unreal." Aug 1, 17 4:18 PM

Southampton Town Police Chief Worries About Growing Presence Of MS-13 Gang

What an absolute joke. Comes in, disregards all facts and the word of the previous police chief, and the word of his own investigators, to push Trump's narrative.

For such a decorated brace officer, he seems to be scared of an awful lot -- nonexistent terrorist attacks, imaginary gangs.

Please go back home to Nassau, chief. You don't belong out here..." Aug 9, 17 12:27 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Town Officials Denounce Violence In Charlottesville

Lol, Congressman, I dont think your Israeli bankrolled campaign will like this argument. They kind of like the whole, one side is right one side is wrong, thing..." Aug 16, 17 12:56 PM

Especially when it comes to nazis..." Aug 16, 17 12:57 PM

UPDATE: Suffolk County Police Detective Charged With Boating While Intoxicated

Lololol not a couple of months in and up island robocop has brought machine guns to a quaint resort town, cries wolf about a gang infestation and has tried to sweep a scandal under the rug to protect a cop. Killin it, Cheif." Aug 29, 17 2:57 AM

Is there anything worse than a comment section grammar Nazi? Oh wait, yes, yes there is. A comment section grammar Nazi too chicken to use a real name who legitimately stalks every comment I make and throws out personal asides as if they know me because they figured out how to use Facebook one day. Get a life. " Aug 29, 17 3:44 PM

Summer Of Uber Deals Painful Blow To Taxi Industry

Wait. Wait lol. I'm supposed to feel bad for a cab driver that once made $2,000 a week? $104,000 a year to drive a cab? Hell even $35/hr is insane for a cab driver. With how many times I've personally been screwed by cabs out here, good riddance." Sep 5, 17 11:17 AM

Pair Of Dogs Escape Quogue Home, Bite Three People

"Or could even be destroyed."

Clarification please? Lol" Sep 5, 17 11:23 AM

Concerns Raised Of Inside Baseball Being Played Within Southampton Village Boards

Lol. Byline should just read Southampton Association.

Also, welcome to small town America. Volunteers making decisions about the lives and livelihoods of their neighbors and people they know. This is America working.

Now outsiders with big checkbooks trying to influence village boards would be a story. Maybe somebody should try to look into that Southampton Association???" Sep 20, 17 1:17 PM

I can't believe this is still up lol sone of the laziest work I've seen in a bit. Probably a longgg conversation with the SA and a phone call for a rebuttal." Sep 22, 17 2:00 PM

Southampton Town Police Chief Credits Drop In Crime Rates To New Analytic Tools

Lolllll this dude just admitted to a reporter that he straight up profiles the population of this town and puts his officers in "trouble areas." Broken windows policing, without even sugar coating it. Maybe, just maybe, if those cops went snooping around rich people's homes, they might find some stuff too...

Also, if I remember right, a large portion of the thefts occurring outside homes last year were attributed to a single individual looking for drugs/money. So, I mean, pat yourself on the back a little more chief. This guy is unreal..." Oct 18, 17 4:23 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Challenged On Money Given To Dredge Sebonac Inlet

Has turned decidedly unfriendly? Nice...

Consider the source. Everyone bashes the trustees, then backs up the behavior once they run and get elected. They're all lifelong baymen and care, deeply. The constant attacks on these guys are hilarious." Nov 8, 17 9:39 PM

Former Sag Harbor Firefighter Sues Village And Ex-Chief, Claiming Sexual Assault By Department Member

Not trying to make light or be rude or anything, genuinely asking -- shouldn't sexual assualt charges require the act to be sexual in nature? There's gotta be a legal term for forced fondeling of genitalia in a non-sexual manner. There's a legal term for everything. For places just like Sag Harbor..." Nov 15, 17 1:33 PM

Scalera Votes Against Schneiderman's $99 Million Southampton Town Budget; Spending Plan Approved Anyway

Weird how town boards work, when the vote is 4-1. Things get approved "anyway." Seems strange to focus solely on one members criticism of the plan when 4 approved it..." Nov 20, 17 2:33 PM

Former Sag Harbor Firefighter Sues Village And Ex-Chief, Claiming Sexual Assault By Department Member

Not a single HBFD member would ever sue over this lol. I meant only to say sag harbor is unique in its news stories lol" Nov 20, 17 2:42 PM

Police: Mastic Man Tried To Sell Drugs To Undercover Police Officer In Hampton Bays Tuesday

Interesting that HB gets blamed in the headline when a Mastic man and his friend from Southampton were arrested. Classic." Dec 1, 17 12:34 AM

North Haven Man Tells Paparazzi To Get Off His Property While Photographing Matt Lauer

Really? Lol a story? Embarrassing " Dec 12, 17 10:58 AM

SlimeAlive and his strange ideas are exactly the reason a story like this should never be published. Gonna go ask the "51 year old angry man" SA? He somehow suspicious to you, protecting children? Has Greg Wehner ever been to North Haven? About the size of my thumb. Every single person there now knows exactly where this is. Just gross." Dec 12, 17 12:57 PM

Montauk's Hero Beach Club Restaurant Plans In Limbo

Make Montauk Lame Again!

I'll never understand how people coming to the East End to have fun times with friends and family, driving up property values because of pure reputation and nostalgia, and giving us a ton of their hard earned cash while doing so, is ever a bad thing. Boggles my mind that people don't connect the end of share houses and nightclubs out here with the downfall of our lifestyle." Dec 18, 17 6:41 PM

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