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North Sea Teen Charged With Vandalizing Signs In Eastport

I live in East Moriches, and the paint was EVERYWHERE!!! I would like to speak to the parents of this 17 year old girl, and ask why was their daughter was in East Moriches late at night with spray paint, nice job!" Apr 16, 11 8:31 PM

Four Hampton Bays Nightclub Staffers Arrested In Undercover Sting

I hope this means that their liquor licence is taken away. Who hires a 21 year old bar manager, LOL!!" May 1, 11 3:41 PM

Southampton Town Board Appoints Wilson As Police Chief

Fleming noted that Wilson was born in Southampton Hospital and has spent 25 years in law enforcement. " May 3, 11 10:24 AM

Former Supervisor Linda Kabot Files Suit Against Westhampton Beach

could someone please explain to me the law about getting pulled over and not taking a breathalyser test. Can you refuse, and just get good lawyers to get you off? " May 5, 11 1:35 PM

thank you, so I guess the question is was she drinking that night? But the real take away is DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE, and if you do, don't take a breathalyser unless you have a really good lawyer to get you off, then sue the pants off of the PD. One last question, who exactly pays for this "settlement" or lawsuit?" May 5, 11 4:16 PM

Dining Out visits Trolley Barn

wow, cat was hit by a car in front of this establishment and a local non-profit was there to take the cat to the ER and the owners came out screaming at her, and then called the police on her. Welcome to the neighborhood. Sounds like some real nice people, NOT!" May 27, 11 8:55 AM

Two Arrested For Allowing Underage Drinking In Remsenburg

the lovelies have come back to group rental again.
" Jun 21, 11 10:51 AM

Police Chief: Officers Had Probable Cause To File DWI Charges In East Quogue Fatality

Why on Earth would anyone peruse a DWI charge, since the scientific findings were none? He was not drunk or on drugs, someone died in that car, he will live with that his whole life. He was not on drugs, this he will live with his whole life as well." Jul 21, 11 11:01 AM

Family: Sagaponack Plane Crash Pilot, Passenger On The Mend

why are the names being withheld?
" Jul 25, 11 5:59 PM

Police: Eastport South Manor Teacher Charged With Fourth DWI

and there we go, TENURED!!! This should not be allowed anymore people! This is the 4th time he got CAUGHT! How many times has he been driving drunk around this island with everyone on this board driving? I don't care if he's made of gold, or how much the kids "love him", it's not that hard to be lovable when your drunk, unless you're running from the cops for your 4th DWI." Aug 7, 11 10:47 AM

East Quogue Couple Fears That Twice-Convicted DWI Driver Won't Face Jail Time

REALLY?! How many times has "ms.depersia" driven drunk, and not gotten into an accident, or one that could be traced to her." Aug 10, 11 8:40 AM

Police: Eastport South Manor Teacher Charged With Fourth DWI

there you go "TENURED" you can't fire this guy because of this. This guy has only been "CAUGHT" 4 times. How many times have we been on the same roads and not been killed by him? Maybe this is more along the lines of the article ;)" Aug 10, 11 8:43 AM

Two Brands of Cookie Compete For The East End Market

maybe it was Ken
" Aug 11, 11 1:16 PM

Fate Of Eastport South Manor Social Studies Teacher Remains Cloudy

UNCLEAR? Guess the tenure is getting in the way, got to love that tenure ;)" Aug 11, 11 1:21 PM

Westhampton Beach Lifeguard Quits After Being Denied Permission To Respond To Fire Alarm

Yes, most local VOLUNTEER figher fighters are, who work in the village. And your welcome.
" Aug 24, 11 9:57 AM

Police Standoff In North Sea Ends Peacefully

which stand off, the one in North Sea, or the apparently home bound people who want to talk about everything other than the article.
" Aug 24, 11 9:59 AM

Court Delays Sentencing Of East Hampton Woman Until October

just seems as though the guilty have it made in this world.

How sad for the people involved in this accident, how many DWI's has this woman gotten CAUGHT for?" Aug 25, 11 9:35 AM

Massive Brawl Breaks Out At 230 Elm; One Arrested

UGH!! Citidiots

" Sep 5, 11 3:39 PM

Eastport South Manor Teacher, Charged With Fourth DWI, Suspended From Job

what a wonderful life! Tenured teacher." Sep 8, 11 8:34 PM

Southampton Village Passes Law To Keep Hedges Well Groomed

OMFG! Trim your stupid hedges, and perhaps, JUST PERHAPS, think of something worthy to do for someone else." Sep 13, 11 10:14 PM

Southampton Man Charged With DWI After Driving Wrong Way On Sunrise Highway

rush to judgement? He was drunk, driving the wrong direction, rush to judgement? Jeffrey Dahlmer was a nice guy too..." Sep 16, 11 9:29 PM

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