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East Hampton Music Festival Cleared For Landing; FAA Approval Pending

Says the person who doesn't even live in EH... If you like it so much, why haven't you volunteered to hold it in your backyard or next door to your house? This is not a concert with Bob Dylan or Rod Stewart! This is a bunch of first time "promoters" gathering up a bunch of no-name no-talent bands to line their pockets off of the local taxpayers of EH. They are not paying for the cost of the police, sanitation, and infrastructure services - I am! They are not benefiting EH or the local community in anyway or even providing an event that could be deemed entertaining. Instead those of us who live within two miles of the airport are going to be held hostage in hour homes for several days around this even because of the traffic gridlock in the area. We will also get to enjoy the thousands of loud drunken morons stumbing through our yards at 2am to pee on the sides of our houses - oh joy! The best part is the huge probability that when any one of us locals tries to leave our houses during or after this event, we will likely be maimed or killed by the drunken fools leaving the concert as they attempt to drive back to where they came from with a BAC of .35! I love to have fun and I'm all for entertainment, which is why I lived in South Beach for 15 years, but you have no idea what this kind of event is like when held in a residential community (trash, smells, noise, destruction to property, etc). This event is going to be a needless and pointless disaster for the EH community - the ones who actually live here I mean. " May 9, 11 10:58 AM

Actually Former, if you read closely the only thing it says is that the Board will merely "recommend" that the promoters of MTK replant the pine barrens they are cutting down. The MTK promoters are not required to replant anything, so what makes you think they will just voluntarily do it? More likely they will leave it as a mangled dirt pile filled with trash, vomit, and urine. We ARE the local people and we do not want a bunch of people who do not live here coming in to throw a drunken college party in our back yards (literally, there are thousands of us locals whose homes are right by the airport). It's not a matter of lightening up or not being able to enjoy good music - it's a question of us locals having an insanely loud concert spew its drunken morons into our yards to pass out and pee all over our property and then us locals having to dodge these drunken fools perilously driving our streets afterwards. That is not entertainment." May 9, 11 11:13 AM

East Hampton Town Hails Court Ruling On Helicopters; Pilots Tout Stance On FAA Funds

Oh, and SHBob... Before you start in with false assumptions (as you are prone to do), I am not a wealthy rich person who lives south of the highway. I am a year round local who lives under the NE approach to the airport. I hear various aircraft fly over my house all the time and I barely notice the 3-5 seconds of noise. Workmen's trucks make more noise diving by than the airplanes do! Are you going to start in on them next? " Jul 18, 13 12:17 AM

The Quiet Skies Coalition is firmly in favor of CLOSING the airport and saying otherwise is utterly spurious. Clearly 27 East is also part of the anti-airport crowd since they censor and delete any comments in opposition to the demanded closure (so much for free speech). It is not just a few "rogue" commenters - it is a very loud and organized group who is using political, media, and strong arm (verbal) tactics to achieve their goal of the closure of the airport, which just *coincidentally* happens to be very rich land ripe for development. Here are your quotes PBR: From website of Coalition of Interested Parties to End Helicopter Noise, which is owned and operated by Frank Dalene, co-founder of the Quiet Skies Coalition - "People, taxpayers,  and voters really are talking about closing the airport. East Hampton Airport: It’s time to shut it up or shut it down." "The problem is, East Hampton local pilots don’t have a solution. If local pilots downloaded and read A.O.P.A.’s Guide for Airport Advocates, they would know East Hampton Airport is doomed for closure. It’s silly that local pilots believe the airport can’t be shut down. It happened in Chicago and all over the country." "So, as for the airport, control it or steamroll it." "The Town Board can close this airport down. If this administration fails to solve this problem, we will vote in a new administration that will. It is that simple."
From letters from Barry Raebeck, founder of Quiet Skies Coalition, to East Hampton Town Board - "Return the airport to its original purpose — or close it, and save the money and the bother." "Last year at the December meeting in East Hampton, the town, the pilots, and airport officials ... said, “Oh, YOU just want to close the airport,” as if that were some inconceivably wicked scheme. We said, “No, we want to fix it, not nix it.” We were wrong. We should have said, “Yes, of course we would love to see it closed. We hate it. It doesn’t do us any good at all. Why wouldn’t we want to close it?" The solution is simple: close the airport once and for all. If EHA were closed tomorrow, life for most of us would improve dramatically."
" Jul 19, 13 10:01 AM

