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Mattituck woman will receive six months for DWI fatality involving Hampton Bays teen

The light sentence was probably based on the fact that the kid swerved in front of her on the road, she didn't drive up on the sidewalk and run him down. My heart skips a beat everytime I have to pass a bike, stroller, pedestrian, etc. on a road, especially busy ones. If they sverve in my path and I hit them, I could go to jail for manslaughter, even completely sober. And so could ALL OF YOU.

This woman has ruined her life with this felony conviction and other charges..." May 28, 10 9:05 PM

Drive-in movies to screen at Coopers Beach this summer

Bad Plan. I don't think the Summer People who can really afford it will be interested in going to a drive-in and locals won't pay that." May 28, 10 9:10 PM

Dunkin' Donuts planned for County Road 39

Terrible location. Sign a short lease." May 28, 10 9:12 PM

Fallen soldier's remains arrive on the East End

I just drove home through this and has no idea what was going on so I came here to check. Just heartbreaking. " Jun 9, 10 5:48 PM

Lindsay Lohan's father in talks to open club in Westhampton Beach

Wow, what a perfect way to capitalize on his daughter behavior. He should call it "SCRAM at Westhampton" and start a chain all over the world.. Have a hidden VIP room with a guy there that can remove/override/trick the device and give free admission to people wearing the device. Everyone will want one." Jun 10, 10 8:29 PM

Southampton Post Office's au naturel lawn turns heads

If my lawn looked like that, Code Enforcement would be knocking at my door." Jun 11, 10 8:19 PM

East Quogue woman files $70 million lawsuit against Suffolk County and Southampton Town

She better hope I'm not on her Jury because she sounds like a loose canon to me." Jul 29, 10 8:53 PM

What? No explosives? " Jul 30, 10 7:06 AM

I'm sure her lawyers told her to hide it because her public comments will only hurt her case. After reading some of them, I'm confident that what she said to authorities during her questioning had more to due with her detainment than the original grounds.

The bottom line is that she wasn't minding her own business on her own property and was sujected to an illegal search and seizure - she brought this all on herself. The good news is that the authorities know about her now and she probably has a nice thick CIA file and is on the no fly list. The bad news is that she is still out there, free as a bird (God Bless America) with her sizeable chip on her shoulder increased by lawyers, with who knows how many guns, ammunition and fellow lunatic supporters. I am concerned about what will happen when she loses this case. " Aug 1, 10 6:41 AM

Why isn't the "missing cash" mentioned in the first two versions of her story?

I predict her new Lawyers will drop kick her soon just like the NYC firm did in 2009.

Had she done this in many another Countries, she (and her car) would just simply have disappeared...." Aug 1, 10 4:09 PM

And directly from her Electronic Diarrhea Trail here on 27east.com:

Nov 20, 09 5:39 PM "This was the result of an under sheriff Caracappa who wanted his name in the papers, a media hungry under qualified person put in a job position he doesn't deserve."

Nov 20, 09 8:43 PM "I have a perfect background so they made up lies to "sell papers." "

Nov 20, 09 10:29 PM "It was not until Caracappa saw my Myspace page, in the middle of the night, with my political views that he told me I was under arrest, and he used a trumped up charge like trespassing 3 on a county road. its cost me a fortune to defend the charge. I paid to take it to trail. ".

Nov 20, 09 11:03 PM "He was flirting with me!!"

Nov 20, 09 11:18 PM :"I was arraigned Friday afternoon with bail left at 50,000.00. My sons were given the wrong time to be there with bail allowing them to keep me for the weekend. I was there 4 nights and 5 full days, until Monday Aug 3 about 5 pm."

Nov 21, 09 6:54 AM :"I was at peace driving home from the range, on that nice day with my roof down on my car, until I was stopped by police who ran out of donuts."

Nov 28, 09 11:06 AM "My book will be out in the Spring!!"

Nov 30, 09 9:08 PM "Actually I offered to make a 10,000.00 donation, now, of my own money, to the base, because Carlark and Caracappa made tthe troops so upset with their lies. My attorney told me not to."" Aug 2, 10 8:37 PM

From here as well.." Aug 2, 10 11:01 PM

No, I'm done explaining it.

The crux of what this is really all about is stated here and any rational person can understand it.

" Aug 3, 10 7:22 AM

Man drowns in Bridgehampton pool

Because someone could be looking for a missing person..." Aug 12, 10 8:20 PM

Possible Reprieve For East Hampton Village Pharmacy

Yippee! Go get 'em Frank I wish I had the money to save you!" Nov 7, 10 8:53 PM

Ballot Count Begins; Altschuler Travels To Washington

As someone who was working at the polls I can tell you that the BOE employees completely lost it Election night. It wasn't the new machines that are the problem, it is the BOE in Yaphank. " Nov 8, 10 7:37 AM

The polls close at 9, usually we can call in results by 9:30. This time we couldn't get anyone on the phone in Yaphank. When we called other extensions there, they refused to take the results. By 10:30 we were kicked out of our polling place and standing outside freezing where we drop off the suitcases. We said we were giving up on calling in the results and that they would just have to read our results when they got back to Yaphank. The Sheriff said we would not let me leave and would arrest me if I did. Finally one of them got someone else on the phone who took down the info but was not a BOE survey results employee. I got home at midnight. I can only imagine the stories the other polling places have about Yaphank dropping the ball as all of the East End call the results in to the same numbers.

