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Police: Eastport South Manor Teacher Charged With Fourth DWI

What an outrage. This guy should have lost his job after the first DUI years ago. Instead, he still makes $85,000 a year (see www dot seethroughny dot net)... no wonder he can afford his Acura and all the drugs and booze. Our system allows this to happen while teachers who actually give a hoot lose their jobs because they are lower on the totem pole. A great cover story for why the current tenure system is pure trash." Aug 3, 11 11:38 PM

As a member of the community, I know he is tenured. Do you think a non-tenured employee would have been given this much leeway? I bet a lot of the 24 teachers ESM had to lay off this year are questioning the system when this joker got to keep his job!" Aug 4, 11 7:06 PM

The frustration with this situation is that Mr. Schroeder is a professional and is not taking his job/life/family situation/safety of others seriously. Do you think an acclaimed attorney at a law firm would have his job after 2, 3, 4 DWI's? Do you think an acclaimed doctor at one of our local hospitals would lose his job after 2, 3, 4 DWIs? Why should an acclaimed teacher at our local school be any different?

I am beyond surprised that when the community seeks dignity, respect, and trustworthiness in the people who educate its youth, they are told that this is not their business. Don't you think the folks who pay the bills have a least a right to express their opinion, if not influence the decisions that are made?" Aug 8, 11 7:00 PM