Quiet Skies Coalition Demonstrates At East Hampton Airport

Their version of "connect personally" was to scream obscenities and insults at everyone who came in or out of the airport regardless of their purpose. The QSC claims it does not want to close the airport and does not oppose light planes, but spewed hysterical vitriol at single engine Cessna pilots like me for enjoying an hour flight around Gardiners and Fisher Islands on a sunny day. They won't be happy until the airport is demolished and developed into expensive houses. " Aug 28, 13 3:10 PM

Southampton Pilot Injured In Shelter Island Plane Crash

Hmmm, POH says short field landing on a grass field with DA of 1035ft (78F/30.33Alt./60DP) on a 25C day at 2450lbs needs 1970ft to clear 50' obstacle and land. That field is about 1800ft long. Guess that explains the pond entry. My question is even if he did crowbar in a landing, how was he planning on getting out? Short field take off on grass over 50ft obstacle under those conditions needs about 2300ft minimum! Just because its there does not mean you can land on it!" Aug 29, 13 4:49 PM

ObamaCare To Be Explained At Sag Harbor Chamber Event

I know a woman who makes $80K a year but since she is paid in cash she only reports $14,990 on her tax returns. Since she has two kids (never married, different fathers) the amount she pays in taxes = $0. She gets free food, free housing, free medical care, free phone, many other freebies from he government, and trades her WIC cards for cash to buy nice things (she is very good at playing the system). But the real kick in the gut is she gets a $4K tax return each year as an EIC. So she pays nothing in, gets thousands back out, and lives very comfortably. Meanwhile the rest of us honest folk are taxed into oblivion. Yeah the system isn't broken at all... " Sep 24, 13 10:44 AM

Overton, Burke-Gonzalez Clinch East Hampton Town Board Seats; Stanzione Ousted

Hopefully the old Town Board will have the decency to vote on the FAA funding before the new board takes office to prevent a crazy fringe group of malcontents from closing our community airport. Once the FAA funding is issued the airport is more protected from these weekend whiners." Nov 6, 13 4:32 PM

Actually I did post quite a bit of documentation and direct quotes from the QSC, which you are clearly a member of, but you had your buddies on here delete them every time I posted them. Nothing like using censorship to prevent the truth from being told. " Nov 9, 13 12:15 AM

Yes because nothing makes us pilots want to "work with" the QSC quite like threats of bulldozing the runway if we don't do exactly what the QSC demands. The term "work with" implies compromise but I have yet to see a single member of the QSC even pretend to be willing to move one inch on their extremist demands. " Nov 9, 13 12:23 AM

Per letter written by co-founder of QSC on May 27, 2013 about pilots and the airport: "They are in denial. They can't imagine the waking up one morning and finding the airport closed for good... it only takes determined political will to close the airport. Pilots at Merrill C. meigs Field in Chicago were also in denial and couldn't imagine a famous airport like Miegs Field could close, leaving their planes stranded on the tarmac. On March 30, 2003 Mayor Richard M. Daley ordered crews to bulldoze the runways in the middle of the night. It's silly that local pilots believe the airport can't be shut down."" Nov 10, 13 11:44 AM

Just to put some perspective on the actual size if the group who is trying to close the airport that employs nearly 100 local residents, is responsible for the creation of 647 jobs for local residents, generates $48 million in local spending, and is used by hundreds of local recreational pilots... One person complained to the town about aircraft noise 551 times in July alone, an average of more than 14 times a day, every day. That person, along with someone else in the area who filed hundreds of noise complaints, make up nearly half of all complaints about aircraft noise. Clearly the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many... oh, wait that's backwards.
" Nov 10, 13 12:07 PM

