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Westhampton Beach Middle School Teacher Pleads Not Guilty In Riverhead Court

If this naive statement held any truth, the criminal justice system would never work.

The district attorney publicly presenting the evidence DISCOVERED in the case, in a public courtroom, is a public reading of the evidence. The DA, cannot make false statements in a courtroom without being criminally held accountable. The evidence speaks for itself. " Apr 29, 13 5:27 PM

You obviously did not read the article carefully enough, the grand jury and indictment were handed down back on April 5, this morning, the Defendant was arraigned on the charges in Suffolk Cty Crim Court in front of Judge Kahn, which is a public forum in which the DA read the criminal complaint which states the the charges and specifics of the crime committed." Apr 29, 13 6:17 PM

Ex-pat, I get it, you are just being overly technical, I'm simply stating that the DA would not make statements to what was seen (the fact that he is seen on the video, the beginning of the video at that, angling the camera to get the right veiwing angle) that are not true, as well would not include false statements in the criminal complaint as you stated in your original statement. That would be criminal on his part and the defendant would not receive a fair trial. I understand that you believe that is not evidence on the technical sense but that certainly sounds like the crux of the case in a nut shell along with the victims statements. I also understand the def has the right to dispute it and have it removed on a technicality, I get it Pat but thanks for giving everyone on here a lesson." Apr 30, 13 12:40 PM

So in other words, the DA who has seen the video as well as the State Police Investigators, the people of the grand jury, are all misrepresenting the truth they are all part of the conpiracy that these 7 13yoa have conspired to do. The DA states that "Shep" is seen on the video setting up the phone angling it to get the right shot and leaving the camera running and videotaping the girls and he's not representing the truth, come on people seriously don't be so naive. " Apr 30, 13 3:48 PM

So in other words everybody is lying, scary thought that all these people that we put our public trust in lie like this. You sound like the sister of the marathon bombers " show me the evidence", the fact that her brothers were shooting and throwing bombs at the police is not enough, another govt conspiracy, or even better " if the glove doesn't fit you must acquit" And OJ was innocent, right? So if he plea bargains his case, does that make him innocent or guilty to you? " Apr 30, 13 4:54 PM

Southampton Village Board Hears Initial Proposals For Sewer System

Good old WHB blew this opportunity years ago and now look at it. WHB could've have been ahead of everybody else in realizing the need for a sewer system. Now you see almost all "Main St" areas across the island installing systems or improving existing from Riverhead to Mastic Bch to Patchogue and Kings Park . The village only needed to pipe the project to the existing plant at the airport. They blew it ! " May 2, 14 10:22 AM

Westhampton Beach Police Chief To Retire Next Week

Beachbme ur right on. As for the salary Sug Tonmi ur right on also, as a matter of fact it's a little on the low side compared to the others. Compared to what the sgts make in his own dept it's pretty equal to the salary structure of the dept with PO's making between 105,000 to 115,000, sgts 130-140 and lt 145-155 and his at 167. I also agree with kahuna we all have choices. If u have a problem with the system then take a Civil Service test but Realsitic ur so out of touch that you probably don't know what that is or where to get an application. Best of luck on ur well deserved retirement after 30yrs of public service. Now you can enjoy yourself. " Jun 24, 14 3:12 PM

For those who complain about his salary believe that whomever the new Mayor, bicycle Charlie and the puppet master on Oneck bring in won't make the same or close to the same salary are very naive. That salary is close to what the Lts make in all depts around here. For those complaining about the " good old boy network", as it was called , does that mean if they make Gonce or Laube Cheif they are part of it, they were both raised here in Westhampton. Will all the complaining continue or is this just personal?" Jun 25, 14 9:38 AM

