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Police Suspension May Hint At Issues In Department

"I've known Chris for a long time and it makes me sick to see him getting ripped apart for...actually, I don't even know why people are criticizing him to tell you the truth. Maybe this is all a ploy to knock him down so he can't run for Supervisor? Something seems fishy..."" May 10, 12 11:08 AM

So let me get this straight readers, the new Chief Wilson had asked for Chris Nuzzi to recuse himself from the hearing b/c of party affiliation. Nuzzi had asked for the hearing to be scheduled on the day of the board meeting b/c he could not attend the last min hearing due to a family obligation, and yet they still went ahead with the hearing? I think i have this correct. So why are any of you speculating on Nuzz's where about's when its printed in the press, and it appears that Chief Wilson got exactly what he wanted. I dont know about you, but this seems fishy to me. The hearing was set up to ensure the Nuzzi could not vote, the vote went ahead on party lines, there was no reason the vote could not wait one more day, and it would seem to me that Cheif Wilson should have an ethics violation charged on him since he ensured that the vote against Kiernan would happen without a balanced Board. I think all of you are questioning the wrong things. Nuzzi is an honorable man, and should us this by requesting a postponement of the hearing and giving the Police Dept access to any and all files they want. As i said in my statement above, i believe this a political ploy to tear down a man that would do nothing but bring phenomenal changes to the Town and has worked to do so for so many years. Get your priorities straight readers and writers" May 10, 12 11:34 AM

Chris Nuzzi is an honest, dedicated board member. Shame on the people trying to frame him. It's outrageous. And to crusader, i believe you meant to say Steve Levy was under investigation by Spota. I am not sure who your problem is with, the SH Police, the SH Town Council, Brookhavan, LaValla, Nuzzi, or is it just the GOP in general? " May 11, 12 12:38 PM

quite the conspiracy theorist Turkey bridge, i can say i am none of the above and i am not even a republican, a registered democrat just so you know and perhaps one of the accusations you left off was that perhaps i have better things to do then post over 700 comments on 27 east. This happens to be an issue i feel strongly about and felt the need to address. The information i am addressing is printed in the article above and from that information i believe my first post was a correct analysis of the information out there and i do defend Chris Nuzzi and will continue to do so" May 14, 12 11:41 AM

Board Members Say Female Officers Were Not Discriminated Against

my comment is specifically to OU812's top ten list and number 4 to be exact:
"4- The DA's office trusted Chief WIlson's judgement when 2 Dangerous felons get released from prison by the district attorneys office Mohammed H. Proctor, 36, of Riverside and Bernard T. Cooks, 31, of Southampton, because of LT Kiernan and his units credibility.."

This comment and this part of this whole wilson ordeal has always driven me crazy bc no one seems to question that fact that a District Attorney can not legally simply let convicted felons out of prison. They were tried and convicted in court and in order to be released they must go back before the judge and jury and appeal, just like everyone else. Doesnt something seem wrong to any of the readers and the writers of all of these articles that District Attorney Spota just let these criminals out of prison with no appeal, not post-conviction hearing? The legal system does not give DA's the right to simply let convicted criminals out of prison. I think its time to stop looking at the Town Board and start looking at that part of the story.

And in regards to Pearce and Wilson, all i will say is that Chief Pearce was running the show while we were getting hit with a hurricane and Wilson was on Vacation. Didnt the Brookhaven Supervisor just get blasted in the news for being on vacation during a snow storm? It was mentioned in the press that wilson was away during Sandy, but i dont recall anyone going crazy about it. Maybe there are other stories that deserve more attention" Mar 2, 13 11:26 AM

Two Southampton Town Board Members Want To Forgo Their 2015 Raises

i commend Scalera for standing by her convictions, she said it best at the meeting, this is a matter of principal. She voted down the budget and stuck by her vote by voting down the salary increases and also by choosing to give back her raise that she did not support in the first place. " Jan 11, 15 2:59 PM

Schneiderman Orders Groundwater Testing At Sand Land

Hmmm Schneiderman must be running for something bc you don't usually see his name attached to an important issue unless it's an election year" May 6, 15 1:54 PM

Throne-Holst To Challenge Zeldin For Congressional Seat

So jay wants to go from supervisor of eh town, then county legislator and now a town council member in Southampton. I don't know about everyone else but I would like to know why he he is going backwards. I mean that's like the president going back to the senate after he is term limited. Southampton town needs a new board member that is really there for the people, not the benefits of working for the government" May 18, 15 5:39 PM

congrats to Throne-Holst! As fo Schniederman, my comment above still stands, please dont make Southampton Town your last stop on your way to your pension and let someone who cares about the Town run for the this seat or any seat. The story says it best:

"But he had maintained his permanent residence, and voter registration, at his property in Montauk—until he switched his registration early this month to the address of the house he is currently renting in Hampton Bays while his Southampton house is built."

