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Southampton wrestling coach arrested on drug charges

Ryan is my sons Kindergarden gym teacher and he loves this man so much. I have been heart sick since I read this. My son has nothing but love for this man and when children love an adult that much its usually becuase they have a sense of whos good and whos not. He was always so friendly and always with a smile. I think he is a kid and needs love and help he has a problem and with any hope this might be his rock bottom. I would allow this man recoverd clean and sober around my child anyday. I think we need to live in a world where we teach our children that people make mistakes and even when you do you can come back from it a better person. Why are so many so quick to count him out like hes all of a sudden just some loser? Why should all of the amazing things he did just be forgotten for something that is a disease. Its sad but people get hooked on drugs but its a reality and I think we should all be a little understanding since most of us no someone who has some sort of addiction weather it be food, drugs or drinking. Lets show a little love and not forget that he did some really great things for our children. " Mar 28, 09 3:28 PM

Squeaky just be greatful its not one of your kids ok..." Mar 28, 09 6:54 PM

Squeaky why are you in hampton bays but southampton schools anyway??? Mr wonderful is just that so get over it hes got a problem hope it never happens to you mrs Perfect is what your name should be.." Mar 28, 09 6:56 PM

Woman dies in crash; driver flees on foot

Why on earth would someone run? " Mar 29, 09 8:16 AM

Southampton wrestling coach arrested on drug charges

If they were so great Origial they would still be here no?" Mar 29, 09 11:53 AM

I know some pretty big losers and well not all do drugs some are even perfect in there mind." Mar 31, 09 11:55 AM

Code enforcement shuts down soup kitchen at Southampton Tire

See what I dont get is if the Whitby were doing " a good thing from their hearts" then why go and tell the world????? When I saw this the other day in the paper I knew at that moment it would be shut down. You plaster it in the paper what do you think is going to happen?? Right now people are hostile towards people not hear leagally because so many people that are here legally are suffering and they blam them for taking work we need. You have a man with a 5 foot sign right infront of your store condeming them and then you blab about all of your good doings what did you think he and other people were gonna do??? Should have stayed quite and not tryed to drum up attention for your business sorry but true." Apr 1, 09 2:50 PM

These people know what they are doing.. They learn about all of the free things they can get before they even bother to learn anything else. Dont let them fool you they are very smart when they have to be. I am sick and tired of all of you using god and saying things like your so heartless or we did the same thing. My Italian grandfather did the same thing bull. My Italian grandfather came to this country when the boarders were open and he came here and either had the choice to Open a productive business or join the services in order to gain his leagal rights to this country. He did not break the law to come here. Why have laws if its ok for some to just igonore them? Why should some go through the process that takes years if others dont? What are you teaching your children its ok to break laws, rules and do what ever makes you happy. I think everyone should focus more attention on how we can help them improve there own country and be able to say with there families. " Apr 2, 09 2:57 PM

Listen LMVT why are people who are saying that they are breaking the law so ignorant? THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW HELLO why is this ok? I am sure that there are many more of them in need in the countries they are from yet they were not lucky to be able to sneak in here what about them? What about the people who do all of the right things to get here? Dont you dare assume your so high and mighty when you dont know me or many of the others on here. I feel for anyone who is in pain, hurt or hungry what I think most people are turned off by is there feeling to intitlement that because they want to be here they should be and I am sorry they need to come the right way period. Helping immigrants like you do for a living is very nice have you ever been to appalachia towns? Well I have and they are just as needy and you know what I think they deserve help more yet we feed other people all over the world and help law breakers when there people who are here in our country who also go to bed at night hungry and GUESS what those kids dont get half of the education or medical that ILLEGALS get why not try helping them?" Apr 4, 09 12:12 PM

I am sure that some poor hungry kid from appalacia would love to attend southampton schools but guess what they cant." Apr 4, 09 12:15 PM

Alternatives sought after village shuts down Southampton Tire soup kitchen

It does not suprise me that the people that came here are breaking the law and the people who are defying zoning codes are also breaking the law. Where does it end what are you teaching your kids a law's a law there are many ways for these hungry people to get food why on earth people would go out of there was to cause chaos is beyond me. I was down at 7-11 with my kids and the scene was frightning and dangerous now were gonna have marters comming here to start trouble stay in sag harbor and direct these people to the right places. SINCE IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO DO IT HELLO THATS WHY THERES LAWS !!!!!!!! Its for the saftey of our community not because people dont care. What if one of these people were to get ill on the food guess what there comming after you. Theres no saying where the food being made and if its in safe manners. Its about health and saftey people." Apr 8, 09 4:04 PM

Reallocal first off read my post slowly so you can absorb it ok I never said a word about the people they were feeding ok. I said I was THERE, THEIR, THEY'RE with my kids having no idea that something was happeing at that moment which was the man prostesting taking pictures of the guys and then the code enforcemnt came down with cops and I was simply trying to leave. What I was saying is it is unsafe to have people take it upon themselves to do these thinhgs because its not safe for the innocent people around them. Both sides of the issue are angry. I am all for helping people in need for your information I never said anything but it has to be done safe. Get down off your soap box." Apr 8, 09 9:30 PM

Police: Eastport South Manor Teacher Charged With Fourth DWI

She is refering to Coach McCreedy from the Southampton Elem school he was arrested for heroin. " Aug 3, 11 3:29 PM

