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Protesters Gather In East Hampton Village To Oppose Deer Culling

Ruth Vered was attacked by a deer?! Really??? Someone tell me the story, please! I know those deer can be vicious creatures..." Jan 20, 14 8:39 AM

Now they want to kill the swans, too! What is this place coming to?!" Jan 23, 14 12:54 PM

Springs General Store To Begin Offering Lunch For Springs Students

I sincerely hope they will be offering free or reduced priced lunch to low-income students." Feb 19, 15 11:30 AM

UPDATE: No Restraining Order Issued Between Westhampton Beach School And Killoran Family

So, I assume all of the children not attending their home schools are also entitled to, if Aiden does? Do you have any clue how different these programs are from mainstream classrooms?" Sep 1, 15 6:22 PM

Not true! These programs such as Bellport Academic Center, Jefferson Academic Centers, etc etc have children from ALL districts attending. Many of the school districts do not offer these specialized programs. What are the details of the program they are recommending for Aiden? And why would you think it's so bad for him if it's a specialized program just for certain children that need it? " Sep 1, 15 6:25 PM

East Quogue Residents Share Thoughts On Village Incorporation

Some of us can't afford higher taxes so a handful of special interest citizens can sell us down the river!! VOTE NO!" Sep 24, 19 12:33 PM

East Quogue Residents Will Vote On Village Incorporation Next Week

I went to EQVEC meeting for the first time on Thursday. They had 10 plus speakers about why we should incorporate, they had us write any questions we had on index cards but because of the length of speakers very few of the questions were actually answered. What a huge waste of time that meeting was, it was more like a pro village presentation. I wanted my questions answered not to attend a pro-village, pro-Hills rally. Which was exactly what it was.
"Committee members previously said that their reason for forming two years ago was because of the town’s handling of Discovery Land’s original application. They have also said recently that Discovery Land has no influence on the committee’s incorporation efforts. ", which is it? We know the real answer. Especially when the committee is spearheaded by an employee of Discovery Land! And that name is laughable, Exploratory Committee, they knew darn well they wanted to push for incorporation from the get go, very dishonest. Just the way they went about this whole thing from day one is enough to vote no, shady practices!
There is NOTHING wrong with our town the way it is. We DON'T need higher taxes or yet another layer of government. The fact that The Hills was shot down left a sour grapes taste in their mouths and they are all people that stand to FINANCIALLY BENEFIT from incorporation via Discovery Land's Lewis Road project.
Don't sell our town out to a mega millions corporation from Arizona! Don't be fooled into thinking they are merely incorporating for the good or our residents! VOTE NO TO INCORPORATION ON THURSDAY!
" Oct 13, 19 2:02 PM

UPDATE: East Quogue Village Incorporation Is Rejected

YES!!!! WAY TO GO!!! " Oct 18, 19 12:40 PM

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