"Lifelong residents who believe the world owes them something" what is that suppose to mean? Realistic if you feel this way and don't like it here then move. The only one on here that sounds like they believe something is owed to them is you, Realistic. Sounds to me like the "progress" you seek from the the puppeteers puppets gets you your "lights on", your grocery store, or village codes rewritten to help you and finally they will take the threat of Jail time from violations, which then lets everybody thumb their noses at the fines cause now there will be nothing to force the payment or comply, might as well just throw the code book out, the only thing that this village owes me is a comfortable safe place to raise my children, places for them to go while they grow up and maybe a place to go with other adults to relax and talk about other things that are owed to us. " Jun 25, 14 3:06 PM

Realistic I believe you are the one in need of a reality check. As far as facts I have not seen any from you in any of your writings so far just comments about sweetheart deals, good old boy network and lifelong residents expecting to be owed something, those aren't facts those are accusations. I've already provided you with facts about the salary schedule of the PD. Now you want more. Ok here we go, as far as comments about lights on, codes, no jail time etc those were the topics your " breath of fresh air" new Mayor used in her campaign for " progress for WHB" go and read that blog and the campaign signs that were up at the old corner bar or Dora's, and as far as the PD read the archives of this paper starting in the 90's and when Teller was Chief of dysfunction of the dept that was cleaned out by Teller and Dean over the years of the personel that was hired prior to either one of them taking office. " Jun 26, 14 11:22 AM

Also the puppet thing was brought into this by others on this feed." Jun 26, 14 11:31 AM

Westhampton Beach Chief Marks Final Day In Office, Mayor To Remain For Another Week

Be careful beachbme realistic is gonna start spewing facts at you which they have yet to do. I've yet to see one legitimate fact yet, only personal issues of their delusional reality. " Jun 30, 14 1:26 PM

Way to go beachbme obviously realistic doesn't know how govt works, to believe that the mayor and police chief can have that much power to dictate everything in village govt is rediculous.
Realistic I believe the facts have been stated by myself in the previous article and by beachbme now. Your the one that sounds so angry, delusional and being owed something. I believe beachbme said it right educate yourself on how municipal govts work and maybe you'll finally get it. " Jun 30, 14 8:12 PM

Realistic once again you have not presented any information having any objective reality. You claim the Chiefs salary to be exuberant as compared to whom or what other Chief on Long Island since this is where we live. We are asking for examples not just your opinion or your belief. We have rebutted all your claims in all your other accusations. Fact is what you say happened with the over payment to employees did happen as an oversight that was caused by leap year and was corrected as it was in all the other municipalities it occurred in. (Ex. Huntington for one) We do live in the world of computers that don't recognize all our quirky calendars and it was brought to the attention of all by the Mayor and village clerk Molinaro at the time. You are also right the Mayor did not allow anything to be heard about changing the master plan, that is a fact, but why should he, there are no applications asking for it to be. Just like Beachbme said Have yourself or your buddies that want the corner bar and the grocery store formally apply for what they want, like it's done in all municipalities. Once again we have backed up all our facts, give us real facts instead of opinions and accusations of incidents that you or ur buddies didn't get your way with. " Jul 1, 14 5:56 PM

New Westhampton Beach Mayor Seeks Pay Increase

Wow ! Now we get a realistic view of what the " breath of fresh air" new mayor is all about. Next thing you know she's gonna want to change the amount of years for permanent benefits to two, this way she is guaranteed to get them. She should be starting her tenure in office by doing what is required of her rather than worrying about her salary and "what's in it for me attitude". She could start by learn Roberts Rules to learn that it takes "moore" than smiling at the camera when it comes on to run a meeting. But wait, I must of lost my head for moment, she doesn't have learn anything cause she'll just get a pre written agenda from the master. " Jul 9, 14 10:23 AM

Moore Sworn In As Mayor In Westhampton Beach: Announces Search For New Police Chief

