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Sag Harbor Teen Creates Bottled Water Brand To Benefit Local Charities

Burn gas to make plastic that won’t break down, burn gas to ship it from upstate NY to sag harbor, cut down trees to slap a label on the plastic — but hey, we’re raising money! I’ve seen a lot of companies slap a “Hamptons” on something, but come on. Bottled water?!?!" Jul 15, 18 12:38 AM

State Audit Shows Issues With Hampton Bays School District's Purchasing Policy

I’m no mathlete, but 21 is definitely not 30-something percent of 219..." Sep 23, 18 6:09 PM

Southampton Schools Ordered To Release Bulk Of Farina Investigation Material

Still no update on this story? Huh. Maybe, justtttt maybe, Farina, while wreckless, was actually a victim here? I’ve said it a million times. If he was a woman, the whole town would’ve been up in arms defending him. " Sep 23, 18 6:48 PM

Zeldin Proposal On North Shore Helicopter Route Signed By President Trump

How does one get into the noise assessment business? There’s one every 6 months, it’s a goldmine! Asking for a friend..." Oct 11, 18 10:44 PM

Accident Report Revealed Pilot Battled For Clear Visibility In Quogue Plane Crash

So, headline aside, visibility had nothing to do with the crash and the NTSB has no idea why the plane broke apart?? Got it." Oct 28, 18 3:03 AM

FOIL Documents Show Farina Investigation Targeted Invoices From Girlfriend's Therapy Business

Lol, so, a jealous ex out for Farina’s job —Merchant — used her position to make a seemingly fine arrangement untenable, to the point that a private business owner had to beg to get paid for work she did. Farina, being the adult in the room, stepped in and squashed it, until the jealous ex made an even bigger stink and forced an investigation of him, goin so far as to release a nude photo. How ANYONE can read this article and think Farina or Debler are to blame, is beyond comprehension. A crook? Lol he broke a departmental rule.l to make a major headache go away. It seems like even the other employees in Merchants department were sick of dealing with it, hence dykeman going behind Merchants back. The numbers cited amount to less than a teachers aid salary. Debler seemingly got paid minimum wage for the work she did! It’s not like she was conning anyone! Just wanted to get paid, you know, like everyone else.

Also, an aside, what the hell does that “discreetly” graf mean? Whose the employee that replied? What is trying to be implied, with the intentionally vague wording? For a very detailed article, seems like we’re stretching the truth of the matter by using that quoted email without proper attribution and the full email chain..." Oct 28, 18 3:32 AM

Accident Report Revealed Pilot Battled For Clear Visibility In Quogue Plane Crash

LocalEH — you should’ve written the article, cus I got more from that than the entire thing. Thank you. That said, the headline should blame instrument failure. It’s like blaming a wave for capsizing a boat, then mentioning later the giant gash in the hull..." Oct 29, 18 2:29 AM

FOIL Documents Show Farina Investigation Targeted Invoices From Girlfriend's Therapy Business

I feel like I’m reading a Fox News alternate reality. A man was harassed and blackmailed, and the school district and the local newspaper decided to continue the harassment and ruin his life instead of telling the truth and outing the woman. Everyone knew what was happening, including people at the paper, and yet the story is somehow that he’s a crook that “stole” his settlement money and is protected by a confidentiality agreement. Do no harm?? What a joke. I simply don’t get where all the outrage from the left is. If Farina was a woman...
This article is the first mention I’ve seen in print about the nude picture being disseminated, and yet it’s handled as some salacious rumor that has nothing to do with anything. Straight Fox News victim blaming going on. Just tell the truth." Oct 29, 18 2:43 AM

Jitney Offers Free Rides To East End Voters On Election Day

Oh god, when Lee loses, I can’t wait for the “they bussed city liberals in!” rants" Nov 1, 18 8:28 PM

Schneiderman Still Not Ready To Concede Comptroller Race Until All Absentee Ballots Are Counted

