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A Fine Line
Commentary by Cailin Brophy,
Sports Editor, The Southampton Press

The way I see it is the school has a new administration that is not from the area and not part of the Sag Harbor Old Boys Club, The school has a code of conduct for students and athletes which we all know was never followed before. Unfortunately Mr. Marienfield was the first person they enforced it on.
Hopefully some willl learn from this unfortunate situation and our kids will benfit someway. We can only HOPE" Feb 3, 09 8:22 PM

Alternatives sought after village shuts down Southampton Tire soup kitchen

When are theses groups (sisters of mercy, etc.) going to help the thousands
of legal Americans who are going with out food. There are plenty here that
are in need not only in need of food but medical care as well. it's funny only the illegals know how to get free food and medical care. It's disgusting to
drive down North Main St and see all them all hanging out. Where are immigration officals. Send them HOME!!!!" Apr 8, 09 2:01 PM

Attorney says hit-and-run driver fell asleep at the wheel

Why waste tax payers money Deport him now. We will already have to pay
his medical bills from his hospial stay. Were supporting enough illegals. To
mariposa- Try some ESL classes." Apr 13, 09 11:24 AM

East Hampton considers layoffs to plug deficit

I feel real sorry the residents of East Hampton and especially for Mcgintee's
family members. How do they show thier faces in public? This man is delusional. Hopefully the lay offs will only be for his friends that he created jobs for the the hard working folks of EH who need to pay their bills the honset
way not like the crook who is running or should I say ruining the town" May 14, 09 12:52 PM

Construction crew may have followed dangerous practices

Just wondering if Mr. Grimes was wondering what happened to the debris?
As the owner of the company wouldn't he have to pay for getting rid of the stumps? Shouldn't he have been aware that day? I know he fixed the problem
but it sure sounds fishy to me. Is he on McGintee's payroll too?" May 19, 09 2:58 PM

Two critically injured in accident on CR39 Monday morning

I really feel sorry for most of you people. Everyone here is a victim except
the CHILD from Shirley who made choice to get drunk and drive his car.
He should be locked away for the rest of his life. Maybe if we got a little tougher with laws. Chumps like this would not be ruining peoples lives. All
of you all are trying to put blame on the taxi. REGARDLESS if he turned wrong
this CHILD ane I repeat Child mad a choice to drive drunk and risks everyone
else on the roads life. You all should be greatful you were home sleeping he could of Killed you." May 26, 09 9:25 AM

East Hampton budget officer to be arraigned Thursday

All of you folks are so pathetic. Do you ever cross the canal?" Jun 11, 09 7:24 AM

Hults faces felony charges; probe's focus turns to supervisor's office

Just wondering why all of you pepole hate the East Hampton Independent?
Fortuanately I do not live in the town of EH and sure am glad as I would not want my taxes to go up 18%. The way I see it the Independent is the only true
paper around here. It reports the news, it is not persuaded by any polictial organizations. They get the scoop report on it and that's that. As I said once before I don't think half of you have ever gone west of the canal. I personally do not know any of these folks. But I do know some who work and town Hall.
These are the people I truly feel sorry for. What must it be like to walk on egg
shells at work day in and day out. I also know there is a lot of corruption in this town. I personally know an ex cop who got hurt skiing and is fully disabled and blamed it on a work force injury. Which is totally not true It happened on a ski mounstain! So I say it 'stime to wake up people and look out for you own wallets. To the friend of Ted, Ann, I'm sure he is a really nice person
but he is a person who has his own mind and can make choices for himself he unfortunately decided to make the wrong choices. He could have told Bill. No I will not do this. But he chose not to. And now he must pay the price. Hopefully he will turn on the rotten person who all of you in EH had the CHOICE
to vote for him a second time and most of you did because he won," Jun 13, 09 10:41 AM

Supervisor proposes $1 million in budget cuts

How about getting rid of the whole entire building department. There is not a
sole in that department that knows what the hell they are doing. They can all
be fired and some new fresh employees should get their jobs. That place
is a complete joke. " Jun 25, 09 9:22 AM

