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Woman Found Dead In East Hampton Had Difficult Life, Family Says

As usual selfish rednecks will always comment looking after their own merciless backs, instead of thinking how on earth did "they" not do an autopsy on such a criminal case?!? Where are the cop investigators in this town?
May she rest in peace. " Oct 18, 14 4:30 PM

UPDATE: Cleaning At Southampton After Enterovirus Diagnosis Underway

typical redneck comment. I fear the school shootings even more , most of them white kids so far addicted to anti-depressants pharmaceuticals which have killed plenty already. " Oct 21, 14 1:10 PM

You know what's even more common these days? : std's, suicidals, , junkies and those killing while driving under the influence of alcohol/ drugs. " Oct 21, 14 1:14 PM

Former Montauk Resident Sentenced After Illegally Spying On Tenants

There are many landlord especially in the EH village with hidden cameras who use them for the sole purpose of controlling and snooping on their tenants. Especially those who have no life and/or day to day jobs outside of their own home. " Oct 22, 14 1:29 PM

'Prince of Montauk' Dylan Eckardt Charged By East Hampton Town Police Monday With Driving Under Influence Of Drugs

Prince of losers he is and has always been. Where are the "real locals" to bring this douche back to reality. If it weren't for his 2 younger brothers who are quite the opposite, locals would have kicked him out of town for good. Jersey shore is where he belongs. " Jun 29, 16 6:06 PM

Rumba Files Trademark Infringement Complaint Against New Caribbean-Theme Restaurant In Hampton Bays

It may be your restaurant, but it is our bay WE ALL SHARE. RESTAURANT OWNERS AND RESIDENTS: STOP CONTAMINATING OUR WATERS!" Jun 29, 16 6:11 PM

Yogi Bob Is Found

I am very happy the dog was found, made my week. To the haters who complained: you probably never owned a dog or truly cared for one, which means you do not know what unconditional love is. " Apr 27, 17 8:16 PM