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UPDATE: Chaloner Says Monday Court Hearing Was Final Step In Approval Process For Hospital Merger

Trump Administration plans to cut Medicaid spending means New York State hospitals will be treating the elderly, indigent and undocumented with no reimbursement. Any hospital with an emergency room will lose big bucks and there will be no sanctuary. Building a bigger hospital means bigger losses. The insured workforce on the East end will see incredible cost increases to cover these losses and that means the taxpayers who pay for teachers, police, fire fighters and town admin to have high end healthcare insurance will see their taxes skyrocket. That's fiscal responsibility, Republican style." Jul 2, 17 7:50 AM

Go to SHCommunityreport do com forward slash numbers. $6 million profit, $6 million non cash depreciation, $22 million in "employee benefits" above and beyond payroll. Kiss it all goodbye as all the excess profits gets sucked into SUNY Stony Brook Hospital and the property taxpayers of the Southampton and Easthampton subsidize the Western Suffolk morass of bribe taking government thieves, undocumented union members and the victims of MS 13 gang violence." Jul 3, 17 10:23 AM

What does the $22 million in employee benefits cover over and beyond the separate payroll number in the Southampton Hospital financial report? How many employees are there? 200? " Jul 4, 17 4:49 PM

East Quogue Educator Sues School, Town Police After Getting Roughed Up During Lock-Down Drill

Remind me again , why is there an East Quogue school district with it's own high paid administration? Why isn't it merged into Westhampton, Riverhead or Hampton Bays schools?" Jul 6, 17 8:52 AM

Discovery Land Files 'The Hills' FEIS With Town; Developer Wants To Buy And Preserve Another 33 Acres

They're going to make over $100 million in profit on this zoning variance. Let them give 25% of all their pre tax profits, in perpetuity, before their "Management Fee" too of course, as payment to the Town of Southampton as payment for the variance. Let the membership of this exclusive club pay for our taxes, and make all the other private golf courses pay as well why you're at it. Time to end this charade of non profit, non taxed, non public organizations leeching off the common folk in this area." Jul 6, 17 8:58 AM

East Quogue Educator Sues School, Town Police After Getting Roughed Up During Lock-Down Drill

You're telling me a public sector employee.might try to shakedown a rich school district? Shocked.

Was she taken to the hospital or even the school nurse after the trauma?
Was she released from handcuffs immediately?
Did she complain to the police on duty at the time? Is there a statement from the PD?
How many days off did she take in order to recover from this trauma?
" Jul 7, 17 5:29 PM

Discovery Land Files 'The Hills' FEIS With Town; Developer Wants To Buy And Preserve Another 33 Acres

Donald Trump would love to own a piece of this golf course development. Maybe Discovery Land could get one of the Trump kids involved -- a consulting fee in the form of equity -- and get some pressure on local government to cave in." Jul 7, 17 5:33 PM

East Quogue Educator Sues School, Town Police After Getting Roughed Up During Lock-Down Drill

New York is a sanctuary state for despicably greedy lawyers." Jul 8, 17 10:49 AM

Southampton Town Announces Multiple Capital Projects, To Be Funded With Surplus Funds

The Town Supervisor made a proclamation to be 50% renewable energy -- yet none of these projects include a solar roof or solar hot water system. .also it might be nice to finish the park in HB -- bathrooms, please." Jul 11, 17 7:30 PM

Restaurant Opens In Jay Schneiderman's Montauk Resort Despite Looming Legal Challenge

I guess if it's pre-existing then he doesn't have to pay for the new septic system. Smart business to get that in before the mandate, now here's a real businessman, just like President Trump." Jul 19, 17 2:45 PM

Hampton Bays Friendly's To Close Soon; Building Listed For Sale

It would make a great homeless shelter -- the diner could also be one for men, this building for women and children. Or both just for children -- then the bus to school would have a parking lot to pick them up, much safer that way." Jul 20, 17 8:25 PM

Yes great idea Board Barn East. Shorter walk for the kids to the train station. In the fall, great place for Republican Party find raisers. Just retrofit one of the bathrooms into a vomitarium. Also, could run a shuttle from Good Ground Park to the remaining bathroom, that would solve the lack of bathrooms there." Jul 21, 17 8:06 AM

Vote for who? The Republican party members that used to take bags of cash for a zoning variance? The property tax problem is the fault of a School Board that spend money on a marching band trip to Disney World and gold plated health insurance for heroin dealing wrestling coaches. Let's start by voting in a School board that cuts the budget if the school by 50%." Jul 21, 17 9:12 AM

Or maybe we are common citizens who are tired of paying $500 to $800 per month in property taxes for a school district that is 75% English as a Second Language students who are given a sub standard education." Jul 23, 17 9:01 AM

No we're not allowed to rent on Airbnb to New York yuppies and high income families and European tourists who have to post a profile online and be reviewed for their cleanliness and safe conduct. We're only allowed to rent for a month or longer to undocumented families or Section 8 drug addicts. That's the law of the Town of Southampton." Jul 23, 17 1:08 PM

Southampton Town Pushes Affordable Housing Forward

How about lowering the property taxes to make existing home ownership more affordable? Or do we not care about current home owners? That way you don't need a staff at Town Hall with 6 figure salaries and gold plated health insurance benefits." Aug 1, 17 5:59 AM

Southampton Hospital Agrees To Fund Good Ground Park Concerts

What does the non profit Southampton Hospital do with it's other $20 million of free cash flow it made last year? Certainly didn't go to lowering healthcare costs for Town Residents -- unless of course the Town Police dump you, drunk, in the ER so that you can wake up the next morning and attempt to rape someone close by. Good thing that young non citizen got a free public education and free healthcare. Too bad he'll miss the free concert." Aug 1, 17 4:01 PM

