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Police: Six Sold Alcohol To Minors In Sting Targeting Southampton Town Businesses

This is ridiculous! The North Sea Tavern is a wonderful gathering place for the community to come to eat, relax, and listen to some live music. There are police officers, fishermen, families, and summer folk ... it's a great mix and it's crazy that just one incident where a couple of young people make a mistake - and it can tarnish the establishment and the people that work there. They depend on working - especially at this time of year - for their livelihood! I agree with icecreamman in the previous post ... there are 2 sets of rules out there and it is NOT fair to the locals! " Jul 12, 16 5:34 PM

Fisherman Recalls Harrowing Voyage And Rescue Aboard Pink And Purple Boat

Thank God that all hands ended up safe and sound. " Mar 10, 19 10:21 PM