And remember, absentee and affadavit ballots don't count until the system is checked to make sure they didn't vote elsewhere." Nov 8, 10 7:55 AM

yes" Nov 9, 10 5:15 PM

The poll workers were not at fault - the BOE is just blaming them.There is very little difference in reading the results from either system we had. The poll workers could not get anyone in Yaphank on the phone to give the results to so the results were just sent back to Yaphank without being called in. " Nov 10, 10 4:28 PM

See my prior comments. Some people were not able to get through to call in the results - after 2 plus hours I gave mine to someone else not involved in tabulating results so I could go home. The suitcases and back up copies of what is called in are returned to Yaphank after midnight by BOE employees who pick them up. The people who could not get through after several hours just sent the info in the truck. The BOE announced results based on only a small portion of the results they received. No word from them on what happenned there in Yaphank - they are just saying we called the results in wrong when in fact we couldn't call them in at all." Nov 10, 10 10:38 PM

OK, ONE MORE TIME. The problem WAS NOT with the poll workers caling in the results incorrectly nor was it with the new voting machines. The old machines had a "ticker" in the back that had to be read off of (by, lets face it, some people who are vision impaired) and then transcribed by hand and then called in. If there was room for error, it was more likely to happen with that system. The new machines spit out a "cash register type tape" and we had magnifiers from the voting stations for anyone that can't see. THE PROBLEM WAS there was no one taking the results over the phone in Yaphank. Yaphank is lying about the results being called in "incorrectly" as they made it nearly impossible for them to be called in at all. The preliminary results you all heard were announced before my two districts were even called in. Some districts gave up and never called in at all. The BOE then had all of the unreported results as well as absentee and affadavits ballots to deal with when they finally arrived in Yaphank hours after most of you went to bed." Nov 13, 10 9:06 AM

Sorry, have to disagree with you on this.

All you have to do is go to Social Services and claim you are a single parent who who does not/cannot work. The more kids you have the better!! Show a bank account with insufficent funds to support yourself. It doesn't matter if you have 10 different accounts as they don't check. Do this by having a job off the books or a seperate bank account under a different name where the spouse deposits their funds. This is why so many Hispanic couples have separate bank accounts and last names. Forge the document the landlord signs verifying the rent and household occupants. Our government doesn't check any of it. Presto! Free Medicaid, food stamps, and whatever else that can be taken from the US taxpayers." Nov 15, 10 9:07 AM

Actually, the schools just sent someone to do a drive by and make sure the given address exists. They do not verify they live at the given address. The lease, etc given to the school is not verified either. Any anyone wanting a free lunch or other school program is given it with no questions asked. And yes, I know all this and my above staments about Medicaid/Welfare/Food Stamp/Free Cell Phone fraud after receiving mail in my box addressed to someone I did not know and making a few calls." Nov 15, 10 11:41 AM

I know you like to investigate things. Call the Dept of Social Services yourself and ask thse questions.

I found this out after receiving mail in my box from someone using my address and meeting numerous people that do this without shame. There are a lot of holes in our system and people come to this country to take full advantage of them." Nov 15, 10 11:46 AM

Where are you? Southampton does not check.

" Nov 15, 10 12:06 PM

UPDATE: Storm Lessens In Intensity; Should Make Landfall At 10 a.m.

Still no power in North Sea and the storm there was nothing unusual" Aug 29, 11 12:31 PM

East End Cleans Up After Irene

Why are you burying the story that many of us still don't have any power 3 days later!" Aug 30, 11 2:23 PM

LIPA Scrambles To Repair Massive Power Outages

SURVIVOR HAMPTONS, Day 4 Journal Entries

1. NOTE TO SELF. I think it best to heed the evacuation suggestion during Chicken Little's next event, not so much due to the threat of peril from wind and water, but due to the apparent certainty that LIPA will leave us high and dry.

2. PRODUCT TESTING. Clorox wipes and mouthwash do not make good impromptu bathing products due to the sticky residue they leave behind.

3. THEORY. Body odor causes MADNESS (in more ways than one).

" Aug 31, 11 10:17 AM

Rescued in North Sea 2:21 PM!" Aug 31, 11 3:00 PM

LIPA: Fewer Than 200 Outages Left Islandwide From Irene

What???? And how would you feel if you were still in that 20 percent without power?" Sep 1, 11 10:51 PM

'High-End' Supermarket In Agreement To Move To Southampton Village, Pending Zone Change

Fresh Market, Whole Foods or Trader Joes please" Nov 3, 11 6:38 PM

Amagansett House Destroyed By Fire Thought To Be Caused By Dogs

What I would really like to say would be deleted bur this tragedy was 100% avoidable" Nov 16, 11 12:29 PM

The Fresh Market Is Store Interested In Southampton Village Site

That's great news, love Fresh Market" Dec 1, 11 8:46 PM

Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program Still Confuses Many

Normal piles of leaves in my neighborhood have NOT been picked up. What were picked up were the leaves put into the road which were a traffic hazard. I have watched many people using leaf blowers to intentionally place them there.So, unless we are going to pay Leaf Police to drive around and ticket people IN THE ACT, those leaves need to be removed for safety reasons." Dec 15, 11 2:14 AM

Contractor Claims Southampton Councilman Locked Him In Office After Worker Broke Into Home

I do not know either party involved here and hold the same amount of respect/contempt for both politicans and contractors.

1.Personal disputes regarding unpaid bills with private funds at private residences are none of our business.

2.If someone broke into my home and then had the nerve to come to my place of employment, invade my office and confront me, I can't say my reaction would have been much different. I probably would have locked the door to my office and called the police but I would have pressed charges for B&E.

3. As far as what JM said on the tape, ehhh,,, he didn't really threaten him, hit etc.Anyone who finds what he said to be an abuse of power has an unrealistic definition of it and truly isn't playing in the same pool." Jan 12, 12 3:23 PM

Destroyed Mailboxes: Foul Play Or Plow Damage?

I couldn't help but notice all the mailboxes immediately down after the snow. The snowplow driver is either a poor driver or is doing this on purpose." Feb 23, 12 1:05 PM

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