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Police Chief: Officers Had Probable Cause To File DWI Charges In East Quogue Fatality

This is why justice should be held in the courtroom and not the public. Since he was not found guilty of being under the influence now people will focus on something else about the case to persecute him. Yes, a life was lost that can never be brought back but this was an accident and not meant intentionally. No one goes out to intentionally kill their best friend. My heart breaks for both families. My son is their age and if he was in either of their places it would destroy me. It is important to remember this was an accident." Jul 21, 11 12:30 PM

East Hampton Village Bans Plastic Bags

I was at a market in Noyac that temporarily used biodegradable plastic bags, whether or not it was from a promotional company or not I thought it was a great idea. Why they stopped I don't know but would East Hampton Town allow those? Or are they going to make us spend our own money to buy cloth bags to shop with?" Jul 31, 11 9:46 AM

Police: Eastport South Manor Teacher Charged With Fourth DWI

Even though this may be his fourth DWI his prior convictions may have been dropped to lesser charges. Yes, he is a teacher and is responsible to maintain a certain character due to his profession but it does not mean he is a bad person. We all know, or should know, alcohol is a disease that sometimes when treated it takes more than one time to "get it". He should have just pulled over instead of adding more charges to his case. No one should run from the police. Obviously, it wasn't to his benefit. I hope his vision is not impaired. Also, his job has a union. Unions are strong and fight for the employees. It is difficult to fire someone, especially tenured, to be fired when they belong to a union. Obviously it sounds like from the previous posts he has been stripped from certain jobs at the school already. There is a process the school has to go through when dealing with a union employee before a person can be let go, but probably if convicted he will lose his license to teach which is a shame because that is probably where his passion lies. Now he just needs to handle his disease one day at a time." Aug 8, 11 10:07 AM

Fate Of Eastport South Manor Social Studies Teacher Remains Cloudy

This school board has guidelines to follow. He earned his tenure let's not forget that. I doubt he will return to his position but let the school go by their guidelines. If he is allowed back I'm sure he will be harassed by a lot of parents. We still don't have all the facts on his previous DWI's. Courts often make deals to lesser charges but in this case I don't think he has much to stand on. I feel bad for his wife and new baby.
" Aug 14, 11 11:38 AM