Apparently I hit a nerve by revealing the truth PBR and Amelia are trying so hard to hide from the public that they have been reduced to making personal attacks on me. How can QSC's own founders "no longer represent" them when QSC continues to post its founders' statements on their own website and QSC has never retracted or denied the statements of its founders? The 5/27/13 letter by QSC's co-founder was to another local newspaper and appears in several public places on the internet. You can also look on the archives of QSC's own website where another co-founder admitted in a letter that QSC shouldn't have tried denying that it wanted to close the airport, saying "We were wrong. We should have said, 'Yes, of course we would love to see it closed. We hate it. It doesn’t do us any good at all. Why wouldn’t we want to close it?' ... If East Hampton Airport were closed tomorrow, life for most of us would improve dramatically." In another letter on QSC's own website a co-founder of QSC clearly set forth the QSC's demands: "1. enforce a curfew of 5 p.m. to 9 a.m. for all aircraft, and 2. ban helicopters, or 3. close the airport." Another prominent QSC member stated in another letter on QSC's own website, that the Town Board could get "rid" of the airport "by no longer accepting F.A.A. grants for airport capital projects and thereby regaining full local control of airport access...The only formidable obstacle is the lack of political will on the Town Board." The revised mantra of the QSC may now be "local control" but it still means the same thing for the QSC: the ultimate closure of the airport through increasing access prohibitions on weekends, mornings, afternoons and evenings, and through the defunding of airport operations until the last remaining runway can no longer be maintained and must be closed. I don't care what kind of spin you put on it or how many new political catch phrases you dress it up with, the true colors of your petticoat are showing. " Nov 12, 13 9:18 PM

So if I don't join your side (the side that wants to close the airport) you'll do what...close the airport? That IS the real issue. You want to close or severely restrict the airport to make it virtually unusable and are using lies and subterfuge to try to manipulate the public to get your way. We pilots are happy and willing to discuss reasonable means and limits to reduce noise, but that is not good enough for you. If you just were honest about your goals and intentions we could have meaningful discussions about compromise and common ground to reduce noise. But you don't really want to compromise, you want it your way or else. So, all we can do is fight against you to get the truth out. Next time don't knowingly buy a house next to an airport that has been there since 1936. " Nov 16, 13 11:00 AM

UPDATE: Former Officer Of The Year Identified As Trespass Suspect

Why am I not surprised that the first thing he did after being released and suspended was run back to Columbia. While it was certainly not the most heinous of crimes the eww factor is pretty high. Wouldn't want two strangers banging in my bed (or on other pieces of my furniture). Hopefully since she was the maid she at least cleaned up afterwards. " Jan 20, 14 9:52 AM

Software Tracks Traffic, Complaints At East Hampton Airport

You forgot to mention that the vast majority of those calls came from two people, one of whom would call the hotline upwards of 14 times per day (for the sole purpose of running up the numbers to skew the statistics). The article makes it clear that both the airport and the local pilots are making efforts to address the helicopter noise problem (typically due to non-local helicopter pilots), yet you anti-airport people still want nothing less than to close the whole airport to build new houses on the land. What happened to compromise?" Feb 13, 14 4:55 PM

For non-aviation folks, the sky over Long Island is not just a great big blue area where pilots can fly wherever they feel like. There are actually very strict limitations on where and what altitude planes can fly, which is why seaplanes stay between 1500-2000ft and skirt the top coast of the island. It is also not particularly safe to try to rapidly decend from 2000ft to land. The descent takes time and distance to accomplish safely. While planes should generally not be operating at less than 1000ft unless they are within 3-5 miles of the airport, keep in mind that several seaplanes land and take off in Sag Harbor and North Sea too. Perhaps you should go take a ride and learn a little more about it to get perspective. Trust me, local airplane pilots are not flying in any manner to intentionally annoy you and are gone in 10-15 seconds (can't say the same for bad drivers on 114 and Noyac)." Feb 13, 14 5:17 PM