He switched AGAIN, just to run here...thats rediculous, time for a new line of work Jay" May 19, 15 7:37 PM

Jay Schneiderman Will Run For Southampton Town Supervisor

HAHAHA, i really cant help but laugh, so Jay is now a Democrat from Hampton Bays, jesus christ i really hope everyone sees through this and the voters dont let him run our Town. As a democrat I am offended, and i bet a million dollars if he wins, he will decide not to run after how ever many years it takes for him to get all of his lifelong benfitts" May 23, 15 8:49 AM

Southampton GOP Selects Richard Yastrzemski For Supervisor, Scalera And Hagan For Town Board

This is an interesting ticket and personally I'm very happy that Christine Scalera is going for another term. She is one of the few people on the board that actually knows what she is doing and she truly cares about people and our community and isn't in this to bank a few more years on her pension. On both sides I don't think many people know Damon or Julie but it will be interesting to see what could be brought to the table. And correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Jay run unopposed for many of years he was reelected, so did we really have a choice? Plus it always seems whatever he does only really happens around election time so stay tuned for him to actually do something now and then we probably won't see anything noteworthy after November " May 30, 15 10:51 AM

Bureaucratic Red Tape Puts Hampton Bays Road Paving Project At Risk

Can you say Bail Out Schneiderman? So the Town is going to bail out the County and Mr. Schneiderman, classic. I never thought Jay was a good representative for the people and now this just proves it, cant even get this done when money is being handed to him. The people of Hampton Bays should demand that he is kicked off the ballot. Southampton Town residents need to make sure the Christine Scalera gets relected bc she is clearly the only one curently on the board that knows what she is doing and cares about this Town" Jul 27, 15 7:04 AM

Proposed Southampton Water Protection Plan Would Link Local, State and Federal Goals

It seems to me that you turkey bridge are one of the only outspoken supporters of this plan and perhaps that's because your treasurer of the SH dems and would back councilwoman Fleming, any independents and any other democrats no matter what they propose. It's hard to take your opinions to heart and believe in them when they are so biased to one side. At least councilwoman scalera and others have the foresight to question this plan and not want to see something pushed through without it thoroughly being vetted. But it is an election year so I suppose it's best to have something to put on your campaign flyer and let the future town boards deal with it next year and the years to come. No matter if you agree or disagree with this plan, it should go follow due process and make sure all questions by the public and our elected officials are answered and not force a vote. I mean the sustainability plan went through like 6 hearing and that was a quarter of the size of this. " Aug 20, 15 7:09 PM

Complaints Of Overcrowding On LIRR Trains To The East End Continue

Two words, Hampton Jitney. When I lived in The city and came home to visit my fiends and family in the summer, I always took the LIRR until I couldn't handle it any more. The standing and overcrowding is nothing new, it's been going on for decades but luckily I remembered we also have the Hampton Jitney. It's not perfect but you get a seat, a snack and a bathroom that you can get to and its cleaner then the LIRR. So everyone stop complaining and take the Jitney" Aug 21, 15 11:37 AM

Southampton Town Postpones Lead Agency Decision On Water Protection Plan

Doesn't anyone else out there (or in the media) find it interesting that the only two board members pushing this plan so aggressively are the two that are out the door come January 1st, leaving this plan in the hands of current board members and future boards to deal with? This is a plan for the town and needs careful vetting, not to be pushed through by two politicians who are not only leaving the town but running for the county and congress. I'm guessing this will look good on all of their campaign flyers and such. " Aug 28, 15 11:01 AM

Independence Party Primary Set For September

Christine Scalera has my vote on September 10th and I hope all my fellow Indys will join me: she has a proven track record and deserves our support for her second term. There is a reason the independents endorsed her in the last election and there is no reason in my opinion to change what is working so well for the people of this town. Thank you Christine and I look foward to casting my vote for you." Sep 1, 15 2:53 PM

