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Motorist Beaten By Three Women In Bathing Suits During Traffic Jam

How did the women get away if they were stuck in traffic?! And in a car without a license plate no less?!
" Jul 27, 12 12:49 PM

UPDATE: Knife-Wielding Man In Water Mill Identified And Charged By Police

*raise" Aug 2, 12 2:42 PM

Disturbing." Aug 2, 12 2:43 PM

Drowning Woman Kept Afloat By Two Boys

Thank goodness the boys were there to help; they are lifesavers or at the very least heros!!" Aug 9, 12 11:30 AM

UPDATE: Altschuler Concedes Race To Bishop

Yes, Mr. Romney...have a safe trip home to one of your multi-million dollar mansions." Nov 6, 12 3:51 PM

Because Obama won? What makes today any different than yesterday? Were they employed by you for the past 4 years? If Romney won, you think this country would be back on its feet economically within the next few months? You should be ashamed of laying people off based on a few hours of election results." Nov 7, 12 9:28 AM

UPDATE: Sears To Remain In Custody, Orders Of Protection To Be Requested For Children

Maybe Mr. Sears, like HHS, didn't fully understand the true and legal definition of child pornography." Jan 25, 13 2:34 PM

smacw, it appears you didn't read the article fully. Yes, it is illegal. It's called "morphing". Let me explain the scenario to you...Mr Sears finds a pornographic photo that appeals to him. Let's say it's a man engaged in a sex act with a female. He morps his head onto the man's body, and morphs a head of a little girl that he took a photo of at a fundraiser or event onto the woman's body. He then views it and I am sure we know what he uses that photo for! You don't find that even the least bit disturbing?" Jan 26, 13 1:41 PM

Sorry that was meant for Jonathan...." Jan 26, 13 7:04 PM

I'd like to think we've evolved as a culture somewhat since back then." Jan 27, 13 11:31 AM

"investigators have had success in identifying many of the children represented in the pornographic images, and he will soon be seeking orders of protection for the children, whose families will be notified soon."

How horrible!
" Jan 29, 13 12:17 PM

"Lack of God" has NOTHING to do with it. Crimes against children have occured in countless communities and different countries in the past and currently. The most pious priests have been convicted of child abuse. So please leave God out of it. " Feb 4, 13 10:25 AM

Most East Enders OK With Postal Service Ending Saturday Mail Delivery

Will at least the Post Office be open on Saturdays? I have a P.O. Box and work too late during the week to get my mail--" Feb 6, 13 2:38 PM

Westhampton Beach Teachers Reject Proposed Salary Freeze

Clerical, custodial work their BUTTS OFF for far less pay than the teachers. Some work year-round. They are truly the backbone of the schools. To expect that they should take a pay freeze but the teachers should not is simply asinine!

As someone else mentioned, there are other districts where teachers are taking a pay freeze. In the district where I work, the teachers are taking a THREE YEAR PAY FREEZE. I'd also like to know what makes the teachers in WHB think they're so special! " Mar 18, 13 11:10 AM

Westhampton Beach School Taxpayers Divided Over Proposed Spending Cuts

NOTHING is return??? How about a well-paying job with benefits?" Mar 20, 13 10:40 AM

UPDATE: Police Believe Teacher Recorded Students With Cellphone; Released After Posting $25,000 Bail

Those that say "he would never do something like this, he's a great guy, blah blah blah..." did you ever notice people say things like this ALL the time about people that actually turn out to be GUILTY?! Just because it's hard to believe doesn't mean this guy didn't have a secret corner in his life no one knew about~" Mar 20, 13 12:31 PM

Westhampton Beach Middle School Teacher Pleads Not Guilty In Riverhead Court

Absolutely! All of these people starting rumors that the girls stole his phone and set him up, what a "nice guy" Sheppard is, he would never do anything like that, blah blah blah....and here he is actually on the video setting up his phone to record in the girls' locker room. " Apr 30, 13 9:31 AM