UPDATE: FAA's New Helicopter Rule Clarified

Read it again. All it says is the FAA has created a new class of heli that is quieter. The airport can continue to restrict the other two classes as it always has, it just has to get approval to restrict the quieter ones (all EH would have to do is ask to restrict the third class during certain hours at night). I thought the anti-airport people would be pleased that there is new tech to make helis quieter. Who would have guessed quiet helis is not their goal - more like no helis (or planes) at all. Without FAA funds the airport will be starved of funding, fall into further and dangerous disrepair, and have to close down, which is the single minded goal of some on the Airport Planning Committee. " Mar 11, 14 11:10 AM

PBR even you admit that some do in fact want to close the airport when you say "for the most part". Dalene and Gruber have said many times in writing that is their goal. They are on the Committee now so they have the ability to steer policy in that direction. What makes you think their goal has changed? I would be satisfied if they both say in writing that they will not seek to defund, underfund, or close the airport, but they never will. HTO does need the FAA funding and the state of the runways (terrible disrepair, cracks, weeds) is evidence of that need. EH TB has not funded these repairs for years. I am all for reasonable limits being placed on helis and jet traffic (reasonable does not mean only MWF from 10a-2p, but rather a TuWThF restriction from 10p-7a), but am against limits on single engine prop planes. Can you make a similar concession PBR?" Mar 11, 14 3:16 PM

Aren't Cunningham and Dalene representing the other side? They were the only ones quoted in the original article but you did not bring this point up then. It is disappointing that they blatantly misrepresented the new reg to promote their agenda to cast the airport in a negative light. This kind of thing just makes finding common ground for a solution so much harder. " Mar 13, 14 11:36 PM

Many local pilots hate the Sikorskys too. They are a bit like bullies at the airport. Nearly got blown off a taxiway by one last summer. But closing the whole airport at night is not the solution. " Mar 13, 14 11:43 PM

Deer Slaughter Under Way In Southampton Town

Interesting how if you disagree with Wendy or disagree with the characterization of this legitimate and appropriate cull as a "slaughter" your post gets removed. So much for freedom of speech and equal expression of both sides of the issue in the media..." Apr 6, 14 10:35 AM

May your wish be granted." Apr 6, 14 10:37 AM

East Hampton Town Continues To Look For Added Revenues At Airport

Phil, I know this may ruin your narrow view of the issue but not all pilots at HTO are wealthy south of the highway types. Most of us are working stiffs who work all week just to be able to take our old single engine planes out on the weekends as a fun hobby. A large majority of us were born and raised here. This doesn't affect the wealthy private jet owners and helicoptor commuters, because they don't care about the price of fuel. This only hurts us little guys who live here year round. " Jun 18, 14 5:47 PM

East Hampton Town Board Doubles Airport Fuel Fee Despite Pleas

QSC and its minions are one step closer to closing our airport. They don't care about revenue or noise, its closure they want. This price increase will cause the helicopters and jets to fuel elsewhere (everywhere but Gabreski is now cheaper). So there goes 85%+ of the airport's fuel revenue, preventing it from being self sufficient. They will stop the FAA funding to keep the airport in the red and drive Sound and Meyers out of business. Plus since the jets and helis have to come in heavy with fuel they will now be much louder to compensate for extra weight. Soon QSC will complain that since the airport is no longer self sufficient and the noise complaints are up, the whole thing should just be shelved. It would be funny if they weren't so transparent. " Jun 22, 14 11:47 PM

East Hampton Town Board To Hold Special Meeting On Airport Noise

I was woken at 5am yesterday by a half dozen loud motorcycles, then again at 7am by a leaf blower, then my breakfast was interrupted by a garbage truck banging around, then at 8am my peaceful existence was interrupted by a lawn mower, followed at 8:30am by a chainsaw. Do you propose banning all these things too?" Aug 18, 14 1:55 PM