Back on May 17, 2014 our new Mayor wrote a letter on why she is running for Mayor and in it she states "change is always happening it can be change for the better or change for the worse. Keeping the status quo in a changing world isn't possible. You are either in decline or you are improving." By bringing in somebody from the outside to run the PD, she must be referring to change for the worse because there is nothing worse to be a member of a dept or buisness that there is no hope for moving up or being promoted. The person they bring in would block the progression from within and would leave the dept members with no hope and no morale. The reality of the situation would make it very difficult for the new chief to accomplish anything which would be bad for all and costly. The change she seeks is promoting Gonce let movement in the dept occur hire some new blood below, by doing anything else but this, would lead to the status quo in a changing world and possible in this case.
Also taking jail time punishment from the code takes away the last resort of getting payment on fines. Otherwise when someone is ordered to pay a fine and they never pay, what do you do then, that's why it's there. Why is she spending energy on this topic when was the last time or anytime anyone was sent to jail for violating the sign ordinance or is this to help out a couple people and there businesses who are currently in court from having to pay fines. Like realistic said "friends and family plan"" Jul 9, 14 2:52 PM

New Westhampton Beach Mayor Seeks Pay Increase

Nazznazz you must be thinking about the Chief in Easthampton cause the chiefs salary here was 167,000 plus some but not near 230,000 which is once again on the low end for around here.
Now Realistic did we hit a nerve, triple the salary, taking on or should I say taking out all of village hall, the anger. What happened to the fiduciary responsibility you spewed. The breath of fresh air mayor has only spent an hour in village hall, only to seek a raise shouldn't that be earned. Like you said give it a year, let's see what she does, then ask for a raise. Maybe she should be there learning how it all works meeting with the staff familiarizing herself like most do when they start something new, but then why should she, the headmaster already knows everybody, she's just got to use the fact sheet she is provided prior to every meeting by the same previous mentioned headmaster. ( have you ever noticed all of the headmasters people on the board have never had an original thought of their own and always have to get back to the question asked at the following meeting) but then again realistic you have yet given facts to back your accusations and beliefs (or should I say your headmasters) on what Teller and Dean did, apparently your waiting for that fact sheet with what you should say also. " Jul 9, 14 3:29 PM

Maybe Shock if you just followed the law in the first place with all your illegal signs and parking your truck and bicycle illegally all over the village and then fighting it in court these lawyer fees wouldn't be needed in the first place. Almost all buisnesses except for a couple others besides yourself ( you can read which three, they are always in the paper) have no problems and always do what is necessary to fall within the code. Pay your fine and move on, get over yourself or move your buisnesses to another village or town am sure you'll find the codes are pretty much the same.
Speaking of waste maybe the new Mayor should be familiarizing with the goings on in the village and village hall and get up to speed first before asking for the full amount and trying to find out how circumvent the budget and wasting the villages clerk and attorney's time with this she has two years two get the salary right. It seems she needs to learn a lot by the way she tried to pass the speaker at the last board meeting onto the village clerk who has nothing to do with what was ask and wasting her time again. Educate herself then get the full salary. " Jul 10, 14 10:19 AM

PS speaking if wasting tax payer money you new Mayor wasted huge tax payer dollars in the time of a few hundred thousand with her and her significant others unsuccessful fight against the lights at the High School. These lights bring the whole community together like nothing else does in this village and helps all the local restaurants like no other event this village has." Jul 10, 14 10:26 AM

Moore Sworn In As Mayor In Westhampton Beach: Announces Search For New Police Chief

What proof is that. Those are just more accusations obviously two on your team brought that up but the other three didn't have a problem with the hiring. Once again it's your friends and family plan of your own taking place " Jul 10, 14 10:29 AM

New Westhampton Beach Mayor Seeks Pay Increase

Enact her agenda then and don't table appointments. She should've been working on appointments that help the village, instead of working on how to get the full salary for herself, she is suppose to be working for us not herself that's what public service is. " Jul 10, 14 10:53 AM