They stick together more than you would like to believe." May 1, 13 9:39 AM

Spot on, Realistic. " May 1, 13 9:48 AM

New Traffic Light Coming To Hampton Bays

Thank god. What a bitch it is making a left hand turn at that intersection!" May 15, 13 4:07 PM

East End Voters Decide On School Budgets, Board Members

My son attends WHBHS. I am not impressed at all. If you are not into athletics or you don't do well academically, it is a very poor school to attend. Ask how many programs they have for at-risk children and you will find the answer is ZERO. We have children who need these programs badly; children either diagnosed or undiagnosed with mental issues such as bipolar, depression, anxiety, and more. Children who are barely living above the poverty level and/or from broken familes; these are considered "at-risk" children. If the monies were spread around evenly to include programs for such children instead of the hundreds of thousands of dollars being spent on athletics alone, maybe I would view WHBHS in a different light. But WHBHS is in NO WAY "the best high school possible". " May 22, 13 9:54 AM

I bet Hampton Bays has more social related programs available for those that need it, and more programs for at-risk children. Academic education is not the only thing a school should provide." May 22, 13 10:45 AM

I don't think Teach is bigoted. There are many Hispanic/Latino children that are just coming to this country that are in middle school or high school. "These are high school students, not first -third graders learning English."--Well, even high school students just coming here need to learn English! I work in a school (not EQ, and no, I am not a teacher), and the MAJORITY of our Latino students are ESL students. In general they do not perform as well as other students on State Tests because they are still learning the language. Yes, there are some that were born here, learned the language, and do well academically--but they are in no way the majority. Teach is absolutey right with her question, "Would Westhampton be as high a performing school is you took away 30% of the white kids and ...more replaced them with mostly first generation Latino students? ". It definitely would not be. Period." May 23, 13 11:20 AM

I am not "BLAMING" anyone. I am stating facts I see daily in my school. You can take that as you like." May 23, 13 11:45 AM

I'd like to know if the budget has ever not passed. If so what were the repercussions? And if the budget has *always* passed, I can only assume it's only gone up each year--is this correct? Has it ever gone down? IF it's passed each year and the budget amount has only gone up each year, there has to be a limit. It is my understanding that enrollment has decreased so why did the cap have to be pierced? You can say they have to pay the tuition for 6th graders to go to WHB Middle School, but that has ALWAYS been the case. I am in no way trying to be argumentative but would just like to know the facts. As far as the STAR tax credut, well, it's someething...but for seniors that live soley on SS income (which we all know is a joke), ANY increase at all is just not feasible anymore. Someone had made the comment "It's only $147 (or whatever they wrote), the cost of a cable bill". We have people in our community hurting and $147 will buy them several weeks' worth of groceries. For those that rent (as I have), the rents go up, up up...when I rented the Landlord would increase my rent each year and state it was due to taxes (of which the school taxes played a part in). I feel these people just simply cannot afford to pay higher taxes anymore; they obviously are stating "enough is enough" for a reason. If they had the money, I think the majority of people would pay it and the budget would pass. Things change when you retire. My neighbor inherited his house 20 years ago when his mother passed away. He was born and raised here. He went to the local schools and the family was a well-known one back in the day (he's the only one left now). Is it fair that he would now have to sell his home and move out of the community and the house he grew because he can no longer afford to live here? It's a sad story, and unfortunately this is what many of our seniors are facing right now. The other lady down the street from me is selling her home (once again, been here for over 40 years) and moving in with her children in AZ. She just simply can't afford to live here any more--taxes increasing yearly is what she says her reason is. And there are many other stories...the single parent living with 2 children in an illegal apartment because that is all she can afford...I think the majority of you complaining about the budget not passing earn a decent living and have two incomes. Please don't assume the rest of the community is as fortune as you are.
I do agree EQ is a good school. My child had a good experience there also. WHB--not so good. My child is a low average student academically (mind you, in EQ schools they were on the Honor Roll!). A bit of a nerd so not involved in sports. well, we had lots of support in EQ--but really it did not prepare us for the rude awakening that lay ahead in WHB. My child is in special education and was given all the support they needed in EQ (and then some). All WHB wanted to do was cut, cut, cut the benefits she was entitled to. I had to fight at every CSE meeting to get what my child already had in place through EQ School. I was actually told by the chairperson at the time that EQ babies the students, and welcome to the real world! My child is an at-risk student, and when I enquired as to what kinds of support programs they offer children such as these, they stumbled and suggested my child join a sports team! Well, as I said my child is not the sporty-type, and furthermore the grades were not good enough.
In closing I'd like to say as far as EQ salaries are concerned...a Senior Clerk Typist in EQ school makes more than I do as a Guidance counselor in another district. I have had a pay freeze for the past two years; not certain about the clerical staff in EQ. So chew on that for awhile!
Sorry to cram everything in one post but I am not a *premium* member and can only add two comments a day. " May 24, 13 9:26 AM

