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East Hampton Village To Appoint Rebecca Molinaro New Administrator

But and W, you should both spend less energy speculating on other posters' motives and more energy addressing the substance of their posts. All that I did in my original post was to question the behavior of a public employee, which is the right of any citizen. Some (myself included) would say that it's not just the right, but the duty, of a citizen.

For that, the two temple dogs who apparently guard the sanctity of this public employee, came charging out to savage me. Turns out they're not that tough, these temple dogs. They couldn't really bite me for just standing up and exercising my rights because then they'd look like bad dogs, so they tried to chew on my motives instead, but they got all tangled up doing that.

Once more, all together: The motives don't matter, the partisanship doesn't matter, all that matters is whether the comment is valid on its face. Have we got it now? Finally?

Some of this is the old thing about the guilty fleeing when none pursue. No, Mr. W, I don't have any inside info, but maybe one or both of you does, and maybe that explains why you're so hyper about this matter.

Remember, I acknowledged above as follows: "Rebecca Molinaro may well be 100% blameless in this (and just guilty of lousy judgment) . . ." I did not set out to "besmirch" her as you both claim, but if I had wanted to do that, I couldn't have had better helpers than you two, because you just keep waving the laundry for all to see. When will you wise up and stop? " Feb 18, 13 11:20 PM

Southampton Town Drafting Comprehensive Deer Management Plan

You don't know my position on the role of government, so you aren't able to draw conclusions.

It's grossly disingenuous to dismiss concerns about the deer population as "a few posts by wannabe operatives and anonymous bloggers." If you've been out of town for the last ten years, then go to the grocery store, go to the hardware store, go to a cocktail party, go to the beach, go to church, go anywhere, and you'll hear that people are troubled by the plant damage, road hazards and disease caused by this plague of deer that we have. Check out this article again -- the Town wouldn't be working on a deer management plan if there weren't a problem.

"Genocide of a species" is rhetorical hysteria on your part. No one's suggesting that, and it couldn't be done anyway, and you know it.

Bounty? Interesting. Should be explored. " Sep 25, 14 2:21 PM

Hunters And Residents Continue To Butt Heads Over Deer

Ms. Chandler, the deer-caused "3 accidents" to which you refer may be the whole story in Remsenburg, but there have been many more in Southampton Town as a whole, and in the region. The speeding and dui which you mention are possible contributing factors, but a lot of people do either or both, and why should we tolerate the additional hazard of deer darting out into the road?

You can point to other disease carriers such as mice, but that doesn't mean we can say, "Oh, it's the mice, forget the deer." We need to target all carriers.

Is it "about money" as you say? Are hunters being paid to hunt? And even if they are, you pay an exterminator to get rid of your termites. How is this any different?

You say balance is the key between the interests of gardeners and wildlife enthusiasts. Remember, though, it's a two-way street, and the gardener's plants don't cause traffic accidents, spread disease or eat the crops. The gardener's interest shouldn't trump the deer lover's interest, and vice versa. The balance is off if you have a herd breeding without limit and munching away.

Highhatsize, with the greatest respect and esteem, I guess we disagree. As noted, I'm not a hunter, but long before there was Remsenburg, there was hunting. Long before eugenics, there was hunting. Long before just about anything, there was hunting. We're not going to change that, even if the activity has deteriorated from obtaining food to idle amusement.

My view is fundamentally different from yours. Theologically, morally and scientifically, I believe humans to be a higher life form than other animals, uniquely endowed with a spiritual component I call a soul. Bitter irony here, as humans daily give us compelling reasons to think otherwise, but I still believe it.

I also adhere to the biblical notion that other species were put on earth for man's use. Man needs to be a far, far better steward than he has been, but good or bad, he is the steward.

This said, you will understand that I can't begin to see anything like the parity you suggest between humans and other species, attractive as that parity is on other levels. " Jan 31, 15 9:54 AM

Anna Throne-Holst Closes Out Six-Year Stint As Supervisor

Anna Throne-Holst would be the first to admit that she has been exceedingly fortunate to have the help of Frank Zappone throughout her administration. His highly effective presence will be missed.

This is not to say that Ms. Throne-Holst did not have accomplishments in her own right, for she did. Nor is it to say that I believe Mr.Zappone's influence was 100% benign, for I don't.

Looking at everything, my support for the Democratic Congressional nomination goes to Ms. Throne-Holst's opponent, Dave Calone. Until last week, when he resigned to run for Congress, Mr. Calone was Chair of the Suffolk County Planning Commission, and recently led that body in its vote to reject the Tuckahoe Center proposal, thereby requiring a supermajority of 4 votes on the Town Council for ultimate approval. It's a major obstacle for this ill-starred project, and we owe Dave Calone and the Planning Commission our thanks for their wise decision.

Briefly stated, I believe Dave Calone has the better background for the Congressional position, offering wide experience in both the public and the private sectors, plus a more suitable legislative temperament than his opponent.

At this time of year, and at the end of her Southampton Town tenure, it would be churlish of me to name the ways in which Anna Throne-Holst has disappointed us, and I won't.

Still, in most polities, there is usually a paramount issue that overshadows everything else and can't be ignored. On the national level now, I think it's violence, both from ISIS terrorists here and abroad and from our own unregulated nuts with guns.

In Southampton Town, that paramount issue is overdevelopment. Our entire economy and sense of who we are depends on hanging on to the beauty and serenity of this place. In my view, the Throne-Holst administration has tilted too far toward unwise (as distinct from wise) development, thus undermining and risking the existence of Southampton as we know it. That alone is enough for me to make a judgment. " Dec 24, 15 10:55 AM

Southampton Golf Range Receives $6.5 Million Recreational Easement From Town

Your post, pw, is (a) off-topic, because the piece under discussion is about the Southampton Golf Range, not remotely about Sandy Hollow, and (b) inappropriate, because toilet talk is really more of an elementary school thing. I admit the bar on 27east is low, but it's not that low. Grow up." Sep 21, 16 5:17 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman To Leave Independence Party, Join Democrats

So you had to go all the way to my reply to a different poster (HB Proud, not you) to get something on me. And what was it? Oh, yeah, the fact that I didn't bother to get McConnell's wife's name, a matter wholly irrelevant to the point I made. Lame, HamptonClassic, lame." Oct 26, 17 10:38 AM

Angelo’s Auto Works In Westhampton Beach Celebrates 50 Years In Business

Deepest appreciation to Angelo, John, Philip, Chris and everyone there from Ursula and George for many years of caring service. You’ve always done right by us. " Sep 5, 18 9:51 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Presents 2020 Budget That Would Decrease Property Tax Rate

This is when the budgets always come out, so let’s not go politicizing the timing.

Hard to argue with a 6% tax rate reduction, clean water, and much-needed items for Hampton Bays like the Senior Center acquisition and the Water District projects. Good job, Jay.

Let’s keep up the momentum by voting for Jay Schneiderman for supervisor, John Bouvier and Craig Catalanotto for town council, Gordon Herr for tax rwceiver, and Ann Welker and Captain Andy Brosnan for trustee. Election Day is Tuesday, November 5th. " Sep 19, 19 5:01 PM