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Brawl Ends Southampton-Hampton Bays Game Early

Imagine seeing a player lying on the ground surrounded and being kicked and punched repeatedly as fans in the stands cheer on. Then imagine being a 13 year old boy seeing that being done to your brother. The Hampton bays student who ran onto the field didn't have to imagine the situation. " Oct 1, 12 8:15 AM

Same comment as replied to guidooohh above. Again, imagine seeing what was done to the Baymen player as fans cheered on, and imagine a 13 year old boy seeing that done to his brother. I witnessed the situation from the stands and was panicked for the child involved, he went out there not fully padded as all the players involved were. Brotherly love should be arrested? A little harsh?" Oct 1, 12 8:33 AM

Former Hampton Bays School Board Member Charged With Looting Scholarship Fund

I feel very bad for the friends and family of Mr. Jones, as well as the community as a whole, who have been betrayed by this act. " Dec 11, 15 5:13 PM