Shock, I do understand what the village code does not cover signs in or on vehicles but when your truck or trucks are parked over the time limit and your bicycle is parked either in the crosswalk or in the safety zone of the crosswalk, ( which is the part that has the diagonal lines between the lines of the crosswalk and the next parking spot, just for your clarification) it is illegal not in the village code but in the penal law. Riding, The bicycle is creating a hazard by being parked there. Riding the bike on the sidewalk and against traffic are also illegal not in village code but vehicle and traffic law. Besides being a buisness women for over 28yrs you would think you would understand how important those parking spots for all buisnesses on Main St are and would not want to park on Main st taking up the limited spots that are available just to advertise your store.
Everybody is entitled to their day in court and you had yours the village chose to appeal, were they suppose to just roll over to let the village code be violated and not properly adjudicated, as was upheld in the appellate court, that's why you should just pay you had your day. But wait your new mayor probably told you and another violator to delay until she can change that specific code that deals with fines of code violations. Simple lesson shock, obey the codes like everyone else does, don't try to skirt them like the 3 or 4 buisnesses try to do every year. You don't need the stress you have been here a long time I'm sure you have better things to do than fight the codes all the time. " Jul 10, 14 11:46 AM

Never said that, just saying that instead of worrying about her salary she should be working with everybody in Village hall and familiarizing herself with the goings on instead of spending an hour and taking up other peoples time to figure out how to circumvent the budget and get more money for herself. Her priorities are not in order she has a whole year to figure out how to get the money until she can just put it into next years budget. For someone who campaigned on fiscal responsibility and salaries of others to come in on her first day, spend an hour in Village Hall only to try and get more money for herself that wasn't budgeted a little off from what she told everyone to get into office. Earn it and nobody will complain. " Jul 10, 14 4:49 PM

Moore Sworn In As Mayor In Westhampton Beach: Announces Search For New Police Chief

Wow realistic you actually did research I'm impressed, however the officer involved in that incident and all the other officers involved in the other allegations brought up were hired before Teller became Chief. That particular officer became disgruntled after being disciplined and brought up on charges to be fired by Teller and the village board. That started the cleaning out of the Department of all the officers that were brought up by that disgruntled officer. That officer brought up a lot of the stuff that every village resident at the time new was going on and that's why Teller was brought in. If your not familiar with the civil service system it takes a lot of money and time to fire someone and that officer was eventually fired after a hearing before an arbiter. The other officer or officers involved were eventually forced out by Teller and Dean as soon as they were eligible for retirement. The allegations against Tellers daughter were investigated by the DA's office and closed after the allegations were false just like the article states. None of those mentioned in that article are attached to Teller or Dean as you say you need to go back to Jim Doyle and Bryan Mccready who were the Chiefs that hired them. The only connection to Dean and Teller are they forced them out. So realistic if you are gonna do research get more reliable sources and not those people who were disgruntled or forced out by Teller and Dean for not promoting them, for doing those things in that article as well as running businesses while on the village clock. I do see a pattern here realistic the article you mentioned about the beach passes and favorable treatment of family previously, deals with another person who was disgruntled after they to were let go and now your using another disgruntled employee who didn't like that he was let go for not being able to do what was norm prior to Teller And Dean. So the way I see it I think there would be no better person than to bring in a chief, as you say, connected to chief Dean or teller. " Jul 11, 14 9:55 PM

Realistic, as always you are ignorant and contradictory in your commentary. It is a 2.5 sq. mile ( actually 3 ) town and you claimed to not even know who Ray Dean was until you saw him in the paper all you had to do was go onto his office and speak to him ( as you said previously, he stayed in there). He GREW UP in this village and you make that a bad thing, why ? Most small towns want a PD who are familiar with the area, the roads etc., I'll bet the new Mayor is unfamiliar with most areas of the village including the boundaries. You shouldn't disregard Lieutenant Gonce because he worked under Dean this means you are passing judgment prior to getting to know someone again. Why don't you spend 10 minutes and speak with him, it will take all of 3min out of those 10 to know he is a personable guy, highly educated and very well versed in the field of law enforcement. With that said, why are you so sure anyone connected to or recommended by Moore should not be disregarded? You again contradict what you say. What is that old saying, 2 wrongs don't make a right? I think if Moore does not want to have the same scrutiny and accusations that you make against Teller and Dean, she should run an ad and let all eligible candidates apply and take her list to the paper shredder. This way there are no connections and no accusations. Not that you would ever accuse her of being wrong or anything for that matter. would still be the Teller Dean Haefeli administration as you say " friends and family plan" " Jul 11, 14 10:35 PM

