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County selects developer for industrial park

Industrial park? Kind of like "affordable housing" and "smart growth" all oxymoronic and unattainable." Sep 9, 08 3:33 PM


Does the Town review applicants/tenants on a County project? Howe?" Sep 10, 08 5:18 PM

Former Hampton Bays principal files complaint against school district

This guy has to be kidding. He should be in the same jail cell as Catz." Sep 26, 08 9:45 AM

Westhampton Beach suggests land swap with Habitat for Humanity


I'm confused. If the chief is so good, why is he picking up the slack for the officers he commands? If the department is riddled with corruption doesn't that point to a lack of

I remember when hanging a U-turn on Main St. was a guaranteed ticket. No longer, it happens all the time." Oct 7, 08 5:25 PM

Plans for Big Duck Ranch unveiled

Please, don't move it again." Oct 10, 08 10:25 AM

Group opposed to eruv urges petitions

Clint, get it together, these are people of the Jewish faith taking an anti-eruv position. Hence, no anti-semitism here. Unless, anti-semetic semites are taking over the villlage." Oct 17, 08 9:57 AM

Dredging project will bolster Smith Point, Cupsogue beaches

They should dredge both inlets as well as the intercoastal waterway that connects them. Plenty of clean ocean water coming in every high tide - flushing out the stale bay water that is becoming more of a problem due to development and pool and lawn chemicals. Also, fish and wildlife, including shellfish, would flourish in the cleaner water. The layer of mud that is hardening on the bay bottom would be removed and sand would take it's place. This layer prevents vegetation as well as shellfish from growing. It also traps the harmful chemicals in the bay. Lastly, it would create a navigable channel for boat traffic which does not exist now. The present channel is too narrow and borders on being a hazard." Oct 24, 08 9:19 AM

I don't buy into the trustee's saying that in increase in the salinity harms the bay. Clean ocean water flushes it out. Moriches Bay flourished after Pike's Inlet broke through.Ocean water is much more nourishing than the pollutants that flow into the bay from the "mainland". I'll go one step further - I believe the bay is too shallow and, therefore, the sun in summer raises water temperature too much and vegetation on the bay bottom ceases to grow, thus diminishing habitat for shell and fin fish. Finally, pump the bay bottom (shallow channel areas) across Dune Rd, off season, and separate the mud from the sand underneath and replenish the ocean beaches with that sand while increasing the depth of the bay channel. Truck the mud to a landfill. Gotta' be careful though, it's probably toxic.

Robert Moses dredged the intercoastal in western Suffolk and Nassau three quartes of a century ago to a depth that maintains itself today.

All it takes is money and cujones (to quote a local politico) to get it done. The problem is that you need the latter in order to get the former." Nov 2, 08 8:41 PM

Pope, Schiavoni score wins for Dems

Stinchi's got it wrong again; the Republicans didn't get caught in the crossfire of Barack Obama, they got caught in the crossfire of George Bush." Nov 5, 08 8:06 AM

Store owner wants Silly String banned

Next year you might want to bring some royal bodyguards to attend to your beautiful little princess." Nov 18, 08 11:54 AM

Group files second opinion regarding proposed religious boundary

Could you elaborate on the new Shul on Dune Rd? Why is it not included in the proposed eruv? When did it open? Is it part of Hampton Synagogue or is it a separate house of worship?" Nov 19, 08 9:58 AM

Who writes your stuff Sam, Norm Crosby?" Nov 23, 08 12:17 AM

Gimme' a break Sam, please. How far are you going to take the name calling, especially of your own people?

I have a much simpler name for a person that is self hating - a nut. I do not think the people concerned about resolution of this issue are self hating or nuts - I think they are forward thinking.

So lighten up and have a good Thanksgiving - if you celebrate it." Nov 24, 08 11:27 AM

Following hate crimes, a new town policy

Is there any difference between a noose hanging in the woods and the guy waving the flag at Southampton 7-11 and spewing venom at any truck rolling by occupied by Hispanics? Which one does more harm? Both are symbols of ignorance and hate. Or is the economy so bad that people will do anything for a paycheck?" Dec 4, 08 12:19 PM

County backs Shinnecock casino effort

The only place it would work would be on the Grumman property in Calverton. Forget the ski mountain, that whole project is a joke. " Dec 12, 08 1:40 PM

Put the casino on the Grumman property. A hotel, conference center and casino there would be logical. The property is large enough that, if done tastefully, it's impact would be minimal to even the surrounding area. The Hampton Bays issue would be resolved and there would be good access all the way around, with no traffic impacting the Hamptons.

It might already be too late as there seems to be a project in place. The proposal for the property now is the most destructive, ill-conceived project to ever hit Long Island. Too many homes, idiotic attractions, destined to fail and totally destroy the area. The politicos who cut that deal should be run out of town.

