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Southampton Town Plans Event In Hampton Bays For Bullying Prevention And Awareness Month

Will someone please hand deliver an invitation to Mr. Radday and all Board Members at the WHB School District so some sort of anti bullying program can be started in the elementary school and then followed by ones in the middle and high school? Maybe then the district will stop being sued by countless victims of bullying and these victims won't have to go out of district (and taxpayers pay their tuition) (Mercy) so these victims, rightly so, can continue an education in a healthy environment! It isn't a secret anymore- and it is becoming more and more of a problem WHB has to confront!" Oct 10, 17 3:07 PM

Westhampton Beach Elementary School Adopts New Character Education Program

Too bad students can’t be taught not to bully each other at Westhampton Beach Elementary School....it is such an important lesson that Westhampton Beach SD ignores. Please start teaching our kids not to bully beginning in kindergarten!!!" Sep 18, 18 10:28 AM

Pine Barrens Commission Meeting Draws Large Crowd To Urge Board To Review East Quogue Golf Course Proposal

Congratulations Discovery Land for sticking it to the Town!! Had the Town and East Quogue only realized you had the permit to do what you wanted from the beginning- they could have taken all of the generous gifts you offered (ie: new school playground, new municipal parking, etc.). Good for you- now you get to build and they (and their red tape) lost it all- good for you!! How exactly do we sign up to buy a home here? Nothing would bring me greater joy!" Mar 21, 19 12:56 PM

Bel-Aire Cove Motel Closing Depends On When Monthly Tenants Move Out

Baby boo....most of us don’t have time to read petty articles and comments like this....we are too busy waiting to see Trump’s tax returns....." Jun 4, 19 5:57 PM

Do you actually hear yourself HamptonDad?? Take THEM in....don’t feel so sorry for THEM. If I didn’t know any better I would guess you are the guy in the white hood handing out bigoted paraphernalia around HB. The only people I feel sorry for are your kids; you are raising THEM to be immoral racist pigs." Jun 7, 19 7:43 PM

Yes, free speech does apply to all. It would just be nice if the people speaking were actually educated in this discussion." Jun 9, 19 10:54 AM

President Trump's Friday Visit May Infringe On Weekend Travel Plans For Hamptons Visitors

Quick....someone get on a horse and shout “Trump is coming!!” So our legal residents can stay inside Friday and keep their children safe from this monster before he rips them from their parents and locks them up!" Aug 7, 19 5:59 PM

Young Developer Proposes Senior Housing Complex In Westhampton Beach

Building housing for seniors does not devalue your town. Dare I say- look at the town homes selling for nearly one million near the dump on Old Country! The other dose of reality is that no children play on Old Riverhead Road...and this small amount of townhomes for the elderly would not be causing your through traffic on Hazelwood and Rogers; any Village police man/woman stationed there could easily state who is using those roads as a cut through. This man should be commended for trying to provide housing to the seniors...Westhampton has it, East Quogue has it, Hampton Bays has it....Do you really think Village that you are the elite whose nose is so high in the air that on a commercial strip of roadway you can’t provide a few townhomes for seniors of your community?! Shame on you. I’m embarrassed to be part of a community who thinks their poop doesn’t stink. News flash WHB Village: It Does!" Sep 24, 19 8:27 AM

My point exactly- the Village does need senior housing! And for the Village and everyone else with an AARP card in their wallet or not- this few number of townhomes is not going to impact traffic or children. You have got to be kidding me. I’m also a member of the Village and I don’t recall a vote....I vote YES. It’s time to come to the realization that our Village has contaminated drinking water, a huge drug problem amongst the school age population, an airport that is loud and pollutes, plumes, sewage feeding right from our homes and stores into our own bay, nepotism in Village Hall, and you want to oppose a few town homes for seniors?! Why don’t you put your AARP cards back in your wallet, and really start fighting for a cause that could help save our Village (and maybe raise your property values too:)" Sep 24, 19 11:00 PM

As asked...drove through Gettysburg Drive...saw no children playing....perhaps these townhomes will raise your value?? I think they could help." Sep 25, 19 6:41 PM

Westhampton Beach School District Earns Rare School Of Distinction Honor

And still it’s not obvious there is preferential treatment/grading standards given to the athletes of WHBHS?! Hmmm...." Oct 16, 19 6:56 PM

Press Sessions Talk To Focus On Sewer Project In Westhampton Beach Thursday

Shock owner on panel and this is supposed to be unbiased......who put this panel together?! Is this a joke?! She has been the most outspoken person against this project all along!! No one can please this woman!!" Nov 7, 19 11:25 AM