Suffolk County Asks Westhampton Beach To Provide Police BackUp

The new Mayor is not familiar with the proposed agreement but will be looking into it. When is she going to look into it, after she exhausts all options of trying to get her 25,000. This is why during her first week of office she should have been familiarizing herself with the goings on in the real Village Hall, not the annexed village hall. How many other proposals and things in the works that have been going on is she not familiar with. Or how many other proposals to benefit the village need to be tied up before they expire that she has no idea are going on. Get to work Mayor you have already wasted a week or are you still tired from all the walking you supposedly did campaigning. " Jul 12, 14 11:28 AM

Moore Sworn In As Mayor In Westhampton Beach: Announces Search For New Police Chief

Who are you? You certainly aren't a local. Lt Gonce knows all the locals he was born, raised and graduated High School here. So who are you? You are the one that is apparently in hiding since you apparently see nobody or know anybody.
Once again the only scandals being made are the ones that you and the bunch of non locals you associate with are fabricating. Why don't you explain exactly what you want out of the police dept. This should be interesting. I'm looking forward to here what you have to say." Jul 13, 14 10:44 AM

Suffolk County Asks Westhampton Beach To Provide Police BackUp

You are right I am angry angry that so far our new mayor hasn't done anything but try and figure how to get paid and learn to say " I'm not familiar with that, I'll look into it. Yes it's only been a week but she should've been finding out what's on the table.
Scandals? What scandals the issues you call scandals are all fabrications of the annexed village hall brought up around election time, that have all cost (wasted) tax payers money since they all were found to have no wrongdoing by the state, your peoples accountant and arbiters. The personel issues were caused by personel who has no respect for authority hired prior to Teller and Dean and the employees were disciplined and or fired through the process that is required under civil service. Once again all accusations by the disgruntled employees were investigated by outside authorities and were unfounded.
Of course you will find articles involving Teller he had been in a high profile public service position for decades and the paper doesn't post good things and none of articles pertain to Teller doing anything wrong they all pertain to him disciplining others. Papers wouldn't sell if they printed the good people do. One would think that the way you make it out that Teller is so scandalous that he would've been indicted. Knowing Teller and Dean they do not wish the accolades that should astowed upon them for the work they did. It's a shame that you and your empress have taken to attempting to smear two good men who have dedicated their whole lives to public service and have done more good than any of you and your empresses people.
Finally, start coming up with your own original thoughts instead of the prewritten and played material that has been continuously rebutted and refuted by many, but you continue to just repeat yourself. " Jul 14, 14 12:21 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Reviews Hiring Practices

Realistic you obviously have no idea how civil service or unions work. You can't just fire someone, like in the private sector. Due process has to take place first. You really think the school wanted to protect someone like that, Also," hire people from outside the community" you are quite naive to the goings on, every disciplinary issue in the police dept that you have claimed, going all the way back into the 90's involved people who were hired lived outside the community ( as was the teacher). The most recent disciplinary incident involves a officer who lives outside the area as was the previous incident that involved an officer who was a former city PO from western Suffolk, to the trials of the 90's involved officers that were from western Suffolk and Nassau. Not one of the disciplinary issues involved any "local" as you claim. They were disciplined by locals in Dean and Teller.
PS realistic you also need to face reality that Dean was way under paid when Southampton Town Supervisor reports that the avg Police Officer in the town PD makes on avg $209,000 in salary and benefits. Compare that to Deans 167,000 base salary. " Jul 31, 14 10:50 AM

