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Cell Towers May Pop Up In East Quogue

The Planner stated that the cell tower being proposed is sheduled for a pre-submission conference by the Planning Board on June 9th....what didn't you understand about the word "pre-submission" Mr. Algieri? Should everyone just go to you first and ask your permission? Who made you King?" May 18, 11 10:34 PM

Nuzzi Not Sure If He Will Accept GOP Nomination For Supervisor

I agree with goldenrod's statement. Chris is a solid public servant. All these empty "crookhaven" comments are baseless and just insults. You got something? Put up or shut up. If Chris runs he will win and the PBA girls know it. "Men in kilts, what more could a girl want", eh Anna." May 23, 11 7:10 PM

Hmmmm, "old wine in a new bottle", I like that fidelis! But you said yourself you have no knowledge of crookhaven material, I think we should debate the issues and not hollow insults....nothing wrong with that is there? By the way, you can just call me the "wine connoisseur" from now on and may be sometime we can toast a nice Merlot together, eh fidelis." May 24, 11 6:46 PM

Hey Fidelis, I must be hitting a nerve with that long response...now let me get this straight Nuzzi will have a lot of answering to do because he was against a flawed dark skies proposal and voted against a town Sustainability Coordinator in the middle of the biggest financial crisis the town ever had? Oh my gosh, Chris must be shaking in his boots over over that.....pour another glass of Merlot and chill out, "men in Kilts, what more could a girl want", eh Fidelis?" May 27, 11 8:08 PM

That is a true statement fidelis, except a few comments back I commented that the "crookhaven" comments about chris were hollow and baseless and your response was to attack me and comment that I may be "a new soldier recruted by the Republicn Generals". As you have stated, this election has nothing to do with me and everything to do with Anna......try to lay off the Merlot and stick to the topic, "what more could a girl want", eh fidelis?" May 28, 11 4:39 PM

My, my how quickly we forget, the Merlot comment is from you and the "men in Kilts" comment is from your PBA girls, Anna and Bridget. The so called 15 kinds of serious trouble you mentioned are your slanted view and nothing that will bother Chris. Of course Anna covering up serious problems with the town Attorney, Michael Sordi, and then giving him a sweetheart golden parachute deal will be far more difficult to explane. I can see you do not like to be called on your inaccuracies but shouldn't we all check the facts, after all "what more could a girl want", eh fidelis?" May 29, 11 5:59 PM

New Southampton Village Police Chief Will Seek Closer Ties With Other Police Agencies

WOW! That article is shocking, all you bar owners within the Town are on notice, there is a new security company in town, and the PBA girls (Anna and Bridget) roll on." Jun 12, 11 11:19 AM

Point well taken "Tired of Ignorance", it is tough to know what is fact and what is fiction in this day of instant blogger news. Many of the traditional news outlets print things they see on the Blogs without verifying them. But isn't there a bigger issue of high ranking police providing "security" for establishments they oversee in their jurisdiction? " Jun 13, 11 7:50 AM

Southampton Town Board Considers $125 Million CPF Bond Recommended By Panel

As silly as it may seem in these difficult economic times, with low intrest rates and the poor real estate market this is the best time in 20 years to buy up the remaining open space land. I do not know who's cusion is the real estate broker but this clearly is the last chance for the Town to do any significant open space buying." Jul 30, 11 2:07 AM

Guldi Pleads Guilty To 35 Counts, Will Receive Concurrent Sentence

Terri please, enough with the conspiracy theories, George plead guilty to more than 30 felony counts, he wants to get on with his life. Let him do his time and live out the rest of his life in peace. You have been like an anchor around his neck stuck on with crazy glue. " Jul 30, 11 12:51 PM

New Quogue Building Inspector Follows In The Footsteps Of Mentor

Good luck Bill, I know you will be the same propfessional inspector you were for the last 20 years in Southampton." Sep 17, 11 11:44 AM

Storm Brews Over Georgica Beach Fence

Bigfresh is correct on this one, the Dongan Patent rules and has been upheld many times in higher courts. The owner and his attorney knew about the Dongan Patent and the easement the people of East Hampton have, or should have known. The DEC certianly knows. This is a non story and the steel fence will be removed shortly, once the Homeowner is educated by his attorney on just what restrictions go along with the property he has bought." Sep 18, 11 8:31 AM

