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Housing director claims discrimination by Southampton Town

I hate it when someone plays the race card (or other card) when uncalled for.
I have observed John White since he was hired (although not close up, I will admit). His job performance always been a big disappointment to me .
If the town were truly that biased, he would not have been hired in the first place. Perhaps his failure to keep up with others salary-wise is based on poor job performance.
Seems like a nice guy but fairly incompetent.

" Jul 2, 09 10:46 PM

Police deficit the result of town officials' mismanagement, report says

I am stunned that Skip Heaney is not getting well-deserved blame over this. He was the supervisor during most of this period and the supervisor is the one chiefly responsible for fiscal state of affairs.
It would appear that if Malone wins the primary and the general election that Skip will be back in the driver's seat in our town.
If this gets too hot, Malone will probably try to distance himself from Heaney. But let's face facts, he is Heaney's candidate. Linda certainly isn't.
Can't we move on and get away from the mess Skip Heaney is largely responsible for?" Jul 18, 09 10:39 PM

Man's best friend may follow post office to new home

This story added even more happiness to a beautiful sunny day!" Jul 19, 09 2:38 PM

Tierra Mar closes its doors for good

I am saddened to hear of Tierra Mar's closing. What a wonderful place. What a loss to the East End.
I wish Todd Jacobs the very best. He's a lovely man." Oct 28, 09 8:34 PM

Throne-Holst missed campaign finance filing deadline

Can someone help me? I went online to Suffolk County BOE to look at ATH and LK contributions. I couldn't find anything for any of the Republicans including the various committees (ie Republican women of Southampton).
I found ATH, Brigid Fleming, Sally Pope and SH Dems.
Where are GOP figures? I presume I must be doing something wrong. Advise and thanks." Oct 30, 09 6:25 PM

Southampton Town Highway Superintendent candidate John McGann (C,R)

The town's GOP must be shaking in their boots in fear of Gregor winning tomorrow. The Highway Supt's job has been a cash cow and political plum for them for years. They repay favors with jobs and get lots of vendors' contributions to help with campaigns. Think of the "Masterson Tournament."
So, besides the integrity issue vis a vis the GOP, there's the issue of theircandidate McGann's lack of qualifications. He has ZERO highway and public works experience or even loosely related experience.
To show you how ignorant he is, he is even talking about using "Water Authority" staff to clean up the snow. Does he realize that the only truly functioning water authority in town is the Hampton Bays Water Authority. It is NOT a town department or entity. The Town Board members are the acting commissioners but that is it. It is separate and distinct from everything except Hampton Bays water delivery.
If elected I fear this man's lack of real experience will have people pulling the wool over his eyes from day one.
He would have to rely on the political appointees in his department to teach him EVERYTHING.Gregor knew at a candidates night debate all the facts and figures about road paving. McGann just stood there saying how great he would be at paperwork because he was an administrator.
Unless we are planning on paving our roads with paper, I'll pick Gregor." Nov 2, 09 7:45 PM

Southampton Town Trustee candidate Chris Garvey (D)

I hope everyone reading this will vote for Garvey and Pell. Sure the current trustees work well as a team. That's really the problem. While no one advocates a board hostile to each other or dysfunctional, we definitely don't need one using the same rubber stamp over and over. We need people who will ask some questions and will worry more about the quality of our waters than disappointing some potential political contributor." Nov 2, 09 7:48 PM

Brookhaven Town Councilman Keith Romaine dies unexpectedly

What a tragedy. Heartfelt sympathy to Ed and family on their loss." Nov 15, 09 11:44 AM

Southampton Town approves PILOTs for 2010; Hampton Bays will see its share slashed

I hope the HB School Board, Teachers' Union and Administrators keep this in mind while negotiating the new contract.

The HB taxpayers are bleeding to death.

