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Contractor accuses East Hampton School District of fraud

It sounds like the School Board and School Admin need to get their act together, quite frankly. Signing contracts that aren't approved? Going forward with projects that haven't been fully defined?

to be fair, it seems like the new superintendant inherited a bit of a mess but his actions seem to have exacerbated the situation.

" Jan 29, 09 10:55 AM

Another noose found hanging in the woods of Sagaponack

I know this area well.

Maybe something like this will get enough publicity so that the police have some reason to patrol this area for illegal Motorbike/ATV riding, Illegal Shooting and Garbage Dumping instead of just looking the other way and ignoring it (tacitly endorsing it)" Jan 29, 09 10:59 AM

County Road 39 signs removed

Maybe real cops would work better.

Anyway, I feel sorry for the officer in the picture. He was viewed by thousands everyday. Now, he's just another forgotten face in a pile of scrap metal. " Jan 29, 09 11:02 AM

St. Patrick's Day Parade grand marshals are picked

To all attending - Make sure and be careful when the Hampton Bays Fire Department rolls through. " Jan 29, 09 11:06 AM

Southampton considers future of dual-language education


i would imagine the 'kids' parents are paying rent someplace and that rent pays the property taxes, which fund the school no? Maybe we shouldn't let anyone who rents send their kids to public schools then.

Oh, and are 'folks like you' receiving a special tax to fund this program or do folks like me and 'they' also share the cost?

" Jan 29, 09 6:22 PM

BMX track plans roll forward in Eastport

sweeeeeeet!" Feb 19, 09 9:03 AM

Citarella to open in Bridgehampton


overpriced groceries!" Feb 19, 09 9:47 AM

Baykeeper sues over Dockers dock plans

Thank you Kevin for defending our wetlands from development. The Larry Hoffmans of the world should not be profiting from the degredation of our environment. It is too bad the trustees don't have the political cajones to do what should have been done" Feb 19, 09 11:54 AM

Republican majority on Southampton Town Board quashes plan to restructure financial department

Sounds great!

Instead of making current employees actually accountable and mandate that they do the jobs they are supposed to do, lets make up additional positons with cushy benefits and pensions!!


I would like to throw my hat in the ring for the 'Czar of Budgeting' positon that will inevitably be coming. Or perhaps 'Minister of Capital Accounts'

" Feb 24, 09 9:11 AM

Some concerned Bridgehampton project will harm community character

Where will I get my 40's!?!?!

has anyone thought of that?" Feb 28, 09 7:46 AM

Storm blankets East End with a foot of snow

you need to buy a lottery ticket? lol" Mar 3, 09 8:30 AM

Some opposition to proposed farmers market in Southampton

Dennis pretty much runs a deli/specialty food store now anyway. Produce is a small part of his business now. And an even smaller part of that business is local (grown on long island) produce. " Mar 14, 09 12:50 PM

^ yes Jane Q Public, we wouldn't want you to have to interact with any of those 'of non european descent' type people. If 'they' could just all stay in Hampton Bays and Springs emerging once a week to mow our lawns and trim our hedges that would be beneficial to us all. " Mar 18, 09 4:56 PM

Online auction has mansions up for sale to highest bidders

^ I really love that idea lulubelle1956. Turn these monstrosities into something that the community could use" Mar 23, 09 5:37 PM

DEC snags poachers targeting turtle eggs

To bad someone didn't steal slamminsammys egg back in the day" Mar 27, 09 4:01 PM

Code enforcement shuts down soup kitchen at Southampton Tire

Can anyone in need in swing by for lunch or do you have to be 'mexican' looking. just wondering

either way, feeding people in need is good stuff. huzzah! to the Whitby's

" Mar 31, 09 7:01 PM

Capital budget error bolstered budget surplus, which was used to cut taxes

ahhh....the shell game is finally over. Instead of increasing taxes to fund their outrageous speding increases, they borrowed from this fund and that fund to keep the general fund escalation in spending hidden from the taxpayers by not raising taxes.

I can appreciate their effort in keeping my tax rates low, but doing so by shuffling money from this fund to that fund isn't kosher in my book and certainly not a long term solution. How about actually spending less?

It is indeed good news that the additional revenues that helped keep the towns general fund afloat are gone, and all these skeletons keep coming out. The Comptrollers office audit will surely uncover other 'bookeeping' errors.
" Apr 1, 09 4:19 PM

Springs woman celebrates 100th birthday

Mrs Denton, you make 100 look good! Congrats!!

" Apr 2, 09 10:20 AM

Bishop plan would halt estate tax on farmers

^ the town is currently not offering a fair value for the development rights, and could not afford to buy all of the rights if it was offered to do so anyway.

I see this as a great proposal. Good luck Mr. Bishop. " Apr 2, 09 11:21 AM

Code enforcement shuts down soup kitchen at Southampton Tire

I can't believe people can't differentiate between 2 seperate lines of thought;

1. feeding hungry people is good. no matter what size/shape/color/religion/ethnicity. We should not need quotes from books of fiction to illustrate this point for us.

2. People have a right to be upset about illegal immigrants. You don't have to be a racist or a bigot, and shouldn't be called such. These are not terms that should be thrown around casually. In fact, they are usually used to keep people from expressing their viewpoints. People have a right to be upset that there are undocumented aliens walking around on our streets and our government looks the other way because it is the easy and most convenient thing to do.

" Apr 3, 09 1:40 PM

Questions abound over resort motel

I go by that place all the time, and while I have never been inside, I don't think it looks 'run down' at all. Its just an older complex. " Apr 6, 09 6:58 PM

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