No you weren't. There was a TFR over most of SH from surface to 3000' that prevented any aircraft from flying anywhere near there. Plus any aircraft over SH are equally likely to be going to Gabreski. " Aug 18, 14 2:04 PM

Once again you are spreading false information about the airport to intentionally make this issue seem worse than it is and pressure the town into closing the airport. Aircraft traffic as a whole did NOT increase by 40%. Only helicopter traffic increased by 40%, and that is because of several new commercial companies this year who only operate for 3 months of the year. Helicopter traffic is a much smaller proportion of overall traffic than fixed wing aircraft at the airport. But the truth means nothing to you anti-airport people. You want to close the airport by any means necessary so the land developers and builders who are the driving force behind this movement can buy the land from the town for cheap and make millions for themselves developing it. " Aug 19, 14 10:23 AM

Let me ask you this PBR, why won't your anti-airport group specifically state it's actual goals? You keep using the generalization that you want control of the airport in order to impose "restrictions", but you are still cagey about what those "restrictions" specially are. You are demanding this community give you carte blanche control over a major community asset but are refusing to say what you will do with that control. Why are you being so evasive? Why won't you give this community some transparency? It is completely unreasonable for you to demand that us pilots and this community as a whole simply turn over control to you while being kept completely in the dark as to your intentions. We can't move towards a common goal if none of us know what your actual goal really is. It would be nice if you would publicly state those specific goals and specific restrictions prior to the meeting next week so we all can discuss them. " Aug 19, 14 11:05 AM

UPDATE: Department Of Labor Confirms Prevailing Wages Paid At Gabreski

The union guys don't give their inflatable rat's rear end about the non-union workers or their wages. They just want their cut of the wages of anyone who dares to try to work in their industry. It's all about the union and it's bosses lining their own pockets and driving out competition. While a union wage may be $43/hr a good chunk of that must be paid to the union so the worker actually takes home less than the $40/hr non-union worker. And since when is $40/hr "poverty pay"!" Aug 27, 14 2:17 PM

Tensions Soar at East Hampton Airport Noise Meeting on Wednesday

Last night was nothing short of a modern day lynching of all pilots of little prop Cessnas to jets. The crowd vindictively called pilots a myriad of nasty names and raucously applauded those who advocated full closure of the airport. Only anti-airport proponents were allowed to speak - pilots were not given a chance to address the Board. Ironically, as a local pilot I agree that some restrictions can be made on helicopter traffic to reduce their noise impact on the area, and would be willing to work with the anti-airport folks to find middle ground to alleviate their concerns. But they made it loudly clear that they had absolutely ZERO interest in working to find a joint solution and their only goal was to close the airport. In fact one if the anti-airport leaders admitted he was a land management/developer and wanted the airport closed so he could redevelop it into and industrial park! So at least now they have removed their mask of civility and admitted their true goal of closing the airport and making a profit to line their own pockets. So much for their "working together" with the pilots." Aug 28, 14 2:09 PM

You are the one who is trying to deny facts which are in a recorded session. We were called amoral, liars, greedy, corrupt, and dangerous cowboys who made it their goal to terrify little children. One woman, perhaps you, even gleefully talked about shooting us out of the sky with a gun. I did sign up to speak but was advised by a board representative to reconsider because of the hostile atmosphere. You would not have heard me. You would have attacked me like a pack if rabid wolves. Us local pilots were willing to work with you, but you made it very clear you have no interest in working with anyone. " Aug 28, 14 11:24 PM

You can drop the pretense about not wanting to close the airport. Your QSC group and the airport opponents expressly made your goal clear at the meeting:
It is time for you (pilots) to leave - P. Currie (QSC)
Ban all aircraft, not just helicopters - S. Levine (QSC/architect)
Only way to stop the torture is to close the airport - F. Dalene (QSC/land developer and builder)
Close the airport and convert it into an industrial complex - P. Wolf (land developer)
Close the airport - T. MacNiven (real estate agent)
There were dozens of others who said the same thing. Closure is your goal since, as a real estate agent yourself, you all clearly stand to personally profit from the closure of the airport and it's redevelopment into residential and commercial properties." Aug 29, 14 1:51 PM