I am not in favor of a casino per se, but, if it is inevitable, get some professional to design a world class resort in Calverton. It would create better jobs than the half- baked amusement park proposed now.

It would revitalize the East End economically on a twelve month basis. It is the only place on Long Island left to do it. It would be dynamite.
" Dec 12, 08 5:19 PM

The CPF was instituted as a land preservation measure, not a piggy bank. The more alternative uses for it are proposed , the more likely it is it's original use will be forgotten and the money misused." Dec 17, 08 1:28 PM

A casino in Hampton Bays has about as much chance of happening as does Peconic County. The Shinnecocks went into the thing half-baked with a fly-by-night investor/adviser who flew the coop once he checked out reality.

The location in Red Creek ( or whatever it is called ) is too small. Tha land they cleared was a symbolic gesture - the bingo hall they drew up would never become a reality. Let them build it in Calverton, and close the door on Hampton Bays.

The idea of a casino turns people off, but, it is certainly better than the lunacy they have planned for that property now. If a casino is an inevitability, let it happen there." Dec 19, 08 11:58 AM

East Hampton CPF spending questioned

Potential abuses of the CPF are strarting to run wild. These politicians think they have a new checkbook to play with. This money was meant for land preservation only. These new "bylaws" that are popping up are self-serving and destroy the goals laid out in the mission statement of the CPF.

Let me propose one - distribute all accrued CPF money to the school districts on a district by district basis. A predetermined proportion of the CPF money will go directly to the school districts thus lessening property tax burdens on the individual taxpayer. Development is what causes the district to grow and increase the tax levy because of the infux of families with children. But, only distribute the money to a school district if their propsed budget falls below a proscribed annual increase, ie. the cost of living.

If they do not meet this criteria, keep the money earmarked for land preservation within that district and make funds available only within each fiscal year.

This way the money is distributed in direct proportion to the amount collected within a certain school district only after requirements are met. One district can not receiive more than its fair share." Dec 24, 08 9:49 AM

Post Office pledges to fix leaky roof damaging mural in Westhampton Beach

How many out-of-work artists did it take to build Hoover Dam?" Jan 6, 09 2:03 PM

Town euthanizes Tank and Dolce

Couldn't anyone get a pardon out of George Bush?" Jan 7, 09 10:05 AM

Construction worker killed in job site accident in Southampton Village

... "illegal immigration" would not be an issue if the workers were on the books and not being paid cash. I bet the guy waving the flag at 7-11 is being paid cash, too." Jan 10, 09 9:16 AM

No amnesty - you reinforced my point. The contractors put you out of business - not the workers. Cash payroll for day labor creates a market for these "illegals". If these contractors paid on the books wages to the people the playing field would be level.

It is the promise of cash that made them "jump the fence".Hold employers responsible for hiring documented workers and create a system where the validity of the paperwork they present to employers can be verified quickly.

" Jan 12, 09 7:24 PM

Archaelogical findings prevent man from building

... heard they found some beautifully preserved beer cans buried out there, they are dated back to the Pre-PopTop era, a real find. They should call in a team of mixologists to investigate." Jan 27, 09 9:39 AM

Town capital budget discrepancy is downgraded

Wow! This information should be at their fingertips - not three months down the road. Someone's got alot of 'splainin to do. If Blowes can't produce the information maybe the state Comptroller or Attorney General can." Jan 31, 09 9:25 AM

Republican majority on Southampton Town Board quashes plan to restructure financial department

This is getting a little too messy as far as I am concerned. Brautigan and Blowes should be escorted out of Town Hall. These guys seem to have too much authority and too little accountability.

The State Comptroller's office needs to get here ASAP and jump all over this.

" Feb 24, 09 9:07 AM

Subdivision faces opposition in West Hampton Dunes

I feel for the people of Westhampton Dunes. I am sure the last thing they want to see down there would be houses built too close to each other!!!" Feb 24, 09 1:03 PM

Southampton Town Board considers capping County Road 39 moratorium early

Since they can't build and sell homes in this economic climate, the building lobby/industry now turns to commercial development. This approach is not going to work and what we are going to be left with is an overabundance of nice looking, but unoccupied, strip malls and a trashed county road 39.

Does Murphree think that supplying a few construction jobs for 2-3 years while out-of-town developers build these economically unviable retail spaces will add to the town and it's economy?

We only need so many bagel stores, chinese food take out, pizza places, card shops and banks.

Murphree is right - the economy has changed since the moratorium was enacted - it has totally tanked. Try filling existing retail space, with some sort of town/state incentives, before what is left of Southampton's landscape is ruined. I am betting it can not be done. Why compound the problem?

Or build a supermarket where the most important job will be the guy who collects the shopping carts in the parking lot thus preventing them from scratching the Audis." Mar 1, 09 9:25 AM

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