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Hampton Bays School District Files $10.6 Million Notice Of Claim Against Town Over Illegal Rentals

The CCHB put together a binder full of properties that in their extremely biased and unprofessional opinion, were overcrowded houses full of illegal aliens. I should know, because I lived with 4 adult male friends at one, which was legally a rental home, and got a knock on the door from code enforcement around that time — because, good lord, what upstanding family would have 5 cars out front? Even went so far as to request (sue for, if my memory serves me right but could be wrong here) student addresses to cross reference their hunches. They handed that binder over to the town. When the town could legally do nothing about most of the addresses, these clowns got themselves elected to the school board so they could see the student address records for themselves. This is the logical next step — if you’re an idiot. Do you really think the town “turned a blind eye” or is it possible, you fools, that they legally had no basis to further hassle these people?
An absolutely shameful next step. Can’t wait for all that town funding for the couple cool new projects in HB to dry up real fast! These clowns think they know politics, think they can strongarm people who actually have a clue into getting what they want.
There are so many other ways to remedy this situation. I’ve heard smart people in the HB school district tout other ways.
Unreal how far people will go and how many bridges they’ll burn because they’re flat out racists." Jan 30, 18 1:11 AM

A brilliant lawyer: Hey, HB school board, I have a great idea! Why don’t you go sell your overzealous, racist electorate this lawsuit over all the illegals in the hamlet, draining our school tax dollars.

HBSB: Ok, who are we suing though?

Brilliant lawyer: lol, get this. We’re going to have them sue THEMSELVES for $10 million, and when we win and they lose, you guys can get $8 million and I’ll just take the rest! We’ll just say it’s Southampton that is getting sued, not HB. They’re too stupid to realize they’re both! Haha
HBSB: Where do I sign??" Jan 31, 18 10:40 AM

Local Group Will Pitch $25 Million Aquatic Center For Red Creek Park In Hampton Bays

Dilly Dilly! This would be awesome." Jan 31, 18 10:47 AM

Thiele Proposes New Real Estate Transfer Tax To Aid First-Time Homebuyers

How is it unfair to taxpayers? Especially the ones already struggling to live here? It’s a tax on newcomers who clearly have the money. How is a tax a nonstarter?! How on earth do you create affordable housing without creating revenue? This entire place talks out of both sides of their mouth all day long. Good on you Fred, thanks for trying!" Feb 2, 18 4:06 PM

Eight Years And Still No Sidewalk Along Busy Montauk Highway For East Quogue Students

Race is never a factor, until you look at similar situations with white people lol
We really need those $700K light up crosswalks for rich old white folks in BH though!" Feb 8, 18 11:08 AM

Zeldin Calls For Crackdown On Gang Violence; Police Chief Applauds Effort, Cites Evidence Of Activity

The last gang unit worked out really well for us..." Feb 8, 18 10:16 PM

Suffolk County Legislator Bridget Fleming Wants Ride-Sharing Tax To Go To County, Not State

Beyond dumb. One is used to commute, one is used for leisure. To hold up leisure spending until we can fix commuting issues is just stupid." Feb 9, 18 11:41 AM

New Southampton Town Police Officers Sworn In

Wow. Just, classic lol
This squad gets better every day." Feb 16, 18 7:13 AM

Shinnecock Tribal Members Upset Over High-Speed Chase In December Involving Unmarked Police Car

Loll, a different county or state, the Shinnecock Nation is not. They are literally a sovereign nation. There is no treaty that exists that says local police can infringe if there is an ongoing chase, no matter what our police chiefs would like you to believe. Anyone from here should be able to tell you that. We all know only State Police are allowed. Just hilarious how saying something from a position of power seems to make it true." Feb 21, 18 2:48 PM

State Senate Democrats Fail To Force Vote On Gun Safety Legislation

Interesting headline? “LaValle helps block new gun laws” must’ve been taken..." Mar 3, 18 10:14 PM

Southampton Town Leaders Accuse Zeldin Of Making 'Misleading' Comments About Hampton Bays During White House Visit

Classy Lee. He’s the scum of he earth. Come down to HB Lee. Once. Ever. " Mar 7, 18 8:34 PM

UPDATE: Gov. Andrew Cuomo Directs Flags To Half-Staff In Memory Of Four 106th Members Killed In Helicopter Crash

I remember when Bush stood under a mission accomplished banner about 12 years ago...absurd that we’re still there losing American lives." Mar 16, 18 12:34 PM

Hampton Bays Ambulance Board Member Steps Down After Investigation

We’re going to hang people who actually volunteer their time over a couple hundred bucks, while we have village/town board members, getting paid a salary, who abuse their power to enrich their family members for hundreds of thousands??" Mar 20, 18 5:32 PM

Westhampton Beach Could Break From East Hampton and Southampton School Resource Officer Funding Model

Interesting bit about how an armed SRO stopped a gunman after he only killed one person, whose been determined to be the shooters only actual target. Seems to me like a couple weeks ago a there was an armed SRO who did absolutely nothing as 17 people were murdered? Weird why that wasn’t brought up? " Mar 27, 18 12:20 AM

UPDATE: Remsenburg Teenager Charged With Vandalizing Westhampton Beach High School

Huh. No wild gang affiliation or even a KKK affiliation referenced in this article. Graffiti in riverside appears and Hispanic gangs 100 percent have taken root. Interesting." Apr 11, 18 3:05 PM

UPDATE: Hampton Bays Man Issued Six-Count Indictment From Stalking Incident At High School

Loaded gun. School property. Go to jail for a long while please, don’t pass go.
Can we please ask what Zeldin thinks about this? Pleaseeeeee, ASAP?" Apr 19, 18 12:30 AM

this comment thread is hilarious. The fact that people are trying to debate whether or not the children of HBHS would be safer if this lunatic didn’t have a loaded gun is scary. Sick actually " Apr 21, 18 12:27 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Discusses Combating MS-13 Gang At Roundtable With President Trump In Bethpage On Wednesday

Lee should stay where he belongs — in Bethpage and the like. His desire to help the East End is laughable." May 25, 18 11:20 AM

Vacant Coast Guard Homes Expected To Be Auctioned Off This Summer; Neighbors Concerned About Future Of Neighborhood

Lol, so change is always bad, new comers are scary, and poor people ruin neighborhoods. Got it." May 29, 18 12:40 AM

Hampton Bays Business To Use Southampton Town Trustee-Owned Property As Parking Lot Under Agreement

The town board keeps shutting down HB hotspots that actually make the hamlet money and people love, and then the trustees decide to do business with The Station? Lol wow. Just, huh. Lol" Jun 4, 18 9:49 PM

Parents To Take New Legal Action Against District After Son Is Rejected From Volunteer Position

This dude is a joke, and the people of WHB have to be sick of their tax dollars funding his law firm. Wonder if he has any other clients than his son..." Jun 16, 18 12:37 PM

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