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State Suspends Liquor License For Charlie Brown's In Hampton Bays In Wake Of Double Stabbing

Well, CB's is a whole different ball game with the prostitutes and the violence. I remember as recently as a few years ago it being a fairly decent place with older people sitting out on the deck playing cards, and some years before that it had a younger crowd that was well behaved.

But then again, that was when Hampton Bays had something going on. It's not exactly "dead" - it does have some nice dining options - but there is nothing for young people anymore. The elimination of group share houses killed the community, IMO, and hurt a lot of local businesses along the way. Bars that cater to local regulars used to have 2 bartenders on a Saturday night; now they sometimes have 2 customers. Up until last year there were SEVEN abandoned nightclubs on Montauk Highway alone between Westhampton and the canal, and I'm not counting any that were on any side streets or Dune Road. That's a pretty steep fall.

I know, people complain about young people and loud music and keg parties, yada, yada, yada, but that has being going on in HB for 50 or 60 yearss and was just fine for, literally, generations." Jun 30, 16 1:48 PM

Rumba Files Trademark Infringement Complaint Against New Caribbean-Theme Restaurant In Hampton Bays

I don't think Rumba is going to win this one, but I have to agree with them. There is no way that the name of the new place was chosen by accident, particularly with a similar themed menu. As for the Rumba haters, while it's not exactly my dish (pun intended) it and Cowfish are fine restaurants with a nice environment and are helping the community and improving Hampton Bays image. For years HB was a community considered good for nothing but "workforce housing," now people come from all those fancy places out East to dine here, and Rumba/Cowfish are partly responsible for that." Jun 30, 16 1:59 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Board Votes Down The Hills Proposal Tuesday

The people who opposed this project are just like the people in East Hampton back in the late 70s and early 80s that opposed the Sunrise Highway extension east through farmland. The arguments then were disconcertingly familiar to the present: too many people, too much development will follow, preserve the farmland, if you build it they will come so don't build it....... and so on. Guess what, the farmland is gone, the development came and so did the people. The only thing that didn't come with it was a nice highway to get them there and provide a cushion of relief from the traffic and congestion.

The EQ farmland is gone, it will never be a farm again, the quaint 1950's are in the rear view mirror, the developers are not going to turn the land over to some green thumb group, the people are coming no matter what, and now you don't have any cushion for or control over the additional expenses that will come along with them." Dec 6, 17 11:27 AM

Exactly! Saying "no" got east Hampton nothing except the same development, the same lack of farmland, the same people, and because of their refusal to allow a highway extension, they and all the surrounding villages/hamlets have increased traffic and congestion!" Dec 6, 17 12:55 PM

New Restaurant Hamptons Farms Opens In East Quogue

The place does look very nice with an interesting menu. Can I ask, the building was built in 1978? I seem to remember it being there much, much earlier than that under the name Tony and Evonnes( or something similar.)" Dec 6, 17 1:07 PM

Fate Of Canoe Place Inn PDD At Shinnecock Canal Relies On Pair Of Upcoming Votes

Too late now - it's done. Not against development, I just find it unfortunate to have lost the restaurants on the far side of the canal to townhouses. Particularly when the western side was begging for exactly that type of project, which is what the developers originally wanted!" Dec 6, 17 1:14 PM

Discovery Land May Have Other Paths To Golf Course In East Quogue; Supervisor Pitches Public Access

Hysterical! They may get their golf course anyway!! Lol. And you know what? They probably won't need to add any of the pollution control measures that they were willing to install out of good faith had their other project gone through! Priceless!" Dec 6, 17 1:24 PM

Fate Of Canoe Place Inn PDD At Shinnecock Canal Relies On Pair Of Upcoming Votes

During the many years of discussion on this project, the developers already admitted that they really aren't "preserving" anything. The current CPI, as we all know, isn't the original "historic" structure - that burned to the ground. There is a circa 1930's rebuild, with 1950's additions, little to none of which is salvagable or of any historic interest. They've already said that - if they do anything at all - they will essentially demolish the building and construct something to fit the part. Like Colonial Williamsburg. Again, assuming they do anything." Dec 19, 17 3:54 PM

Southampton Town Leaders Accuse Zeldin Of Making 'Misleading' Comments About Hampton Bays During White House Visit

Look, Rep. Zeldin's comments may have contained some hyperbole, as often happens during a colloquial discussion. It's happening right here in this comment section. But the underlying point is that Zeldin is correct. OK, not all 489 hotel rooms are being rented by illegals, and those that are are not all blood thirsty gang members. I get it, But I - and I suspect about 98% of you - also know that illegal immigration has caused problems for Hampton Bays, and a good portion of it is gang related. We also know exactly what hotels are renting rooms illegally. We also know what houses are in violation. Many of the high profile crimes that have been reported in this very paper, and commented on by us, have been gang related - or at a minimum, involved illegal residents. The Town Board boasting that they wrote 800 violations last year is laughable; that should be a monthly statistic." Mar 8, 18 2:08 PM

Lee Zeldin, Ilhan Omar Trade Barbs Following Subcommittee Appointments

Oh, how the Lord works in mysterious ways! 4 days after this article was published, Omar made headlines across the globe for more of her anti-semitic rants. All of the self righteous posters on this board who were bashing Zeldin must feel like idiots now, just like those sanctimonious clods who opposed the Hills project and now find themselves with the same golf course without the community benefits! The Republicans repudiated a North Carolina congressman 2 weeks ago for making racially insensitive remarks, and removed him from ALL committee assignments. Let's see if the insufferable elitist Democrats hold their members to the same standard here! Don't hold your breath." Feb 13, 19 1:01 PM

The reference that Jewish support was “It’s all about the Benjamins, baby." It doesn't take much of a stretch to understand that this falls squarely into ethnic stereotype. Or at least that's how Rep. Omar saw it, because she admitted as much and apologized for it. As did the ever open minded and progressive Speaker of the House from that ever all-inclusive and understanding city of San Francisco who issued the a statement calling Omar’s “use of anti-Semitic tropes and prejudicial accusations about Israel’s supporters deeply offensive."" Feb 13, 19 1:38 PM

You're right, King has been known to throw fireballs in the past. But so has Omar; that's what led to Zeldin's comments in the first place." Feb 13, 19 1:42 PM

A beginners mistake, perhaps. But she was their pride and joy: a woman in the year of "Me too," an immigrant to counter Trump's perceived anti-immigrant rhetoric, and a Muslim, from a country on Trump's banned travel list. The Democrats were parading around as a "cause celebre;" their poster child, if you will - her election reported on every imaginable news source. So, are they going to take that poster off the wall? At a certain point the pot gets to call the kettle black." Feb 13, 19 2:21 PM

People are certainly free to discuss issues, but Omar chose to do that with a stereotype - either on purpose or with a "wink." Democrats have routinely been critical of Trump's discussion of valid issues, citing his choice of terminology as veiled "dog whistles." This was no different. Omar could have said what you said, and her apology could have been inclusive and mentioned the groups that you mentioned. Instead even her apology was backhanded in trying to score political points by naming only groups that are politically aligned." Feb 13, 19 2:50 PM

South Fork Commuter Connection Off To Slow Start

I applaud the officials who got this up and running, but it's not going to work. The east bound train schedule seems reasonable, but the West bound evening schedule is ridiculous. Trades people obviously aren't going to use this, so it's meant for either office workers, or those in a retail type of environment. And neither of those can probably get out of work and manage to get to the station for a 5:15." Apr 4, 19 12:52 PM