East Hampton Village Board Adds To Pressure On Town To Resolve Airport Noise Problems

Your ignorance about aviation is showing. The vertical visibility/ceiling on Sat stayed between 100ft (airport closed) to 600ft (all traffic has to come in under it to visually see the airport to land). Despite some who would like everyone to believe HTO is a major airport, it doesn't have any ILS systems. They were not low because they wanted to annoy you (surprise, the world does not revolve around you). They were low because they were required to be low for safety and to comply with FAA regs - something which will not ever change even without the grant money." Sep 9, 14 3:49 PM

Happy to explain. Please read FAR Part 91.119 (you can Google it). Per the FAA a fixed wing plane can fly over the beach and ocean at a minimum altitude of 500ft. A helicopter can fly below that minimum altitude so long as it is not a danger (which it is not over the ocean). Now you know that nothing any of those pilots was doing was illegal or in violation of any FAA regulation. " Sep 9, 14 5:41 PM

Yes there was a whopping 235 people out of more than 100,000 local residents in the east end. That's a minority, an incredibly loud minority but still a minority. How many people use the airport year round, how much money is brought into our local community from those who use the airport, how many local businesses exist because of that income, how many local families are supported by that income. I guarantee you it is exponentially more than 235. The leaders of this minority have openly admitted they want the land to develop it into an industrial complex to make themselves an enormous personal profit at the expense of the whole community. But the good of the community means nothing to people who think the world needs to revolve around them. " Sep 10, 14 12:01 AM

TpS please re-d my responsense and the FAR I cited. It clearls says per the FAA there is no minimum altitude for helicopter. Fixed wing aircraftt have minimums. Helicopters do not (other than the general ones stated in the FAR). So helicopters can legally elect to fly at whatever altitude they deem to be safe unlless they are imeedaatey adjacent to the airport, when theeywill fly at whatever altitue is required by the tower. Most pilots will typically not choose to fly low if conditions permit. We have a saying: Airspspd is life, altitude is life insurance. Why y do they fly at dferent t altudes over the beach - typically so they don't crash hntntoaeach other (it'sacaed s paration). You may call the FAA regs blather but those are the rules. Sadly too many py people out e think the rules shouldn't apply to them and they deserve special treatrent. " Sep 10, 14 12:29 AM

East Hampton Town Board Promises To Quiet Airport

Sounds like the Board has long since already made its decision to reject FAA funding. They will then continue to defund it and refuse to perform any kind of maintenance or repair at it. In two years they will have the airport closed and sold to the anti-airport real estate developers. The negative economic effect on our community will be enormous. All because the Board has aligned with a small group of people who look to personally profit from it. They need to stop pretending this is about noise or aircraft traffic. I flew for over an hour yesterday around HTO and other than one Piper that was landing when I took off, take a guess at how many other aircraft were over the skies of East Hampton - ZERO. No one was up there other than me for over an hour. So much for those hordes of planes and helicopters they would like you to believe are bombarding the area all day, all night, all the time." Sep 24, 14 6:13 PM

East Hampont Town Hires Second Noise Analysis Consultant, Noise Abatement Solutions Ahead

Time slots are the most ridiculous thing ever conceived of. Clearly no actual pilots were allowed to be a part of or participate in this "sub-committee". First, time slots mean lots of airplanes circling the airport for hours on end waiting for a slot to open. How does a massive increase in circling airplanes and hovering helicopters reduce noice?! Not only does it increase noise, it increases the chance of a midair incident as everyone is forced into waiting in the same airspace above the airport. The Town has ZERO control over the airspace and cannot restrict any aircraft in any way - let me repeat, the Town cannot control the number, altitude or location of aircraft flying in the airspace above East Hampton. So how exactly is a slot system restoring your"quiet use and enjoyment". And how do they propose to enforce a slot system in the 9 months there is no tower? This is what happens when you put people who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about in charge while shutting out and silencing those who do. " Nov 14, 14 2:14 PM

