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Westhampton Beach ATM Users Bilked Out Of Money

The village has security cameras around the village,look up on the telephone poles and smile, you're on candid camera I don't know why or what they do , or how long they keep the tapes Maybe they will help the investigation ?
" Jan 1, 12 3:29 PM

Westhampton Beach Village To Consider Law To Override Tax Cap

The village now has to post the Monthly Meeting Agendas on the Village Website, so now there are no surprises to anyone as to what will be discussed. So now we all know that this will be discussed this Thursday at 7:00 So I hope everyone shows up at this meeting, it is important that those we elect do what is in the best interest for the village taax payers.

Say No , And Ask Why !!!" Feb 28, 12 9:47 PM

Beach Bakery Could Lose Outdoor Dining Permit

This is Ridiculous , leave the businesses in this village alone and let them run their business !!!There are more important things to worry about then again there really isn't , so they have to pick on someone, if its not me its Simon, Good Luck !! My cse was DISMISSED !! So will this be !!!" Apr 12, 12 6:41 PM

A wonderful place to have a business, but the rules ? Why make things so difficult to run our businesses and the rules ,read the rules and the ordinances always changing and always updating them ,why should balloons be banned, why should the sign ordinnce be changed from letters being 10 inches to letters that now have to be 6 inches who will be able to read the name of the business, the music permits were not issued last month at the village meeting, why ? There are a lot of For Rent Signs in this village those signs are allowed . Being in business for 27 yers in this village and fighting for my rights hs been a full time job, I will continue to do so . Lucky to be able to for so long , thanks to my customers that support me !! Enjoy the shops and businesses that call WHB Home, let our businesses run this village !!" Apr 17, 12 9:18 PM

Judge Drops Westhampton Beach Enforcement Case Agianst Shock Owner

The Cone was stolren the same day the code enformcement officer issued a summons, who took the cone is still the question, there are more important things to take care of in this village, then our village wasting their time on ridiculous and harrasing procedures and ordinances that are always selectively enforced in this village its obvious, and its worth the fight to defend your rights.
" Apr 21, 12 11:04 PM

'Royal Pains' Films In Westhampton Beach

It was nice they filmed in WHB and we were compensated , I m not sure what they payed the village ? So looking forward to see WHB on Royal Pains probably next year , I think it is Season 4 " May 1, 12 8:25 AM

Judge Drops Westhampton Beach Enforcement Case Agianst Shock Owner

At last night WHB Village meeting the Mayor and Trustees passed a resolution to Hire Special Counsel to Appeal the Decision of the Village Judge who dismissed the case. This seems a waste of taxpayers money ." May 4, 12 6:17 AM

Beach Bakery Owner Granted Dining, Music Permits In Westhampton Beach

This is news !!! It was voted on by the Mayor and all the Trustees unanimously to hire Special Counsel at 190.00 an hour for an Ice Cream Cone Sculpture that the Judge had already dismissed. I am a taxpayer so my taxes are technically paying for the village to fight this. Why ? Ask Why ?" May 4, 12 4:11 PM

26 Vacancies Found In Southampton Village Business District


Palmer And Urban Win Westhampton Beach Village Trustee Election; No Surprises In Quogue

The library is a positive addition to the villge , was the new village, hall or the traffic circle a necessity ,no but it is a nice addition to the village, the library is much more than the library of old, it is a community center with new and fresh ideas, .As a village we should be appreciative of the things that we have here and stop complaining we have to pay taxes as long as they go back into
productive and creative ideas I do not have a problem with that.there is enough money that is being wasted , hopefully that will come to an end with the new board !!" Jun 21, 12 2:01 PM

Four Former Westhampton Beach Trustees Are Covered By Village's Health Insurance Policy

Taxpayers should know where there tax money is going, a dismissed alleged sign code violation that was then appealed and the 300 potential fine dismissed in village court was unnimously approved by the board to fight this dismissed case to the appelate division in Brooklyn, a fine that was already dismissed has accrued over 3000 in bills and the clock is still ticking ,thats a waste of our money, my tax money going to fight what ?
More and more of this will continue, the taxpayers need to come to meetings and ask questions
" Aug 7, 12 7:25 AM

Judith K. Garry Of Westhampton Beach Dies August 5

Very Sad News,
My thoughts and prayers go out to her family
Main St will miss The Pine Cone and Judy, I always loved looking through the store you never know what you would find , we hve a cute little bear bench in our store that all the kids love .
Elyse" Aug 16, 12 7:50 AM

Westhampton Chamber Reverses Course, Agrees To Host Halloween Parade

Lets not forget to come out for the Food Pantry Fundraiser at The Immaculate Conception Church Saturday October 27th

Good Food by Sydneys
Good Ice Cream by Shock
Great Night ,Great People all for a Great Cause
Bring the whole family !!!
Help your local comunity and have good time ." Oct 2, 12 3:09 PM

Cops Called To Westhampton Beach Village Hall After Bakery Owner Refuses To Leave Without Permits

Good Luck to Simon on his expansion of his business, He has been in business in this village for a long time, he does a great job , With his tanacity and vision he can now do what he planned to do. Support our local Main St,
" Nov 16, 12 11:53 AM

Steve, you can look to the negative or look to enjoy the healthy choices, that our village has to offer Simon is a bakery, there are choices you can make when you are there, my ice cream shop has many variety of sugar free ice creams and toppings I , give my customers many choices that they are very happy to have in this village we carry no fat frozen soft serve yogurt with very few calories per serving, Shop Locally this Holiday Season !!!!, " Nov 18, 12 12:19 PM