Roughrider28 I couldn't have said it better myself. Your comments are spot on and I wholeheartedly support them." Sep 2, 15 12:47 PM

Southampton Town Board And Supervisor Candidates Sound Off In Debate

I'm sorry but how can Hagen not have an opinion about the tuckahoe center, it has been through a thourogh process with an enormous amount of input from the public and experts. Has he been living under a rock, starting to sound like a real politician to me.
I commend Councilwomab Scalera for having the courage to voice her opionion being the only sitting town board member running and actually having to make the decision on the project. That truly shows me that she is an honest and trustworthy politician that can make the tough decisions. " Sep 30, 15 8:46 PM

Democratics Looking To Create Affordable Housing In Southampton

First off I am utterly disgusted by the negative mail pieces the Democrats have sent to my home against Christine Scalera and the republican ticket, it's disgraceful and they should be ashamed of themselves. Secondly I would like to also add that not only has Schneiderman taken developers money the Rechlers sponsored a very Fancy fundraiser for him this past summer, so do the voters really believe he is going to do away with PDDs after their rediculously proposed moritorium, I think not. He is going to owe all of them big time just like the soon to be former supervisor ATH" Oct 29, 15 8:42 AM

Richard Yastrzemski And Julie Lofstad To Face Off For Open Southampton Town Board Seat

I am personally extremely happy that YAZ will be running for the Town Council seat. We need people with real experience in governing, not another community member that has no idea what's involved in actually governing. No offense against Lofsted, I'm sure she is a nice person but if you saw any of the debates it was clear that she was simply following a script that was drafted for her by her committee and couldn't answer important questions without looking at note cards or to her running mates to answer for her. YAZ has my vote" Dec 9, 15 2:05 PM

Conservative Party Backs Democratic Candidate Julie Lofstad In January Special Election In Southampton

I'm sorry but political parties in any level of government have specific ideologies that those political parties and their nominees are supposed to hold. The fact that the conservatives endorsed a Democrat should send a red flag to members of those two parties that neither clearly hold their backers beliefs. If Lofsted says she agrees with all different groups on various topics then she is not a real democrat and members of that party should be furious that the person chosen to run on the democrat ticket is not true to its ideologies. And members of the Conservative party out here should call for new leadership, actually both should. Theoretically the Independence Party is supposed to hold values from various parties, although out here that's a joke. " Dec 16, 15 2:02 PM

Southampton Town Board Members Clash On Execution Of CSEA Settlement

I would like to thank Christine Scalera and Stan Glinka for standing up for the taxpayers of this town. Town employees union and non Union have benefits that so many can only dream of having and now we are giving them more? I know they all work hard but so do the rest of us and I don't agree at all with what the supervisor and his majority have done. We are footing the bill for their campaign promises" Mar 25, 16 1:23 PM

Hampton Bays Repaving Work To Begin Next Week

Thanks Hampton bays for asking for another thing that isn't needed like that light at canoe place road. Thanks for screwing over all of us who live west trying to get through the insane traffic in your hamlet. The paving work had already caused chaos and it's only going to get worse. Here is an idea for helping with traffic, do paving off hours, not in the spring and get rid of that canoe place road light " Mar 31, 16 8:33 AM

Sadly some of us who live in the western half of the town work out east so there is no choice but to go through HB, otherwise I wouldn't come back " Mar 31, 16 9:10 AM

Westhampton Beach Businesses Split Over Smorgasburg Food Expo Proposal

I think this is exactly what westhampton beach and the town as a whole needs. I understand the business owners concern but they are getting it all wrong. This would bring foot traffic to the village from visitors and residents of other towns and the rest of the town of Southampton that may not have ever come to the Village and will bring more attention to their businesses. We would all benefit from something like this and I hope the village board gives the ok because this would be an amazing asset to a wonderful village" May 6, 16 3:14 PM

Smorgasburg Food Expo Chances Looking Dim In Westhampton Beach

I was planning to post but ADAMSG said it all, I 100% agree. I would also like to add that Trustee Tymann seems to be the only board member who can actually see how this is a good thing for the village and it's business, so I would like to thank him. It was a postive thing that these greedy few businesses destroyed for all of us that actually wanted it. Brunetti does a great job for us locals by increasing haircuts and prices in the summer months. Needles to say I won't be going there or a few of these other businesses again" May 19, 16 3:35 PM