The town should keep this in mind also when they create problems on things like PDDs and extra density for affordable housing. "It's only an anticipated 5 extra children here and three extra children there." It keeps adding up and the HB taxpayer suffers more and more. Pity they don't get out in droves to vote their own interests. Then everyone would finally wake up and smell the coffee!" Dec 3, 09 11:15 AM

Zappone to be appointed deputy supervisor of Southampton Town

In answer to highhatsize's question "Is it customary for a new Supervisor to appoint a new Deputy Supervisor?", I think Skip Heaney did that when he appointed Robert Ross." Dec 21, 09 1:27 PM

Margaret Caraher dies at 62

The Town has suffered the loss of a wonderful citizen and a nice person. Deep sympathies to her family and friends." Feb 9, 10 10:28 AM

Bridget Fleming wins vacant Southampton Town Board seat

I think Fleming will be an asset to the board with her background. Also, we need some balance. Currently there are 2 republicans who will probably vote as told; Graboski who has a bit of independence in her; Throne-Holst who ran on Dem line but is an independent not a dem and Fleming who is a Dem.
That means Nuzzi and Malone will have an edge to gum things up if that's what the GOP wants. Hopefully they will put the needs of the town first and not the need to make Throne-Holst look ineffective because they keep blocking her. But if they try to do that, I hope the voters pay attention.
But, even with the edge, there is still hope that Throne-Holst can muster 3 votes now and then with help from Graboski. The most stupid thing the GOP did was stab her in the back because of Zizzi and deny her the nomination. This showed those watching that if you want to be a GOP candidate for re-election, you better not vote your conscience ever. You must always do as told. Woke me up as to how mean spirited they can be." Mar 10, 10 10:52 PM

Organizers postpone Westhampton Beach St. Patrick's Day parade until Saturday, March 27

If this March truly "goes out like a lamb", then I for one will be happy to see the parade on 3/27. Year after year I freeze to death at St. Paddy's Day parades. Wish his feast day was in April not March!!! On the other hand, some will be robbed of their excuse to "have a wee drop of spirits" to keep warm!" Mar 10, 10 10:55 PM

Southampton Town Board authorizes emergency dune restoration work in Hampton Bays

The beaches on the east side of the Shinnecock Inlet keep getting bigger while those on the west side are not replenishing themselves.
Apparently sand moves along the coast from east to west and something is preventing it from going where Mother Nature says is should. My guess is that it's the jetties at the inlet. Is that corrrect? Can something be done? Is there anyone out there who knows what the problem is and what could be done to fix it.
One aspect that disturbs me is that much of the growing beachfront on the east is in front of private property. On the west (at least in HB) it seems to be mostly public lands. This it is the taxpayers' land getting washed away and they are footing the bill for replenishment while valuable private beachfront property is growing daily and those owners are paying only the same percentage of taxes as all throughout town.
Something doesn't seem right. Suggestions?" Apr 11, 10 3:27 AM

Town reassessment complicates Hampton Bays school tax scenario

I have a question....I understand the proposed budget includes a 2% raise for teachers. Is the contract with them for one year? If longer, what are the increases each year of the contract? I'd hate to think it's "only" 2% and then find out that next year it's 4% or something. Does anyone know?" May 11, 10 6:44 PM

So does that mean that this is a new 5 year contract? 2010 thru 2015?
So how can we find out what raises have been agreed to for life of contract. Perhaps, like a balloon mortgage, the 2% raise this year could morph into something bigger next year....or not. Does anyone know facts about raisees in contract?
" May 11, 10 11:43 PM

Thank you Baymen's Baymen. So it appears to be a one-year contract for now. I was told the contract contains a 2% raise for next year. But I didn't know if it was a one year or a five year contract.
Noraisehbta, were you suggesting what the community should ask for in the next contract? Are those what your figures mean? I certainly think a 0% increase this year would be reasonable all things considered. How would you suggest people be more effective in making their wishes known?
I like davidf's idea that perhaps the reporter could do a follow-up. Unfortunately, any story would be after elections.
David can you call the paper and ask?" May 12, 10 12:55 PM

