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Some are pushing for a new environmental review committee in Southamton

Amen. I guess some people were fortunate to buy a home without ever renting. Welcome to socialism." Jul 22, 09 8:15 AM

Who is the "we" you are talking about? A developer will not build something unless there is a NEED. A developer has fundamental property rights. Not all in the town want socialism. When your taxes go up, and you have to go to Riverhead or Brookhaven for a quart of milk, you're attitude will change. Developers create jobs, period. Our whole east end economy is based upon real estate and real estate development. When that stops, look what happens. A town with no money and more and more young people leaving.l" Jul 22, 09 1:14 PM

Again, welcome to socialism. As for taxes..do you think the population difference has anything to do with it? As to your points...Tourism,- real estate based. People need places to stay, eat and play. The local inn keepers need local business and development to support their services. They alone cannot support the local economy. So let's make it more difficult for restaurants and local entrepeneurs to go into business. Fishing- have you read about the increased regulations in that department? Farming--great, let 5 people on 40 acres support a town....not happening. Talk to some developers, have them explain to you the risks involved. Find out about the "soft costs" to get something done and keep subjective opinions out of the process. We would just be another 3rd world country if the rules and regulations in place today were in place 100 years ago. " Jul 24, 09 7:47 AM

Howard Dean stumps for national health care in East Hampton

Has the Government ever run something better than the private sector?" Aug 12, 09 8:27 AM

PILOTs to be based on collected revenue from prior calendar year, not projections

Lighting code? How ridiculous is that. What's next... what color shirts we can wear, what's for dinner, what car we can drive in the town. If our Town Board doesn't create a law a day, they feel cheated." Aug 12, 09 1:33 PM

Southampton Town Board hears new information on highway superintendent question

Just another thing the Government is taking away from the people. The current town board thinks the people of Southampton are idiots. We can't shut off lights, we don't know how to build things, we can't decide where to eat, we don't know how to put up signs, we can't go to the beach, we have to ask "permission" for everything. Here is another example of government overstepping its boundaries." Aug 12, 09 3:01 PM

Howard Dean stumps for national health care in East Hampton

If Medicare and Medicaide is so "perfect" why do they say it's a broken system. The problem is that the politicians cannot keep their paws off the money and continually raid it for social entitlements. Point 2. Obviously, defense of our country is one of the fundamental purposes of government. We don't want private militia's here and the mere thought of you comparing the two are scary enough. Last I checked, you still have a choice of where to by oil, and so does the pentagon..it's a bid process, probably flawed, but a process none the less. The health care plan put out denies choice. Not directly, but forces small business owners into a direction that would be less favorable to the insured. You favor socialism, I don't." Aug 17, 09 2:56 PM

There is a difference between people wanting health care reform and THIS health care reform. Maybe if we went back to a system where we actually pay for services instead of a 10 dollar co-pay. Remember the 80/20 policies? Maybe limit outlandish claims to keep doctors malpractice at a reasonable amount. If government can't run the cash for clunkers properly, how do you expect them to run a healthcare system. As far as the socialism goes, this country was based upon entrepeneurs doing what was best for them first, and if they were smart enough, the masses would benefit and they would be successful. Now if someone wants to open a business, people ask how it benefits the community first and stop them if they do not like the idea. Let the CEO's make as much as he or she can.....jealous?" Aug 19, 09 1:06 PM

Again. Why the extreme. The health care system needs an overhaul. BUT in the private sector. Have you ever owned a company with government mandates? Have you ever SUPPLIED the health insurance to employees? I agree, insurance companies are out for one thing, turning a profit. Don't be foolish and thing that government isn't out for the same thing. The problem is, when they mismanage they raise taxes and there is no recourse." Aug 20, 09 9:19 AM

Septic system at Southampton Town Justice Court complex to be fixed

The same set of circumstances in the private sector would have resulted in fines and no dealing with the board of health. Now maybe the Town realizes that things don't go so easily...." Sep 1, 09 4:06 PM

Outdoor show raises ire of Westhampton Beach Village Board

Relax. It's a community that is open for 90 days. Drive Slower. Enjoy the music and let the businesses make a buck. I was there and it was fun. The fact that no one complained speaks volumes...." Sep 4, 09 8:05 AM

I witnessed people walking the streets of Westhampton, stopping for ice cream, walking in and out of shops and going to restaurants. The music created an atmosphere that can do nothing but help businesses.. As tumbleweed Tuesday is here, think about that on a mid December Saturday night when shops are closed and the tax bills come...." Sep 8, 09 3:34 PM