Town GOP Shuns Two Of Its Own In Campaign Push

What is really scarry here is that the Republicn Party has become so dysfunctional that the small fringe group of Westhampton Dunes operatives actually have a say in who the GOP nominates! As A lifelong Republican I only have one thing to say, "is that KABOT with a K?"" Sep 29, 11 8:04 AM

In A Reversal, Southampton Town Board Converts Budget To Preliminary Spending Plan and Adds Another Public Hearing

I agree with NTiger, this is again Nancy and Linda standing up for open governrment and public input just like they did during the Heaney years. The current Supervisor talks a good game but in the end the best she can do is dust off Linda Kabots budget from two years ago. I don't mind that so much but it is shameful that Anna did not give Linda even a thank you for having the courage to do what needed to be done two years earlier. And by the way, had she supported Linda's budget two years ago the cuts and layoffs would not be so drastic this time around. As you will hear from thousands of Town residents next month, that is Kabot with a "K". " Oct 15, 11 9:46 AM

Bishop To Speak On Issues

I agree that Tim has done a poor job. But, this is America and we keep voting him back in again. Are people just not paying attention or have the demographics changed and the voting population is just more like NYC?" Oct 16, 11 8:24 AM

Kabot: Throne-Holst Contributions Violated New York State Election Law

OK reg rep, it is obvious you do not like Anna and you may have some very good reasons but you lose credibility by saying things like “Not only does she lie but she is unethical, dishonest and had used people on the town board in ways we can't talk about on this blog”. . If you can’t talk about it, then don’t. Give us the facts or understand that your innuendo will be taken with a grain of salt." Oct 23, 11 9:31 AM

Throne-Holst And Team Release Campaign Video

Classic Anna, not thirty seconds into the video she tells you she is royalty and that the King wanted to Knight her grandfather but he refused because he was a man of the people....I guess her family was using that people not politics phrase a hundred years ago! Now that I think about it, having Fred Thiele in that video makes sense, he is kind of like Sag Harbor royalty, was he ever knighted?" Oct 29, 11 8:01 AM

Well Witch hazel, I think you have it wrong about “irrational hate” for Anna. After all she put the video out there for people to view and I think most people just found the video odd. From the opening scene of her jogging down the beach talking about her family’s Norwegian knighthood to the closing love fest with Anna proclaiming she loves everything. Just seemed odd for a local supervisor’s race advertisement, but then again maybe it is a sign of things to come." Oct 29, 11 11:16 AM

I saw the October 28th meeting on Channel 22. It seems bizarre that Ms. Throne -Holst would give the keys to the Town hall to anyone who wanted to create a video in the Town Hall. I think she is confused, the keys to the Town have been given to her as the temporary holder of the key's, her goal is supposed to be to protect the taxpayer, not to give the key's for the town Hall away to her friends. As a taxpayer I do not want anyone using MY TOWN HALL as a political advertisement, even if you are a granddaughter to a Norwegian Knight who was too much a man of the people to accept his title. Sir Holst or Throne- Holst, I do not think that is important to anyone but Anna, who uses our town property should be of concern to all of us." Oct 31, 11 9:33 PM

OK Neil, I actually agree with much of what you say except the following, "Linda Kabot who survived false and politically motivated DWI accusation". The Village of WHB police had no beef with Linda Kabot. The video showed that she coasted through a stop sign and crossed the center line and admitted to having "i am thinking of two glasses of wine" as she put it. That right there is all the justification in the world to question if she was impaired or not and the WHB officers frankly did the only thing they could do at that point, arrest her or face certain loss or their job if anything happened once they released her, after all it was on tape. From this point on all the calls documented were after the fact and the result of small town gossip, unfortunate but certainly not criminal. The liars were Anna Throne-Hulst and members of the Southampton Town PD, NOT THE WHB PD. If Linda is the stand-up person I think she is she will stop pointing the finger at the WHB PD who did the job we all expect them to do and put the blame where it belongs on the Southampton PD along with Anna Throne Hulst who first lied about receiving phone calls but then told the truth under oath.. The fact that members of the Southampton PD and Anna Throne- Hulst lied is a matter of record, the Village of Westhampton Beach PD did their job as professionals. Finally, Linda was a very good Supervisor, everyone will be surprised by how many write in ballots she receives and the support she still has in our community." Nov 1, 11 9:48 PM