Mad as heck over added Cablevision charges

What's even worse they have not done this to any of the spanish speaking
channels! Go figure. Switch to direct TV its much better. Our house did it after
this most recent Cablevision scam" Jul 14, 09 12:33 PM

Southampton Mayor calls cops on paparazzi during dinner out with Gosselin, Major, Lohan, Zarin

Is this even a news worthy story? we need some real reporters with some
real news stories!!!" Jul 30, 09 7:14 AM

Congressman defends calls for health care reform

If they stopped giving free health care, food and everything else to illegal immigrants Americans could have health care. Just go the SH Hospital and
and see all the illegal women with thier babies and their government issured
health cards Real or should I say legal Americans should be getting this. But
until Bishop and his cronies do something about all of these illegals nothing will be fixed" Aug 3, 09 7:41 AM

A tragic and shocking end to an immigrant family's American dream

I agree with truth hurts and squeaky. In my opninon this is VERY POOR REPORTING, Who cares where they came from However it must be nice to
go to rome, drive fancy cars, have a second home in mexico. I for one have
never had any of those opportunities and was born in this country. A good reporter would have talked more about the issuses of domestic violence, because as everyone knows it has no boundries" Aug 13, 09 10:12 AM

Southampton Hospital opens new wellness institute this week

I work in health care American's wake up and smell the coffee. They donate
this money for a tax write off, have the hospital build a fancy wing and name it after them, Like the new OB wing at the hosptial it's a fancy hotel for the illegal
immigrants who we pay for for them to have babies, and then cover the child
under mediciad or the new americhoice by united heatlh care. We are paying for this and Americans who are born here are going with out health insurance.
There are a few local doctors who all they see are these type of patients." Sep 22, 09 10:14 AM

Town code enforcement again raids Westhampton home owned by Kabot's aunt

Of the 20 comments posted I think the only two people posting here are I care and north of the highway, with any brains in their heads (and etians rd). The rest of you need to get a life. Try some commity service if you don't have any hobbies besides bashing people." Nov 14, 09 10:45 PM

Weather service predicts a foot of snow; many closings announced

Also did you know the weather channel sued Al Gore for his BS about global
warming. If I recall correctly when I was in school we learned about the ice
age, dinasuars etc. It just might be the natural progression of the earth, not the propaganda our govenment feeds us. It's all about making money
" Feb 11, 10 2:20 PM

Southampton Village denies request for police records

Sounds like they all got something to hide, because if there is nothing to hide you would give the truth. But then again cops are for the most part are dishonest and use thier power and ego for the wrong reasons,,Just like the Mayor he uses his power in places it is not needed and I this from personal experience keep up the good reporting. look what the Independent did to East Hampton It's time to air the dirty laundry" Feb 19, 10 8:55 AM

Sag Harbor looking to trim 10-percent budget hike

It's time to trim the fat!!! Get rid of some of the usless teachers who do not know how to teach. I have several kids in the district, and if you ask me there
is only a handful left of teachers who actually do their job, I even asked one of my child's teachers about the contract and they did not even know how to answer my questions. Pretty sad. Some don't even grade their own work they have the students do it for them. What the teachers do not realize most parents are tired of the teachers not being aware of current events, lots of people have no work, or less work, but they just want more, maybe when some of their coworkers are on the umemployment line they will give in a little. Also time for Eileen to retire, From what I hear most parents are hiring outside counslers cause the two the school has do not do their job good enough" Mar 11, 10 10:25 AM

Wettest March on record wraps up

I just wondering if the DEC knows that in the Pine Neck section of Noyac (Hampton road to be exact)
the town was pumping the flood water back into the bay. I'm sure if a home owner was doing this they would face heavy fines. Also I guess it's who you know as there is still one street unpassable but since the home owners who live near that flood do not own a resturant on noyac road they did not get any special treatment. Pretty sad. and by the way I have picutres of the town truck in a private yard doing just what I've said." Apr 5, 10 8:18 AM

Longtime Whalers coach replaced


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