Yet again, what an absurd headline. He’s losing by 8,000 votes. There are 30,000 I counted votes. Who in their right mind doesn’t think there is at least a chance? The headline makes it seem like he’s being an obstructionist of some sort. Unreal lol" Nov 11, 18 7:19 PM

“With 30K Uncounted Ballots, Schneiderman Holds Out Hope” There you go guys. “Still not ready to concede?” Come on. Do better. Words matter." Nov 11, 18 9:19 PM

UPDATE: Amos Goodman Arraigned On 20 Felony Counts Over East Hampton Election Petitions

THIS is what election fraud looks like, Mr. Trump. Not illegal aliens, not Soros funded plots to flip districts. Nope, just individuals with money and connections who think they’re above the law. Hilarious considering everyone from here to Kazakhstan knew the Eh GOP had no chance..." Dec 5, 18 1:03 AM

UPDATE: Shinnnecock Tribal Member Commends EMS Crews For Rescue Efforts

I bet that “crews immediately sprung back into action” line with no attribution is a regret....sloppy reporting helps no one. Being first ain’t that important. I still have no idea how this went down. Update 3 and 4 are complete contradictions?? " Dec 5, 18 1:11 AM

Residents Ask For Vote To Add Armed Guards At Eastport-South Manor Schools

It’s had been proven that metal detectors go a lot further than armed idiots. And yet...." Dec 6, 18 1:12 PM

Zachary Epley, Former Mayor’s Son, Enjoys New Position On Southampton Village Planning Board

Yea, I mean, if I got a ludicrously cheap (read fishy) deal on a Main Street property that needed renovations, and had big plans for the building as detailed by the local press, I’m pretty positive I’d be enjoying my time on the planning board too!" Jan 18, 19 4:19 PM

Advocacy Groups Promote State Bill Allowing Undocumented Immigrants To Get Driver's Licenses

Lol @dfree — so every illegal out here is poor, can’t afford their own cars/homes, and work for rich land owners? What world do you freaking live in? Lol " Jan 21, 19 9:05 PM

Also, every one of u against this proposal obviously hasn’t gotten into an accident with an uninsured driver. We all live out here. We all know that no license won’t stop them from driving. You all would rather cut off your nose to spite your face than figure out common sense solutions to serious problems we all face, regardless of ideology" Jan 21, 19 9:09 PM

Thiele Withdraws Support For Deepwater Wind Project, Says 'Bait and Switch' Has Eroded Trust

Lolllll I used to argue with DFree on this message board over things. Now I see that you are not or sound kind, with this “Cuomo is pocketing the construction funds” rant. I apologize for ever assuming you were competent enough to discuss things." Jan 27, 19 1:14 PM

“Wind costs too much, and imagine what it could do to pollute our waters! Coal is the answer!”

You couldn’t make this type of idiocy up if you tried..." Jan 27, 19 1:17 PM

Unlawful Clearing At CPI Townhouse Site Raises Concern Among Town Officials

Better to ask for forgiveness than permission! I mean, come on though, the guys finally got approval and everything. Years, millions spent. They’re going to bring us some money, and renovate an eyesore. Let’s not kill them over 5 trees. Heck, more local guys got paid because of this. They’ll pay a fine and get the retaining wall they wanted all along..." Feb 3, 19 3:46 AM

Hampton Bays Coach, Teacher Dave Goodman Is Put On Indefinite Leave After Dispute With Administrators

And not a single one of you used a name...Dave’s a good guy. Drew is a good guy. And Lars is a great guy. Maybe we should let it shake out and see what those texts said. Sometimes good people do stupid things..." Feb 3, 19 3:56 AM

Montaukers Plead For Town, Neighbors To Find A Third Option For Montauk Substation

No to wind farms. No to the electrical grid. No to money from partying young people. No to most movie shoots and music festivals, no to Uber, and no to any kind of year round business. Nontauk. Lovely place to die fast." Feb 8, 19 1:44 PM

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