Judge Drops Westhampton Beach Enforcement Case Agianst Shock Owner

Nov 9th 2012 an appeal was entered to the Appelate Court in Brooklyn by the village.At the rate of 190.00 an hour of taxpayers money. This is how your taxes are being used, to appeal an ice cream cone dismissal . Why ?
Who knows the answer ?" Nov 27, 12 8:39 PM

Beach Bakery Owner Granted Dining, Music Permits In Westhampton Beach

Update : The case continues in The Appellate Term in Brooklyn, the village of WHB has spent over 8000.00 from April- Sept on Legal fees to appeal the case of the Ice Cream Cone.
The fine if found guilty could have only been 350.00 ? But the case was dismissed before trial in the Justice Court of WHB on April 11, 2012
Stay tuned.................." Dec 19, 12 8:41 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Has Spent Thousands In Legal Fees Over Illegal Ice Cream Cone Sculpture

The village issues summons to businesses then the judge hears the case , makes a decision and we move on. Or so we thought The fine could have only been 350.00, it was never doubled .
To spend 18,000 to try to bring this case back to the village court system i? To try to recoup a maximum fine of 350.00

Let me clarify Shock has only paid 2 fines for sign ordinances in 28 years
The fine was never doubled,it was dismissed before trial.Thrown out by the judge for 10 different reasons !

Shock has been in business for 28 years, we have loyal customers ,there is a reason we have survived and have been able to grow our business and become a favorite go to store in this village.
When ever anyone wants to know what's going on in this village we get the phone call, shock has been the first job for so many local kids, we have met new parents and grandparents coming into Baby Shock for the first time to buy new clothes for their new babies, we have made great friends from our wonderful customers over the years. Shock has been able to survive ,even though we were forced to move our locations over the years.but through the ups and downs of the economy we are still here..
Shock has been involved with all the charities every year,we love doing the Rotary Food Pantry Dinner year after year, as a Board Member of The Greater Westhampton Chamber of Commerce I have always been involved with helping to promote business on Main St. We had codes updated over the years, we finally changed codes to allow outdoor dining and outdoor music, that helped business in the village to come alive and enjoy our Main St.

This is just a ridiculous waste of everyone's time and taxpayers money.
How much is to much ?
After 28 years I think Shock is here to stay, so we Thank our loyal customers and friends for showing your love and support
Mention this comment and get a free cone today !!

The summer flew by and we wish everyone a Happy & Safe Labor Day Weekend

" Aug 29, 13 8:01 AM

Westhampton Beach Trustees Delay Master Plan Discussion, Consider Buying New Security Cameras

It will happen, it will just take time, lots of wasted time, while everything else gets developed around this property this will help to increase the value of his land.
So we will have a new developed airport soon which will include a new Hotel,
New development on Sunset Ave where the old bowling alley was, new development on Montauk Hwy where the Old Photo place was., we have new families moving into the new condos on Old Riverhead Rd. This looks like we are moving along in business development in the village, so why not let the idea of this potential project be heard. A new modern grocery store (supermarket) would bring people to our village.
We didn't need to update the Master Plan for these developments , move forward WHB" Sep 3, 13 7:25 AM

Thirty-Foot-Tall 'Walking Girl' Statue Causing A Stir In Westhampton

I don't think the statue is quite finished, I think there will be an ice cream cone in her hand, then it will complete.
" Jun 9, 14 12:18 PM

Local Artist Pops Up On Instagram

That's funny in Southampton it's called Street Art, in Westhampton Beach it's illegal !
Great idea , fun and creative !
Bring it to WHB !
" Jul 8, 14 11:17 PM

New Westhampton Beach Mayor Seeks Pay Increase

Why does everyone see this as a raise, the last Mayor decided to cut his salary in half,why should our New Mayor have to accept that . does anyone in this village really think our Mayor should make 12000 to run our village. We do not need a discounted Mayor, she is entitled to the full salary . The village now can cut back on wasting money attacking local businesses on frivolous law suits and paying attorneys fees a 190 .00 to attack an ice cream cone. Our last Mayor Wasted taxpayer 's money to the tune of way over 18,000 on an ice cream cone which is still going on to collect a fee if found guilty 350.00 . This case is still ongoing, As a village resident, taxpayer, independent business owner, I fully support this decision. Stop complaining and lets get to work and clean up this village , look at the big picture and do what's best for our village . Stop the insanity of spending stupid money and start spending smart money. Good Luck to our New Mayor !" Jul 10, 14 8:06 AM

Hollywood, parking a truck and bicycle in town in your eyes is against the law ,I think you need to read up on what is illegal in this village, that would be balloons and open flag signs not parking a bicycle or a truck on village streets. You can't give a ticket for parking a bike or a truck. Sorry that bothers you and anyone who gets a violation is entitled to fight the case in court are you suggesting I should roll over and not fight , not the way I was raised, stand up and against stupidity.the local ordinances should be either uniformly enforced or abandoned.
Love this village, lucky to be in business for over 28 years, not many people can say that, can they.
Enjoy your summer
Lighten up

" Jul 10, 14 10:52 AM

At last nights work session it was brought to everyone's attention that all along the Mayors Salary should have never exceeded 11,000.
The past, current and future currect salary are all in question and need to be determined.
The 25,000 salary was never done properly so the overpayment of The Mayors Salary is now a big question as to who approved this increase, when and why.
It seems it was not properly done. This was all brought to light last night at the work session.
I think we were all surprised by the explanation by our current village attorney.
Looking forward to more transparency in our village
" Jul 17, 14 1:50 PM

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