The Fresh Market Is Store Interested In Southampton Village Site

I feel for the businesses that will lose out but we in Southampton need Walbaums to have some big time competition !!!!!! They know they are all most of us busy residents have. I simply dont have time to battle traffic to King Kullen or drive like some do all the way to Stop n Shop so they run a junkie store. The produce is always lacking and they are always out of stuff. The staff is always cursing, eating and simply rude the isles are way too small its a drag going there I just wish it was better run no one there seems to care about much. " Nov 22, 11 10:11 PM

Town Will Go To Court, If Necessary, To Stop Homeless Shelter At Hampton Bays Motel

As humans we should always be caring and willing to help anyone in need, with that said I agree with the other poster who said its how its run that makes a huge difference. You cant just dump these people there and offer no other assistance to them. Our job is to help them get on their feet and better the situation they are in so that they can hopefully move back into a home and feel better about themselves. So really dedicated helpers and honest people to run the place is what the focus should really be. This day in age I am suprised at how so many of you could be so ignorant people are suffering everywhere that does not make them druggies or prostitutes come on open your hearts and your minds just a little." Dec 4, 11 8:33 AM

Whooping Cough Confirmed In Student At Southampton Elementary School

While I see wanting to respect the privacy of the child, as a parent of two small children in the school I think I should have the right to know just how close this child was to mine. Its just scary my kids are vaccinate and the Dr said they still have a 15% chance of getting this. " Dec 8, 11 3:21 PM

yeah if you can get me all that then thanks buddy " Dec 8, 11 3:33 PM

Discord Erupts Over Shinnecock Vote On Casino Partner's Future

Excuse me but not every Shinnecock is a drug addict or troubled as a matter of fact our school principal is a Shinnecock as well as some of our schools most dedicated hard working teachers. Please stop sterotyping a whole group of people because of a bad few because despite what everyone thinks these people exist in every race and color in every town yes including rich southampton their just driving Mercedes.... " Dec 15, 11 7:36 AM

Pilaro Family Vows To Keep Up Fight For Son To Play Field Hockey

Its just so annoying that if it was a girl wanting to play football on an all boys team no one would care and she would be allowed then the boys who feel like they dont want to hurt her would be told to bad deal with it. It just seems like its very uneven to me. " May 2, 12 9:25 AM

School Results: Tuckahoe Is Only District On South Fork To Reject Proposed 2012-13 Budget

Stop blaming teachers all the time I am so tired of people minimizing what I do for a living because I get paid well and get two months in the summer off. Show me a teacher who doesn’t take work home every night or over the summer or who isn’t spending time off thinking of ways to make your children’s education that much better. I am so sick of people acting like just anyone can be a teacher and it’s so easy were over paid right. Only a person who has no idea what it takes to be a good teacher would say something so ignorant. Why not start blaming the wasteful spending that is done in other areas of the school there are so many of them trust me. " May 15, 12 9:34 PM

First off where was I whining please get over yourself and your rudeness. I was defending our position which I have every right to do. As for your lame comment "dont you have an obligation to report these things" I am going to chalk up your ignorance as someone who has never stepped foot into a school other then to maybe pick your kid up. Go ahead and live in your world of teachers never complain we just keep our mouth shut and collect our huge salaries for working 26 hr weeks !" May 16, 12 7:06 AM

New York Knicks' Jason Kidd Charged With DWI In Water Mill

I just have no respect for drunk drivers ever so he just got knocked down a few pegs in my book and I find him a lot less appealing thats for sure. Nice role model buddy way to let the kids look up to you !" Jul 15, 12 1:44 PM

Ok well someone should tell that to all the parents of my students who wear these guys’ jerseys every day and spend the school year pouring their hearts out to me in 5 page papers on how they want to be like so and so someday. It’s not ideal but its reality and it’s what is happening so be responsible." Jul 15, 12 3:31 PM

Zoppe Italian Family Circus Returns For Family Fun

Another thing in the Hamptons priced out of reach for the average family !" Aug 1, 12 2:37 PM

UPDATE: Bicyclist Taken To Stony Brook University Hospital; Cause Of Accident Unknown

I pray that hes ok and I pray even more that the person that hit him was not texting or on the phone !!" Aug 2, 12 2:25 PM

Homeowner Hopes To Rebuild, Recover After Devastating Blaze Destroys Reservation Home

Such wonderful people I had the pleasure of spending time with Go-Gi-Skg shes the sweetest kid and her mother is a hard worker such a sad story !" Aug 17, 12 10:40 AM

SeptemberFest Returns To Southampton Friday And Saturday

Why?? Did they want a fee for you to participate? Just confused as to why we are promoting our village but not our businesses. " Sep 27, 12 10:39 AM

Southampton School Board Considers Student Uniforms

I would LOVE a uniform lots of school have them it makes the parents life so easy and it helps focus more attention on education rather then who has what !!!" Feb 2, 13 1:52 PM

I agree pretty sad if clothes define who a kid is as an individual and even with a uniform a kid can find ways to be an individual. " Feb 2, 13 1:55 PM

Truck Crashes Into Jobs Lane Business

He could have killed someone what a dummy put the phones down people there are people walking all over he could have run over someone how funny would that have been? All he gets is a fine?? sure and the hard working business owners now get all the headache of fixing this jerks problem unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " May 23, 13 3:01 PM

UPDATE: Police Charge Two With DWI After Crash In Napeague Sunday Morning

Two drunk drivers hit each other and end up hurt sadly not always the case glad they only hurt each other they should be ashamed. When will the punishment for dui get even better? " May 26, 13 1:09 PM

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