Realistic I happen to be very familiar with all that you are saying and actually agree with some of what you said. The Teller thing is also black and white in the paper that the DA ( not a local but from western Suffolk at the time) did not find any wrongdoing. Being local or a graduate of WHB school does not mean they are not experienced or uneducated. The principal is a WHB grad, however not from Whb area but from a feeder district. The superintendent of the district ( whose job would be to make sure the administrators are educated on those matters, is not from the area nor was the previous one that hired that principal nor are many of the current administrators. My point being is that you claim that only people not from here are the only people experienced and educated. and with my examples of the non locals in the school and in the PD and the troubles or mistakes they made that come with that, that it is quite obvious that it doesn't matter if you are from here or not it's about making the right hire. With that said, the proper hires would be highly qualified people from the area ( not just WHB) that are familiar with the area, the areas needs, and one point you fail to see, would be spending our tax dollars here and not taking our money and spending it somewhere else. " Jul 31, 14 6:34 PM

Pending Raise For Westhampton Beach Mayor Puts Salaries, Benefits In Spotlight

Interesting how a comparison was made to see what other Mayors make around here but there was no such comparison of police chiefs when the article about the former WHB chief came out on his salaryand benefits. But I guess if it was done that way it wouldn't be news. " Aug 27, 14 11:57 AM

Westhampton Beach Business Owners Want Looser Regulations, Sewer District

Encouraging?!? Keep up the good work?!? What are you talking about. The only thing the Mayor has accomplished in 4mos is raise her salary. Sure she holds a meeting of buisness owners and landlords but most of what was spoken is ticketing and concerts to help the downtown area and run Waldbaums out of town to add one more abandoned building to Sunset Ave, what crap. Then when the Mayor speaks she doesn't know what she is talking about. It's the health department not the DEC that requires the septic for wet uses. Perhaps she should be more prepared and knowledgeable on topics. Still know police chief also but still giving her a chance under your request Realistic but she only has 20mos left. " Oct 15, 14 6:29 PM

Felony Drug Charges Leveled Against Sag Harbor Man

What does being a " former football player" have to do with this. I'm sure there are a lot of other "former" activities he did in school and or in the four or five years he's been out of school that also could've been mentioned. Or why not just a former student at Pierson High School. " Oct 23, 14 1:08 PM

Heroin Charge In Westhampton Arrest On Saturday

A strategy on what ? First, the incident that is mentioned in the article occurred outside the Village of WHB. Second, I believe if you look back in Chief Deans history he brought the East End drug Task force into the Village when he took over and they did make several arrests in the village and finally Ex Chief Dean has been retired for five months now, let it go. On the other hand the new Mayor has yet to do anything with the police dept. in five months or anything else in five months accept hold meetings that accomplish nothing and raise her salary. Hopefully she is developing a strategy on something. " Nov 16, 14 8:52 PM

"Lt Gonce has performed admirably in running the department, and has provided stability during this time for law enforcement in village." Mayor Moore was quoted as saying in this paper back on Oct 29, sounds like he is doing a good job according to your Mayor, Realistic. So I guess you will be completely disappointed if he were made Chief by your Mayor, then what ? " Nov 17, 14 10:12 AM

First that is someone's opinion that that is a know drop off otherwise why aren't they going to the police with the information with names, license plate numbers everybody know that's how police work is done through informants and information. Second maybe if your mayor hired someone to be chief the new policies and ideas and needs of the police dept could be met. Right now nothing is being accomplished accept for the stability being provided by Lt Gonce, give him the authority or someone and I'm sure the issues you assume are happening will be addressed. But Instead your Mayor raised her salary and nothing else. " Nov 18, 14 9:35 AM

How do you know nothing isn't being done, maybe a case is being built." Nov 18, 14 10:55 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Considers Upgrades To Main Street

Who is going to pay the 10 million or so ( prob more) to bury the lines of PSEG, Verizon and Cablevision and then who is going to pay to have all the buisnesses and residences on Main Street hooked back up to the underground utilities. I like the other ideas of the curb bump outs and trees. " Nov 25, 14 7:20 PM

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