Southampton Hospital Merger With Stony Brook Medicine Is Made Official On Tuesday

Any cost savings from the merger? Any elimination of duplicate overhead? Lowered cost through increased bargaining power with labor unions? Increased reimbursement from insurance companies from increased bargaining power? Any reduction at all for healthcare costs for common citizens of the East End?" Aug 2, 17 5:20 AM

How about this:. Everybody who pays property taxes in the Town of Southampton has the right to pay for healthcare insurance at the same rate that the Town pays for teachers, school janitors, police, firefighters, and all Town admin and employees -- not a hand out, just the right to choose among the various and sundry healthcare policies that our taxes already pay for but that we will pay for out of our own pockets." Aug 2, 17 7:24 AM

LIRR Could Start Offering Additional South Fork Service Within Two Years

Can we please stop subsidizing the corrupt and collapsing LIRR? We don't need to pay overtime to unionized workers -- use the right of way next to the train tracks for driverless cars service. Google or Uber or any of the other 10 companies trying to get their software approved by a local government would love to put their cars in service. And it would be a lot less money." Aug 3, 17 8:18 PM

Montauk Bus Successful, But Return Engagement In Question

Yes the richest town in America needs to get the State to pay for its bus.
Shame on you." Aug 4, 17 4:28 PM

Man Convicted Of Southampton Village Home Invasion Sentenced To 21 Years In Prison

Maybe he can share a cell with the former Suffolk County Police Chief James Burke." Aug 6, 17 12:44 PM

State Agency Agrees To Review Legality Of Power Line Upgrades In Eastport

Remind me again -- LIPA set up by Cuomo the Elder to pay off the cost of Shoreham Nuclear Power plant after Three Mile Island reminded everyone that nuclear power plants were dangerously complex machines which were a bad idea for an island with limited egress. That was over 40 years ago.

Why are we still stuck with LIPA? And why are we still stuck with a Governor Cuomo?" Aug 9, 17 12:17 PM

ICE Agents Target Sex Offenders On Long Island, Including Hampton Bays And East Hampton

Who decides which criminal acts are actually heinous enough to deserve deportation? Does driving without insurance -- health or car -- BEFORE an accident warrant the ICE arrest? Or only after an accident occurs? How about being in a car with blood on your clothes after someone is stabbed in Charlie Brown's? How about being underage drunk and disorderly at s Fireman's Carnival? How about showing up at an Emergency Room 9 months pregnant and with no pre-natal care and getting OB/GYN doctors to attend you without any intention of payment -- isn't that "theft of services"? How about getting a free education without being a legal resident? Is that "theft of services"? How about getting paid as a "model" without a work visa, later getting one after you begin "dating" your boss' boss' boss -- who later becomes President of the United States? " Aug 9, 17 12:26 PM

Board Of Elections Boots Havemeyer From September Democratic Primary Ballot

The developers of The Hills will make $200 million from this zoning variance -- give $100 million to the Town of Southampton which will cover 1 year of outlays for our school systems and build away. We'll have a year of free schools for the taxpayers! Yay!" Aug 11, 17 9:22 AM

Peaceful Protest Held In Bridgehampton A Day After Violence Erupts At 'Unite The Right' Rally In Virginia

The most vile person -- like that Nancy Pelosi/Obama supporter who murdered all those folks attending the prayer meeting at the Emmanuel church in Charleston, SC...oh wait that was racist native born white supremicist who bought automatic weapons at a local kmart.

Wait, how about that guy who shot and killed all those kindergarten kids and their young teachers at the elementary school in Connecticut? No, that was a native born nut job whose mom collected automatic weapons...

How about that libtard who shot and severely brain damaged the Congresswoman and also killed some little kids in the process? No, that was a native born mentally deranged psycho who bought his guns at the second Wal Mart he went to because the first one thought he was too nuts to sell him a gun.

How about that nasty lefty who killed those nice Unitarian children while they performed a musical in Knoxville church? Wait, he was a US Army vet who bought his gun from a swap meet at a Republican Party barbecue.

How about that horrible socialist activist who killed those people at an Overland Park synagogue thinking they were Jews but they were actually just neighborly Kansans helping out at a children's play rehearsal? Oh wait, that was a native born "neo Nazi".

" Aug 15, 17 1:22 AM

Oopsies, I meant "semi-automatic" weapon not automatic. No clinically insane person whose parents warned police that he was about to do something terrible can buy an automatic weapon in Tucson, Arizona at a Wal Mart, only a semi-automatic. My bad.

Remind me, how many people can you kill and maim in less than minute with a semi-automatic weapon in about a minute? Never mind I looked it up -- 6 dead, 14 wounded. " Aug 15, 17 10:54 AM

Oopsies, I meant semi-automatic weapon. You're 100% right, no Wal Mart would sell a fully automatic weapon to a certified insane person whose parents warned police he was going to hurt someone. Only a semi-automatic that killed 6 people and wounded 13 in about a minute.

P.S. Robert E. Lee was a great man despite marching thousands of his troops directly into Union cannon fire at Gettysburg, losing the war to preserve slavery based on skin color. It was later memorialized by that lefty libtard Lincoln who used far more than 120 characters in that ridiculous speech advocating "of the people for the people" socialist nonsense.

Sad." Aug 16, 17 7:36 AM

Robert E. Lee was a general who ran the rebel army who lost the war to preserve slavery based on skin color.

Here is another thought for y'all:
"Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal...We here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

Abraham Lincoln
November 19, 1863" Aug 16, 17 7:42 AM

UPDATE: East Hampton Town Officials Denounce Violence In Charlottesville

I feel like President Trump's spirited defense of monuments to Confederate war heros may have cost him the black vote." Aug 17, 17 9:06 AM

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