Hampton Bays School District proposed 2010-11 budget

I think it's now closer to 2,000 students." May 15, 10 12:16 PM

Forum on proposed Tuckahoe shopping complex planned for June 1

dagdavid is right. If it didn't also need Federal approval, I swear they would approve a nuclear power plant as long as it had an "affordable" apartment or two. They cannot see the forest for the trees." May 26, 10 9:20 PM

Developer made campaign donations as project came before board

And don't forget Morrow has plans for a huge PDD pending in Hampton Bays. This one is mixed use but with lots and lots of housing. Just what HB needs! More housing, more traffic, more kids in the schools and higher school taxes. No public hearing yet but I'm sure the "experts" will all claim little or no impacy on schools, traffic etc. That's why HB gets new traffic lights and stop signs daily (ok slight exaggeration!), No project ever admits to serious impact and the town lets them get away with it.
And, of course we all suspected that deep-pocket developers and others with similar interests were contributing like crazy. Hope the SHP goes a lot further doing investigative work. Congrats! " Jun 19, 10 6:59 PM

Kabot's DWI trial delayed once again

I do not think Linda deserves rocky's nasty comments. I think these comments should be removed by site moderator. I find them offensive.
" Jun 23, 10 8:49 PM

I have no idea what is true and what is not in this case.
However, if Linda truly felt she was being set up, then I can understand her refusal of a breathalizer exam. Also it is her right to refuse. Therefore, we cannot "convict" someone because they did not take the test, regardless of the reason.
I'd like to hear more from the bystander arrested at the scene for interfering. I thought that was interesting." Jun 27, 10 7:29 PM

Southampton Town PDD process upside down, critics say

The King Kulllen PDD in HB will truly be a disaster if it is ever completely rented out. After a few years, it seems like there's always been vacancies. Now it's WaMu Bank and the former Noel's gift store. I don't know occupancy rate of 2nd floor offices. There isn't enough parking, for one. It is too big and too densely packed. And a previous writer was right that the town pays a huge rental for the community center space.
The joke about the 2 affordable apts out of 8 over the drug store is this: The drugstore was not in the originally approved PDD so it was never the benefit. The developer even tried to claim he could not find land to preserve in HB as required by the county for sewer credits or some such. The town said ok but the county made him do it and, lo and behold he found land in HB.
Be aware folks, the Tuckahoe PDD is only his next. After that is a humongous PDD in HB. There'll be a few "affordable" housing units and the town will probably approve density 50 times more than allowed ....unless HB wakes up like Tuckahoe did.
Thank goodness the SHP found the courage to print campaign contributions. It makes people think about what influences might exist other than what is truly for the good of the people in the affected communitiies, as it should be." Jul 4, 10 10:31 PM

To reply to "ridiculous"...There are two "affordable" rental units over the drugstore. Two. At what price for two "affordables". Also, try and let me know how they were rented and to whom. Also, are they still "affordable" or now fair market rents? When they were built and rental sign appeared, a friend of mine called immediately to inquire. The rental office in NYC said the town was handling the "affordables". The rental office was only renting the fair market apartments. The town said the developer was handling them. I wonder if they were ever rented as "affordables" and, if they were, who got them. Another political favor?
Also, how much money for the park district and where did it go? Has HB gotten a thing from that? I'm curious. What is in the HB Park District? I'm curious. All the parks I can think of in HB are town's or county's. I would presume if there's a HB park district and contributions to it are to benefit HB for extra density, then the benefit should be something limited to HB....like a hamlet beach or something. What park or recreation space comprises the HB park district? Do the residents pay a tax for the HB Park District like they do for a HB Parking District?
Lastly, The rent on the nutrition center is more that $30k a month, I believe. Even so, I don't think it includes a lot and also I believe the town paid for all the interior construction etc. Considering his vacancies, I don't think Morrow did the town a favor. He got a fiancially responsible tenant ito rent a very large space for the long haul. I wonder what the price would be to buy it?
Please, the political chicanery iexists and it exists big time. And it is very frustrating to try to resolve. That's why there's now a Tea Party. People are sick of the games and the platitudes." Jul 6, 10 1:44 PM

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