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Southampton Town Supervisor Rejects Petition To Incorporate East Quogue As A Village

VOS! You should speak to the "...political hacks..." about what they are doing about "... pollution". They will be very happy to explain everything to you. Here is a summary:

Town funding is in place for the extension of ALL main water lines in the affected areas of EQ. Work may start on the first new main line extension as early as this month. Town funding is also in place for the connection of residences to existing or new main line(s). Residences connections have begun where current well owners have access to an existing main line. There is NO COST to EQ residents for either the main line extensions or the individual residence hook ups although under current Federal Tax law the reimbursement of the individual hook-up cost (say $1,200.00) is considered to be taxable income. Without the Town stepping up and providing the funding the average homeowner would have an out of pocket cost of approximately $8.000.00 for the main line extension and residence hook up.

Tell me, what has the exploratory committee said on this Damascus "...pollution..." (your word not mine) issue? What has the exploratory committee said about the Discovery Land potential and very probable contamination (my word not yours) of our water source? What have they said about how they would address any environmental issues? The answer is nothing.

I guess either the part time and unpaid volunteer staff does not want to address these realities or the exploratory committee has not gotten a formulated response back yet from their Discovery Land handlers.
" Jun 18, 19 11:07 AM

East Quogue Residents Will Vote On Village Incorporation Next Week

Every member of this "Exploratory Committee" is a Discovery Land groupie. They all drink the Kool Aid. I went to the first public meeting of the "Exploratory Committee" at Dockers. To paraphrase...the first sentence spoken was "Welcome!" The second sentence was "We are forming this committee so that we can approve the Hills Project. The third sentence was "Gee, maybe we shouldn't be saying this?"

CMAC, whether you have a business interest in the Hills or not your "Exploratory Committee" has succeeded in:
1. Dividing this community,
2. Shown that you are willing to spend your neighbors $$$$ to potentially personally gain and,
3. again test the P.T. Barnum theory that there really is a fool born every minute.

I do not think that there are enough fools in EQ to vote to be taxed by an unknown and unidentified group with no guarantees as to the amount of that tax, what it will be used for and/or who will be determining how it is collected and how it will be spent.

And the Committee plagiarizing the Sagaponack budget is absolutely laughable. The Sagaponack zip code had the highest real estate values in the US in 2018. There are only 313 residents. Sounds like a good comparison to EQ to me????? (BTW, where is the proposed Village Capital Budget?)

I've noted the businesses that have the Keep taxes Low signs on display. I am sure that I am not the only one who has. In the Town of Southampton EQ is only a few dollars behind Hampton Bays to claim the highest taxes in town trophy. EQ TAXES ARE NOT "LOW" and any local business that thinks they are does not deserve any customers.

I hope that the "Exploratory Committee" will have the decency to fold up their tent, accept the vote and walk away on October 18th. However, I have this strange feeling that the Discovery Land groupies will be looking for yet another set of mirrors to cover with smoke." Oct 13, 19 8:00 PM

G. A. - Your input is welcome. You don't have to be an EQ resident to see through this sham. The Hampton Bays incorporation was more locally focused. The EQ incorporation is strictly a corporate affair

It is known fact that The Hills - Discovery Land connection with this "Committee" is from DAY 1. The "Committee" does not deny this - they would just rather not discuss it. It just doesn't fit the latest "local control/lower taxes (laughable) and less density" narrative that they are now sprouting. Their website, which they always refer you to for the "facts", is a work in progress or, put another way, the site is a moving target probably maintained and updated by Discovery Land.

Here are just a few tidbits that the "Committee" does not address that EQ voters can chomp on while they are considering how to vote:

1. Did any "Committee" member ever question why Quogue residents must pay for the beach replenishment and idealist "Village" while the Hamlets of EQ AND HB do not? The out of pocket cost to the Quogue Dune Road residents is about $10 Million but it could also be shared by ALL Quogue residents if that was the decision the Village made.
2. Why is there a small sign that reads "Begin Town Road Maintenance" on Dune Road when you leave the "Village" of Quogue and enter the Hamlet of EQ. (Quogue has its' own Highway Department.) Do you really think that the Highway Department of the Town of Southampton will agree to cover the cost of EQ portion of Dune Road pro bono or will the newVillage of EQ be responsible of the major maintenance/upkeep of the EQ portion of Dune Road - and maybe even the beach itself? I am not ready to assume this burden!
3. The "Committee" website (after all references to The Hills were cleansed) now (or once) claims two things:
A. Villages get more CFA and other funding than Hamlets and,
B. "Thanks to the many committee members who spoke at Town meetings to maintain the focus on solving this issue...Now we will push to get the mains and hook ups as
quickly as possible."
(Just as additional clarification, it is difficult to site the "Committee" website as it is a subject to change without notice based on how the wind is blowing. What was on the site last week may not be there today.)
As to theses issues:
A: Lets have some facts here...numbers amounts, dates, purpose AND lets have some clarification of how the "Committee" determined that the $5.2 Million in remediation funds arranged by the Town is somehow not considered in your analysis. Committee, waiting for a Response!!!!!!!!!!
B. THIS STATEMENT IS ABSOLUTE BLATENT LIE! Again, let's have the proof. Speaking at Town Meetings? When, where, what was said and by whom. Post the facts please! Following up to "...get the mains and hook ups as quickly as possible..." to make sure lines were installed. When, where and please supply copies of ALL communications. Who did the "Committee" work with? I happen to be one of those that have a contaminated well and I can assure you that this serious issue was satisfacturly resolved by the Town elected and staff officials, by our representatives in Albany and Suffolk County by looking at the facts. THE "COMMITTEE" HAD NO IMPACT ON THE SATISFACTORY RESOLUTION OF THE CONTAMINATION. Do NOT take credit for something your "Committee" had nothing to do with. It's like you saying "Keep taxes Low". It is laughable!

- Hey Committee, any reponse?
- At your Info-Meetings you want your questions in writing. Well, your response to all of the issues raised above would also be appreciated - and IN WRITTING Please.

But, you won't respond because you don't have the answers
" Oct 14, 19 7:31 PM

GA: I could not agree with you more that a village structure would absolutely enhance local control for EQ residents and if this was the real and honest driving force of the Committee I would vote "Yes" for incorporation. However, local control and less density are only catch phrases recently adopted by the Committee to defect their real goal which is to be the water carriers for an Arizona based, privately held corporation. The goal of Discovery Land is to suck a ton of $$$$$$ out of the well of wealth known as "The Hamptons". I am not against incorporation or anyone making an honest buck but I am against personally paying taxes to benefit a very litigious privately held corporation.

Also, please note that not one member of the "Committee" responded to the comments in my post. They obviously have no clue about the legal and potential financial burdens of incorporation. Or worse, they do know and are keeping silent about it. The later is more likely. Incorporation is lipstick on a pig" Oct 16, 19 8:40 PM

HB: Rather than going through all of the hassle of getting together a "...slate of anti golf course trustees and Mayor." it is far easier to simply vote "NO" to incorporation. This Village idea will go down in flames tomorrow and I do hope all of the well meaning volunteers on the Committee and their handlers at Discovery Land will please accept the vote and stop dividing the community. EQ is a great place with fine people. Let's keep it that way. PLEASE." Oct 16, 19 8:50 PM