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Maureen's Haven continues to provide a harbor for the homeless

The homeless sex offenders housed in the trailers in Riverside and Westhampton are under the direction of the Suffolk County Department of Social Services, who in my opinion, does a commendable job with a very sensitive situation. The Maureen's Haven Homeless Outreach Program does not accomodate registered sex offenders or predators." Jan 28, 09 11:46 PM

New Quogue Building Inspector Follows In The Footsteps Of Mentor

Congratulations Bill- regards to your family..." Sep 22, 11 2:22 AM

Shift To Diagonal Parking Will Add 24 Spaces To Southampton Village Business District

I would hope the engineering firm will recommend more angular parking spaces on Hampton Road than the spaces along Main Street. The spaces on both sides of Main Street, when accommodating the more popular SUV's and trucks, do not allow much room in both directions for safe passage! Most of the vehicles now stick too far out when parked, even diagonally." Apr 30, 14 12:42 PM

Hotel Entrepreneurs Get A Boost From New Tax Exemption In Southampton Town

Great work Stan! Seeing some of the Sun's undertaking firsthand, I commend them on their huge leap if faith, even without knowing of the pending available tax exemption! Good luck to them in their endeavor- their new motel will be an asset to the Hampton Bays and Town of Southpton communities." Jul 6, 14 10:48 AM

Lynch's Garden Center, A Southampton Staple, Is Sold

Thank you to the Lynch Family for all their years of contributing to the community and best of luck to the Fowlers! " Jan 7, 15 2:46 PM

Vice President Vacations In Southampton Village

There seemed to be a few extra "security " vehicles around the village- that might explain it!

Good for the VP to take some time off." Aug 9, 16 3:29 PM

Early Demolition Work Begins At Canoe Place Inn In Hampton Bays

I am glad that the historic front building is being preserved! Kudos to the Southampton Town Planning Board." Dec 10, 16 11:17 AM

Owner of Paul's Restaurant In Southampton Looks To Give Big Gift To Timothy Hill Ranch

Wonderful outreach by the DeRobertis Family and the Southampton Community! Merry Christmas to Paul and his caring family." Dec 23, 16 10:46 AM

Senior Services Director Retires After 30 Years With Southampton Town

Congratulations Pam, on a job well done!
Godspeed!" Jan 21, 17 5:23 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Planning Patriotic Memorial To Andon, Military

This is a well-deserved honor for Ham, and all who have served to protect Our Country! ����❤️����" Nov 15, 17 8:31 AM

Paul Bass, The Winningest Head Coach In Westhampton Beach History, Retires

Godspeed, Paul and Kim-
The “extended” community is blessed to have had you for all of these years (and generations)! Thank you. " Apr 2, 19 11:45 AM