Party Will Honor Retiring Southampton Town Councilwoman Nancy Graboski

Nancy was always a class act, from her days on the Planning Board to her current position as Town Councilperson. The Town will really miss her but I have a feeling she will stay involved somehow. We can only hope so." Nov 2, 11 5:54 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Police Chief Inks New Contract

Well "realistic” you don't see the chief around town? I have run into him first thing in the morning down at Goldberg’s bagels, went into the Village's clerk’s office the other day and saw him there, he is at every Trustee meeting and work session and he can be found on weekend’s patrolling the Village streets! Where do you live, Queens? Next time you roll through the Village just open your eyes, he is there all the time." Nov 11, 11 4:20 PM

Oh, now your being silly Hank...oh I mean realistic, when the Chief's car is parked in the lot you can visit him working hard in his office, after all he does administrate the 17 person police department. The village provided car does not sit in the lot which only shows you are commenting based on erroneous information you received from your discredited sources…is our favorite judge’s lawman sitting with you again? Remember, this is not Steubenville Ohio, and we are not sitting in a beer hall. Bring it on realistic, I think everyone has your number." Nov 11, 11 8:30 PM

Politically Divided Southampton Town Board Names New Police Captain

Congrats Captian Pearse! Hey mrobin, elections already came and went 4 months ago, the majority who just promoted Pearse won that one also." Mar 13, 12 7:21 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Audit Report Still A Point Of Contention Among Board Members

Clearly Westhampton's loss and East Hampton's gain, any informed person that has worked with Ms. Molinaro knows how competent she is. Who does Tucker want to replace the Village Clerk? His special counsel, Augustine? What rock is he hiding under these days after his meltdown at the Board meeting. " Apr 15, 13 6:25 AM

Let me get this straight Mainst978, the Cohorts conduct a 8 month long witch hunt at taxpayer expense which produces nothing and ends in a meltdown at the trustee meeting by their attorney which leads to the Village Clerk rolling her eyes and that is deemed the height of unprofessionalism by you? Yeah, you are informed, by the way what time does Sesame Street start." Apr 16, 13 7:31 AM

UPDATE: Elizabeth Lindtvit To Replace Rebecca Molinaro

Interesting, Hank thought it was a good idea to hire the former Village Clerk because she had so much experience? What is her experience, after 14 years of on the job practice she makes the same mistake? That just shows me she is not capable of learning. They really should have stuck with Ms. Molinaro, I heard from many people she was very competent and a pleasure to work with! Have you ever heard anyone say that about the former Village Clerk?" Apr 25, 13 6:57 PM

Birk Announces Candidacy For Westhampton Beach Village Board

Ok Publius, there you go again! Tucker was part of a shadow government who used a local shadow attorney to write resolutions that were illegal during his last attempt to act as Mayor without being elected. Not a word from you as the local shadow attorney crawled back into his civil service job after being outed. Now it has been widely reported in the press that Mr. Tuckers latest political operative, Mr. Augustine melted down at a public meeting and admitted to giving Mr. Tucker and his cohorts an auditing report before sharing it with the Mayor....not a word about that. And now you are apparently whinnying about Ms Birk paying for benefits when Tucker and his cohorts get them for free? Not a word about that either....I think you defend the cohorts a little to much to be taken seriously. Run Toni-Jo run......" Apr 30, 13 7:39 PM

Realistic, see my comments above to Publius, do you two get your marching orders from the same place. Toni-Jo never had to hide behind a shadow attorney. She always stood up and said what she believed. The Village has never looked better thanks to the Mayor and Toni-Jo was a big part of that during her term in office. Run Toni-Jo run." May 3, 13 4:02 PM

Whoa...you have some anger issues there realistic! Lets see someone about that before you run for office! So now the Chief has a no show job? You might have a hard time selling that one. Those pension obligations you want to break, sounds like a good campaign tool but realistically, (no pun intended) they are under the control of the State not the Village, specifically the State Comptrollers office. But then again you seem to dismiss the fact that the State Comptroller did not find any major problems with the Village. Good luck with you candidacy, but it seems you will just carry on the tradition of jumping down one rabbit hole after another spending the taxpayers money and producing nothing but garbled rhetoric . I'm just saying....." May 6, 13 7:18 AM