The community revenue the airport brings in is well documented and in the millions. And this is not revenue to 1%ers, but locals who benefit from it. But more importantly there is a large community of local pilots who use the airport. We are nowhere near being 1%ers! But we love to fly. It is our passion. It is what gives us joy in life. Why not stop by one day and go for a flight with us. You will see its value is as great as the bike lanes are of value to the cyclists, or the docks are to the fishermen, or the golf courses are to the golfers. Why are you entitled to keep the things you are passionate about but get to destroy the thing I am passionate about? What makes your rights greater than mine?" Nov 14, 14 2:28 PM

That's silly - pilots would not threaten to circle overhead out of animosity. Where am I supposed to go when my hanger and my car are at HTO? Say I fly to Block Island for lunch and come back to find all the "slots" have been used and I have to wait for a slot to open. I have no choice but to circle until one does or I run out of fuel and have to declare an emergency and land anyway. That's why slots are a dangerous and ineffective idea. And no, the town still has ZERO control over planes in the air. Even if the airport was closed planes will still fly all over the area at anywhere from 500ft up - airport or no airport. You would be surprised at how many planes you people are complaining about that never actually land at HTO. Town can't do a thing about those. " Nov 15, 14 10:09 AM

Aviation Community Unhappy With East Hampton Airport Noise Report, Says Money Was Not Well Spent

Your comments continue to sound like desperate and paranoid conspiracy ramblings in an effort to frighten people. No one is turning off their transponders just to hide from you and your hubris. That is so absurd it's comical. If we turn off our transponders we are putting our lives at risk because we no longer show up on TIS and TCAS so other planes can't see and avoid us - no one is foolish enough to do that! No one is performing acrobatics either since you have to have a special type of structurally reinforced plane to do acrobatics. The regular planes you see would have structural failure if they did acrobatics. Plus acrobatics have to be done at much higher altitudes that you would ever notice (ie: 5k and above). That fact that you anti-airport malcontents are resorting to such blatant falsehoods shows just how manipulative you are. " Nov 15, 14 10:12 AM

Second Phase Of East Hampton Airport Noise Analysis Aired, Time Restrictions Recommended

That's because the town's own consultants shot down their absurd proposal to require every aircraft to buy a landing slot via auction as being unfeasible and unreasonable. Also the town's attorneys, who are much more experienced, have spent a lot more time with this issue, and were not paid by Lipper and Wolf to say what they wanted them to say, specifically disagreed about banning all commercial aircraft. By the way 500 signatures is embarrassingly low. Even the people opposed to extending deer hunting season got 1000. " Dec 3, 14 10:17 AM

How do you know it is true? You're just rampantly speculating. You have no data to support your position. That's only your biased and unsupported wish that it was true. I can just as easily claim home property values have gone up because the airport provides accessibility and that extreme restrictions on the airport will cause property values to plummet." Dec 3, 14 10:23 AM

For the right price a legal opinion paper can be bought that confirms the moon is made of blue cheese. Why are a couple of billionaire real estate investors so hell bent on getting their way? I wonder if the airport land being valued at over $1 billion (pre-development) has anything to do with it..." Dec 4, 14 12:45 AM

Just remember that if those bans are put in place they will be universally enforced - there will be NO exceptions. So when Hillary Clinton is supposed to show up at a fund raiser she's gonna have to take the Jitney, when Guild Hall has a problem with the film it is showing to a bunch of celebrity kids the backup film is going to have to be driven out from NYC, when Oscar winner/famous director/renowned author/popular artist XYZ wants to come to East Hampton they are gonna have to sit in 5 hours of dead stop traffic... No exceptions. None." Dec 4, 14 12:56 AM

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