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Police: Eastport South Manor Teacher Charged With Fourth DWI

It is due time that ESM do a thorough review of it's faculty AND staff.... parents become aware when poor behavior and choices make it to the news, yet students seem to know all along what goes on in the private lives of their teachers... facebook, loose lips .. it's a wonder teachers get any respect at all. It's a disgrace. And it's scary. I blame administration who continues to turn a blind eye until something goes terribly wrong. With students, they maintain a strict zero-tolerance policy; with faculty it's Don't ask, Don't tell. Time to grill staff and faculty as part of a mandatory annual review of their employment qualification before something goes terribly an tragically wrong! " Aug 7, 11 9:32 AM

How can you compare someone who recklessly and gets behind the wheel drunk not 1,2 or 3 but FOUR times to someone with cancer? Is cancer a disease that will take the lives of others along with the afflicted? I understand alcoholism is a disease, but it is a social disease and he has no business infecting others in society by his poor choices. Say a student got in the car with him one afternoon? I understand he is an athletic coach .. what if he drove a kid to a game after a few beers? Yes, he is a human being but as a teacher, after his first arrest he should have sobered up real fast. And so should the ESM administration. Otherwise, people like Mr. Schroeder don't learn until someone is dead. And too often is is not the one with the disease.
" Aug 8, 11 11:44 AM