Westhampton Beach Trustees Want To Clarify Code Pertaining To Village Spending

Publius, it is very unbecoming of you to resort to name calling, you must be desperate. Enough said about that. I will comment on your character assassination of Vic Levy. Vic is a man of character, intelligence and a very successful businessman who has lived in and served this Village for most of his adult life. It is an understatement to say he is respected in this community. Vic has stated publicly that he believes the accounting error is a common mistake and that Hank tucker and his two supporting board members have made far too much of this common error. Vic and others have also pointed out that the former Village Clerk, Kathy McGinnis, who Hank holds up as the gold standard and has given her a 60 dollar per hour consulting job at taxpayer expense, also made the same mistake. Many people have also pointed out that Hank was on the Board then and never even commented on it and it went by almost unnoticed by everyone but the civil servants who were required to give the overpayment back. When confronted with this inconsistency many times over the last 6 months Hank simply says, “yes, but she caught it early and corrected it herself”. I am told that Vic Confronted Hank at the meeting and got him to admit that that was not true and in fact the auditors caught Ms. McGinnis’ mistake and she was forced to get the money back 6 months after the close out of the 2009/2010 fiscal year. I think it was important for Vic to bring the truth out because it highlights the fact that Hank has tried to make a mountain out of a mole hill and anyone with a brain can see this is political nonsense and not for the betterment of the Village." May 11, 13 3:34 PM

Good morning Publius, and oh my goodness, I have you up late trying to think of responses. Your response is predictable. You go to the dictionary and give us a definition of something that is irrelevant and side step the real issue. Do you know you do that almost every third or fourth post? Do you think we are impressed because you can read the dictionary?

“Fanatic #1 and #2” along with “Connie’s’ reliable Ralf” is name calling in anybody’s book including Webster’s.

You don’t even mention the real issue, the fact that Hank admitted to Vic that he has been untruthful all this time about the former clerk making the same accounting error and “catching it herself early and correcting it”. And why is Hank charging the taxpayers 60 dollars an hour to hire the former Clerk as a consultant when she made the same error after 14 years on the job and she still could not get it straight. If it is such a grievous error, why did he not comment back in 2010 when his hand-picked consultant made the same error? See my previous post above, mountain/mole hill.

80,000 dollars, you made that number up. The overpayment to the employees was 22,000 or so, according to all articles in the paper, mostly because of the leap year issue. Unlike in previous years when Hanks high priced consultant made overpayments he chose to make a mountain/mole hill election year issue.

I have been following this article in the paper and nowhere have I seen anything put forth to the public concerning an opinion of the labor council that there were improper practices or 80,000 of improper payments. If there were Hank would have splashed that all over the front page. And how would you get an unreleased labor opinion anyway?

As you put it, It ended with a “whimper and not a bang” because this was nothing but a political mountain/mole hill issue from the start, although it might have been worth it just to see the performances by Mr. Augustine which were by all accounts, “very amusing”.

By the way, if I call you Hanks hand puppet #1 that’s not an insult according to you, is it? Can’t wait to see how Webster defines that!
" May 12, 13 7:52 AM

Westhampton Developer Repeats Request For Hearing On Supermarket Proposal

Let’s see Publius, where do we start.

“Decisions made in secret by a few in the backroom of village hall…“. Really?

The Village had a hearing during the last master plan update in 2007. As a matter of fact there were many public hearings over a course of almost one year. All the meetings were advertised on the Village website and covered by the Southampton press and driven by the desire of the Village Board to make the Village a better place, not driven by a developer to maximize profits.

The hearing included a committee of business persons and residents of the village. The consensus was no supermarket in the B-2 or B-3. The appropriate place for supermarkets is in the downtown business area (B-1).

Sounds like open government so far.

The developer requesting the supermarket does not want discussion on a master plan update, it has been reported over and over that he just wants the zoning code changed by inserting the word “supermarket” into the zoning code. We know that, this article states that. That change sounds good for him and not so good for open government.

I am sure there were many discussions about the Master Plan update in the back rooms of Village Hall and in the big room on the 2nd floor and on the steps outside of Village Hall. That is where advertised public hearings and discussion takes place in a good government.

Where would you propose the discussion take place, in the back room of a residence on Oneck Road?
" Jun 1, 13 7:37 AM

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