Group hopes for Trader Joe's on the East End

I am sure they would love to come into Southampton! OH wait, there are moritoriums all over the place....." Sep 11, 09 3:34 PM

Westhampton Beach Village is working on green energy regulations

Stop with the mandates! Offer incentives. For some reason our local governments continue to take money and decisions away from the population. When the Village Board members put Geothermal and Solar in their homes, then they may have a leg to stand on." Sep 15, 09 7:20 AM

Group hopes for Trader Joe's on the East End

So much for competition. If everyone thought the way Scratch and pmofo do, They wouldn't have had a place to move to. Who are we to say what can go where. This is America, if a company wants to come here it is their butt on the line.Major companies do not move to rural areas unless there is a need. Remember that. " Sep 15, 09 2:49 PM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

What is happening to Southampton Town Government is what happens to any business that doesn't know what they are doing. It views their customers (the taxpayers) as the enemy. The has stopped its revenue source (taxes and fees) with the laws they have enacted. Take property taxes off the tax roll (CPF) tell developers and business people that they are not welcomed(moritorium and planning process) and tell retired people to get lost (increase in property taxes with less services). So at the end of the day, how can the Town stay in business. It's Like IBM telling their customes that they can buy the computer but it's against the law to plug in." Sep 24, 09 12:13 PM

Suffolk County wants to buy 146 acres in East Quogue

That's good. In a time of economic crisis and the Towns being without money, let's take more land off the tax roles so everyone else has to pay more. The pizza pie is the pizza pie and the real taxpayers slice continues to get bigger. Let them develop it and pay taxes like everyone else." Sep 24, 09 3:11 PM

Southampton Town board gets details of forensic audit report, creates audit advisory committee

Why are civics so much a part of our governing. We do not elect them. They are a small minority of the people who have the time to show up to the meetings. It is insulting to think that our ELECTED officials cannot think on their own. Why bother having elections at all.." Oct 15, 09 4:18 PM

Westhampton Beach Zoning Board denies plans for North Mall renovation

What a joke. It is always the people who cannot put two nickles together who stop progress. Jealous? This is the exact reason this country cannot emerge from the current economic crisis. Third world, welcome a new member." Oct 16, 09 5:34 PM

Hampton Bays residents push for longer moratorium

Moratorium- Greek for "I do not know how to govern" We do not elect the civics. Our Town Board has made them a governing body. Ridiculous." Oct 21, 09 2:11 PM

Southampton Town Board incumbent Christopher Nuzzi (R,I,C)

Why is "growth" a bad word. If you don't grow, you rot. You wouldn't be driving a car if someone said "no growth". Go to the third world, see what "no growth" policy does. Growth raises money. Growth creates jobs. Growth, done properly, improves quality of life. Don't complain about lack of services and higher taxes on one hand, and stop "growth" on the other. Take an economics course." Oct 30, 09 7:32 AM

Health care reform passes House with Bishop's blessing

The fact that there is this much confusion shows why it should not have been passed. It may be good, it may be bad, the one thing that is for sure is that it is confusing and subject to interpretation. " Nov 12, 09 1:10 PM

Southampton Town could vote on dark skies legislation soon

This is almost like the cameras at the transfer facility in Eastport. How'd that work out. This is disgusting. Just another way of government over stepping its authority. GO away" Dec 3, 09 2:15 PM

Another thing, when your insurance company drops you or refuses to pay a claim for poor lighting will the town pick up the tab? I wish I could say this law is a joke but it's just another example of Southampton Town micro managing. They do not understand the ramifications of their actions and continue to "create" laws on a whim. Once again, their bad laws cost the people of Southampton real money. The Town Board is proving again that they are a bunch of users, not producers. Balance the budget, cut taxes, be responsible. Is that too much to ask?" Dec 3, 09 8:31 PM

Typical...penalize an entire community for two people who can't work something out. When they get around to telling you what color shirt to wear, maybe you will tell them to stop making unenforcable, ridiculous laws. My neighbor put up a spot light, that's the breaks, I got better shades, paid for them myself, and the problem went away. No biggie. " Dec 5, 09 9:46 AM

That is why there is a permit process. We have laws on the books for your "tennis court" issue. We do not need another law that could be solved with current codes. Again, mico-managing the population." Dec 8, 09 4:00 PM

Southampton Town Board adopts dark skies legislation

Criminal. I hope the Town will pay the damages when my insurance company refuses to pay for a "slip and fall" on my property. I don't like the color of my neighbors car. Let's create a law banning blue cars.." Dec 9, 09 3:39 PM

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