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East Hampton Ordinance Enforcement Department Faces Staffing Woes

more ordinance enforcement staffing means more revenue for the town and better quality of life. It's a no brainer, hire more staff to address the illegal housing issues for a start." May 10, 12 4:22 AM

East Hampton Town and Surf Lodge Settle For $100,000

That yuppie pallace should have been shut down each and every night code enforcement went in and observed gross overcrowding, fire code violations, intoxicated individuals, illegal parking etc. When they continuously and purpously gave the town the "bird", they should have felt the wrath of the town full force. Garbage thrown about every morning, some of it going into the lake and nobody gave a crap!!!!!!!!!!!!" May 16, 12 1:16 PM

Man Arrested On Shelter Island Is Suspect In East Hampton Burglaries

hope the low-life got the crap kicked out of him, he is garbage scum! " May 21, 12 9:16 AM

UPDATE: Good News For Injured East Hampton Lifeguard

I will keep this young lady in my prayers for a speedy recovery. God bless!" Aug 25, 12 8:50 AM

Steve Turbek

RIP Steve, you will be missed by all your Montauk friends." Aug 25, 12 9:15 AM

Montauk School Mourns Loss Of Teacher's Aide

RIP Dee, you will be missed by all at the dock. Your girls were fortunate to have such a loving mother. My sincere condolences to them." Nov 8, 12 2:01 PM

Police: Teens Arrested In Amagansett Burglaries

Why aren't the names released on the 16 year olds? They are being charged as adults and the law allows the release. These little hoodlums deserve to get their heads bashed in adnlet the community know what low-lifes they are. " Nov 20, 12 7:46 AM

Suffolk County DA Drops Stalking Charge Against Suspended Westhampton Beach Cop

suspended 3 times since 2006? the village should cut their losses and fire this clown." Jul 27, 16 11:58 AM

Political Power Couple Buys Montauk Manse For $2.5 Million

Just what Montauk needs, liberal jerks moving in. Go back to East Hampton and spin your Hillary crap to the senseless idiots! " Aug 2, 16 10:03 AM

Suspended Westhampton Beach Police Officer Files Claim, Levels Allegations Of Corruption Against Village And Officials

What a rinky dink little night watchman police department! Sounds like the guy is a loser." Sep 1, 16 10:16 AM

No Fuel Leaking From Grounded Fishing Vessel In Montauk

sounds like the crew took a compass heading due south instead of southeast.....were they asleep? At night, dark Fort Pond bay could look like an open ocean." Dec 2, 16 12:23 PM

Hampton Bays Wrestling Coach Arrested On Drug Possession Charges

Herion on the front seat in plain view but it isn't his? YEAH SURE!!!!!!!!!" Dec 7, 16 11:20 AM

Army Corps Crews Return To Montauk This Week To Repair Beach Wall On Oceanfront

Move them back to where??? There is no room to move them back and they are not hotels. All of the units in the "hotels" are individually owned co-ops." Dec 8, 16 1:38 PM

Montauk's Only Dentist, Dan Vasti, Is Retiring After 41 Years

Enjoy retirement Dr. Vasti, you deserved it! Thankyou for being a Big part of Montauk for so many years. " Jan 20, 17 8:35 AM

East Hampton Community Mourns Death Of High School Student

Sometimes the signs are not always there, a troubled mind can hide deep inside. RIP, may God bless the family and his soul." Jan 20, 17 8:45 AM

East Hampton Town Republican Committee Celebrates President Trump With Inauguration Ball

I love taking my beat up fishy pickup truck with all my Trump bumper stickers and anti-Hillary stickers into East Hampton and watching the looks of horror from the pickle face limousine liberal phonies!!!" Jan 22, 17 10:23 AM

East End Residents Take Part In Women's Marches Saturday

What a bunch of LOSERS!!! What rights have been taken away in the few short days of Trump's presidency? Probably the same idiots that laid down in front of bulldozers on the beach in Montauk. Hillary LOST now get over it and go back to your pathetic lives!" Jan 28, 17 7:55 AM

You must be talking about Bill Clinton. His hag wife Hillary attacked any woman who stepped forward with "Bimbo news" not to mention her trusted aide who's husband sent pictures of his WEINER(excuse the pun) to several underage girls! Your left wing hypocracy is alarming!" Jan 28, 17 8:00 AM

Deepwater Hosts Information Forum On South Fork Wind Farm

Why not go 30 miles south/southwest? It would place the cable installation closer to it's intended landfall in Napeague." Mar 11, 17 8:23 AM

Montauk Homeowner Pleads Guilty To Allowing Illegal Share House

He got what he deserved, ruining our quality of life just to be greedy! This is nothing new for him he just doesn't care about the residents of Montauk. What a scab" Jul 12, 17 1:01 PM

In Villages And Towns, Side Jobs Are Common For Police And Officials--As Are Concerns About Conflicts

East Hampton town PD is a little rinky dink operation .....Larsen wears 4 stars like he is General Patton! He was in charge of 20 guys, the equivalent of what a Suffolk County Sergeant is in charge of! Ridiculous!!!!" Aug 30, 17 1:29 PM

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