I thank you for the information. However you only replied to one of my questions. I'd like to hear your opinion on other things I've posted--I feel I've made some valid points and asked some worthwhile questions. That is, if you care to. I will not be able to reply until tomorrow (2 comment limit), but am interested as to your feelings on the other items in my post. Thank you." May 24, 13 11:11 AM

If those amounts are accurate, that's pretty disturbing." May 28, 13 10:11 AM

East Quogue Taxpayers Reject School Budget; Other Plans Get Passing Grades

What about Amagansett School, or Springs? They are both elementary schools. Do they pay tuition for their students to go to secondary schools?" May 28, 13 10:43 AM

Bubby--I can "grasp that fact". I have a question about the 30 extra students. Are they all new entries from other schools (which is doubtful), thus EQ did not expect the increase? Or were they here from the beginning? If they were mostly here from the beginning, perhaps EQ should have put a percentage of the future tuition aside each year, knowing they would have to pay more tution next year for these 30 extra students. Just a thought because that's how most people balance their household budgets. You may find something wrong with my suggestion as you seem to know all the ins and outs as to exactly how the EQ School runs. Not everyone has time to attend board meetings. What if EQ sent out a letter explaining exactly all the reasons why they had to pierce the cap--that may be helpful to convince residents to vote in favor of the budget." May 29, 13 10:02 AM

They don't need to cut more; I believe it's up to the school whether they want to present the same budget for a second vote, or present an amended budget. Anyway I haven't heard anything about when the 2nd vote is--I believe they have a month?" May 29, 13 10:59 AM

My understanding is the budget failed by only 7 votes--don't you think they will present the same budget and just urge more voters? " May 30, 13 8:48 AM

East Quogue School Board Trims Another $600K From Budget; Spending Plan Won't Pierce Cap

It would be nice if this article was unlocked so that residents could access this very important information....." Jun 6, 13 10:38 AM

Suspicious Letters Prompt Concern At Southampton Town Hall

All this because the letters lacked a return address???" Jun 6, 13 2:31 PM

East Quogue School Board Trims Another $600K From Budget; Spending Plan Won't Pierce Cap

Casden were you at the meeting? That's not what the Superintendent stated." Jun 12, 13 8:28 AM

Southampton High School Teachers Wear Black To Protest Student's Testing Accommodation

I do agree that the staff/faculty wear black in protest was a bit over the top. That being said, if the student did not have an IEP expressly stating he/she should take the test in a separate location, the fact that the student had this accomodation and others did not is absolutely UNFAIR. PERIOD. You can't all of a sudden throw modifications in when they do not exist through SPED." Jun 28, 13 1:07 PM

UPDATE; Blinking Light On County Road 39 Was Malfunction

"Sgt. Burns said that incidents of road rage were being reported “no more than normal.” Wow, I wonder what "normal" is???" Jun 28, 13 1:17 PM

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