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Southampton Village Urges County Not To Install Sump

The Delalio's are going to lose the driveway they installed across the county property, its not the sump. The best thing the county could do is install the fence down the slope of the sump and not at the top, then plant along the top to essentialy hide the sump and fence." Jan 12, 12 10:17 PM

Southampton Village Prepares For Fourth Celebration

Congratulations on being named Grand Marshal - Gene " Golumpki " Dombrowski" Jul 4, 13 9:16 AM

UPDATE: Concer House Owners File Notice Of Claim Against Southampton Village Seeking $10 Million In Damages

Ms B. What is the PCAC, and why would they negotiate for the taxpayers of the Village? Is that a part of the Architectural Review process? " Dec 16, 13 9:06 PM

Opposition To East End Deer Culling Program Grows

Have a look at the signatures they hail from all over the World! The local people have spoken regarding the overpopulation of deer and the time has come for culling the heard. " Dec 18, 13 10:34 PM

Southampton Trustees To File Suit Against Southampton Village And DEC For Beach Structures

I thought the DEC already reviewed the Villages permit process and had no problem with how permits were being reviewed and issued? Nice work Town Trustees, waste more Taxpayer dollars bringing a suit against a neighboring Municipality and the State. " Dec 23, 13 2:25 PM

Fred installed a nice bulkhead in Lake Agawam; His grandfather installed the most intrusive bulkhead on the Village oceanfront near Old Town, now Fred wants to reinterpret the codes so others can't protect their homes. A bulkhead on someone's land does not impede access to our beaches like a groin heading seaward and groins are not being installed by these homeowners. " Dec 24, 13 10:21 AM

CPF Revenues For 2013 Nearly Breaks Record

I agree with Nature, trust your elected officials to "do the right thing" like when they bought the Barber Shop at the base of Hillcrest for 500,000 when nobody else would pay close to that. And will the new use be for everybody? " Jan 28, 14 9:42 AM

How can the Town say no to the, Italian American Club or the American Polish Political Club or maybe they could have used CPF money to renovate the Masons Lodge. If you use CPF money for an African American Museum how do you say no to anyone else? " Jan 28, 14 3:32 PM

Southampton Village Volunteer Ambulance Hopes To Build $5.5 Million Headquarters

50 something Vollies for 7 sq. miles, + paid A's and paramedics which cover til midnight? And we are still going on multiple signal 3's.
You should move into the Windmill Lane Firehouse which the FD said they would no longer need, if not then put up a building just like the new maintenance building with a bay used for training and bunking when needed and cost the Village less than a million. " Aug 16, 14 3:57 PM

Vote On Friday To Decide On New Ambulance Building In Southampton

After reading the Ambulance Corps. marketing piece they provided , it states they volunteered 2700 + hrs. this year. Divide that by 52 weeks then by 60 Vollies and it comes out to less than 1 hour a week per person? " Oct 31, 14 2:17 PM

Tuckahoe School Files Suit Against Town For Denying FOIL Request For Golf Course Revenues

A private golf club is not in the business of making a profit if it is owned by its members. It very simply budgets its expenses minus revenue to access the annual dues which is to be paid by its members. If profit was the goal it is only the members themselves who foot the bill. Taxes are paid on the improvements to the property, jobs are created within a community, products are purchased from local businesses to run the club, as well as hosting local school golf teams. If the courses don't exist, and the property is either developed or the Town purchases the land or its development rights, it will certainly effect the schools in a negative manner. " Dec 19, 14 12:06 PM

Shirley Links, Tall Grass, Long Island National, are 3 examples of how difficult it is for golf to be profitable. You do not have the ability to understand the entire problem facing the school district if you think these golf courses are going to bail you out. " Dec 19, 14 3:58 PM

Southampton Town Board To Discuss Acquiring Pyrrhus Concer Property For Up To $4.3 Million

I'm not sure what's more absurd, having the Hermers making a profit or having 2 African American Museums in the Village? The first of which has been sitting vacant for close to 10 years and also paid for by the Town. " Jul 9, 15 9:22 PM

Elected And Appointed Officials Sworn In At East Hampton Town Organizational Meeting Tuesday

That's funny, I saw Sendlenski defend a client in Southampton Village who was charged after having more than 35 people living in a house. " Jan 5, 16 11:10 PM

Southampton School District Considering Purchasing Building For District Office

The comparison to Sachem is very accurate and it is hard to believe there continues to be an increase in enrollment. " Jan 12, 16 7:16 AM

Some Fear Another Sandy Hollow Is In The Works In Speonk

Somebody local may have been able to buy the house on Windward Way that went into foreclosure if it wasn't mortgaged SO heavily. Right Curtis" Jan 21, 16 6:47 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Ready To Hand Over Beach Permit Duties To Villages

Roverton, that sounds like a good plan. NOT" Feb 17, 16 10:54 PM

First Responders Help Save Quiogue Man's Life On Sunday

This is a little odd of a News story in that the gentleman is on a ventilator, has not regained consciousness and has suffered extreme heart damage. I wouldn't pat myself on the back yet. " Mar 15, 16 1:45 PM

UPDATE: Tuckahoe Budget Fails To Pierce Cap; All Other East End School Budgets Pass

Southampton, keep an eye on spending with McKenna on board now. " May 17, 16 11:10 PM

Shinnecock Tribal Member Given More Time To Fight For Beach Parking Rights In Village

What happens if they change the law after the fact. She was guilty at the time was she not? " May 17, 16 11:12 PM

Teen Petitions Boys Scouts To Let Girls Join

My daughter earned her Gold award in the Girl Scouts which is the equivalent of the Eagle badge and received very nice honors along with it. Why does this poor girl feel that she needs to attain something only boys can to feel worthy, sad." Jul 24, 16 3:10 PM

UPDATE: DA Says Evidence Insufficient To Connect Man Arrested For Southampton Break-In And Sexual Assault With May Stabbing

I am curious about who the attacker was in this incident, updates?? " Aug 5, 16 6:08 PM

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