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Westhampton Beach Businesses Split Over Smorgasburg Food Expo Proposal

The Village needs to remember to preserve and protect its brick and mortar businesses - otherwise they'll turn into real estate offices or abandoned buildings. Support the businesses you already have - "love the one you're with". Ask the local food and beverage stores to showcase their own food court and do it right on Main Street or in the new park on Main Street. We don't need Brooklyn do feed off our population in our "prime time". " May 7, 16 10:19 AM

Smorgasburg Food Expo Chances Looking Dim In Westhampton Beach

Dee from DeeAngelo's here - shame on all your anonymous commenters who refuse to put names to these despicable statements about hardworking, industrious people who put their blood, sweat, tears and hard work into trying to run Main Street businesses in the Village of Westhampton Beach. They are to be applauded - they employ local people, pay the taxes that support our schools, our library and all the amenities that you all enjoy and DONATE to the hundreds of charitable causes in our area. Embrace these businesses - they do a great job! I've watched our businesses during good times and bad - when hurricanes and storms destroyed property and goods and we still persevered. Support our businesses - don't take them for granted. Local government is for the benefit of the local Village taxpayers and business people - health, safety and welfare of the local taxpayers. It's a counter intuitive idea economically to allow businesses to compete unfairly with an unfair advantage at a time when there is gold laying in the streets The idea of 500 extra people coming to WHB when there are 20,000 here anyway is ridiculous. It's a reminder of the gold rush in the Old West - come in - strip it out and leave it as a ghost town. Let me see - Tumbleweed Tuesday - historic - even when Marakesh was open - we had foot races down Main Street for all you newcomers. This is not a sign that the Mayor or Board of Trustees or the Chamber is not succeeding at what they do - it just is the ebb and flow of our area. Your subjective analysis of the goods and services or quality of the food offered by Main Street businesses is irrelevant - the fact is that these people put their skin in the game and STAY here when none of the thousands of people that surround the village even come to Main Street unless there's a parade or to get a free ice cream cone. I do hope the Chamber of Commerce can come up with other ideas - everyone is open to new ideas that can be fully discussed, vetted and agreed upon in a more ecumenical way - not wait until the 11th hour to discuss these matters. Elyse and Simon - you provide our Village with a great service and variety - thank you. And to The Post Stop, Pizzateria Brunetti, Starr Bogg's, Haagen Dazs, Ben & Jerry's, Goldberg's, The Patio, Margarita Grille, Baby Moon, Joe's American Grill, Funcho's, Boom Burger, The Mill Roadhouse, Bun & Burger, Tonino's Pizza, Sushi 1, Cafe Mambo, Tony's Fusion West, Country Heros, Hampton Coffee Company, Hurricane Deli, Sunset Deli, DeeAngelo's "Pleasant Ave." Cafe, Sydney's Taylor Made Cuisine, Shock Ice Cream & Dessert Cafe, Justin's Chop Shop and I'm sorry if I left anyone out - thank you for all your energy, time and effort - I appreciate you. " May 20, 16 10:17 AM

Thank you to all the great customers we do have, both local, snowbirds and summer! Your patronage is what keeps us going and it is our privilege and pleasure to do so. Our suppliers, purveyors and employees thank you, as well!

Looking forward to a great summer in a beautiful Village - enjoy!" May 20, 16 11:37 AM

President Donald Trump To Fly Into Gabreski Airport On Friday

Welcome to the East End, Sir - an honor to have you here.
" Aug 15, 18 5:17 PM