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UPDATE: East Quogue Village Incorporation Is Rejected

Please stop talking about the water quality nothing was done to preserve or protect anything. That is why we are all getting free town water hook ups in East Quogue. You should have voted yes for the Hills while they still gave us huge benefits and would have helped us to protect our water. All political decisions are always made with too much emotion, not enough education and too many ulterior motives. I have not consumed my own water here in twenty years. What is East Quogue doing about the water situation?" Oct 25, 19 1:51 PM

Why should't people build on empty building lots regardless of where they come from???? Whats wrong with you people? East Quogue has no exclusive on who builds and who moves in and how they use their homes.

Really??? The Hills would have instantly dropped our taxes and brought more wealth and jobs to East Quogue. Where do all of your children live??? Because no one can afford to live anywhere anymore because of all of your selfishness. This is truly a Narcissistic society we are living in. ME ME ME" Oct 25, 19 1:58 PM