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Cross-Town Friends Plead For Beach Parking Neighborliness

200 people already joined the FB page and you think only 30 or 40 people will want a beach sticker? OK then.
" Feb 26, 19 2:17 PM

Residents File Lawsuit Against Town, Property Owner Regarding Rose Hill Road Deal

The Trustees ALL voted in favor of this giveaway. They should all be replaced in the next election and Thea Dombrowski-Fry has my vote. The Trustees’ responsibility is to the Freeholders and they failed miserably with Rose Hill Road. This can never happen again, time to clean house and VOTE. " Mar 7, 19 1:13 PM

Cap On Foreign Workers Lifted For 2019 After Outcry From Business Owners

Wonder how many of these people complaining voted for Trump. Next up, your healthcare. " Apr 2, 19 2:39 PM

Local Environmentalist Calls On Supervisor To Recuse Himself From Pine Barrens Commission

I’ll give you three guesses, but you’ll only need one.
" Apr 3, 19 2:32 PM

UPDATE: Driver Who Caused Four-Car Accident On CR 39 Monday Morning Charged With Driving Without A License

This road is a death trap. Why doesn’t the Town demand that the County start looking at real solutions for making this road safer.
" May 13, 19 12:25 PM

Ten Candidates Battle It Out For Five Seats On Southampton Town Trustee Board

They will all be debating tonight at 6pm at the Water Mill Community House. Come ask your questions and hear them address community issues.
" Oct 16, 19 8:37 AM

Residents Still Fighting To Stop Proposed Equinox Facility In Bridgehampton

Whatever happened to simple as of right. These variances granted by the zoning board need to stop. Developers have the right to build, but not to exploit the system. " Oct 23, 19 10:48 AM

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