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County Road 39 Closed Monday After Two-Vehicle Accident

The County has plans to add a second westbound lane from the 7-11 to the intersection with 27. If you think the road is dangerous now, just wait. Time for everyone to start contacting the County and demand that they address the safety issues on this road before someone is seriously injured. " May 3, 11 12:49 PM

Whole Foods Is Coming To East Hampton For The Summer

A Whole Foods farm stand. That's a good one. Nothing like a national chain competing with local farmers during the summer season. Nice.
" Apr 14, 12 7:32 PM

Preparation For Road Widening Project On County Road 39 To Begin Shortly

My understanding is that the project will cost approximately $5.7 million dollars. Our tax dollars hard at work. " Jul 9, 12 6:21 PM

Image Overhaul For High-Goal Polo Tournament In Bridgehampton

How about a nice little article about what all the fertilizers, herbicides and watering of the polo fields is doing to our groundwater. " Jul 16, 12 1:27 PM

White Birch In Driver's Seat For Monty Waterbury Cup

Anyone going to do a story about the horse that died?" Aug 7, 12 9:45 PM

Head-On Accident Ties Up Traffic Wednesday Morning

Hopefully everyone is ok, but seriously, how many more accidents need to happen on this road before the County takes some responsibility. Are you listening Gil Anderson and Bill Hillman?
" Sep 26, 12 12:48 PM

UPDATE: LIPA Says It's On Track For 90 Percent Restored By Wednesday

Cablevision is totally lying. They also refuse to pick up their phones and have the nerve to tell you to use the Internet to file an outage.
" Nov 2, 12 9:39 PM

UPDATE; Blinking Light On County Road 39 Was Malfunction

Once again, the County catering to everyone but the taxpayers who actually live here. Quit jeopardizing our safety in the name of traffic flow. Haven't there been enough accidents on this stretch without making it even more dangerous?" Jun 28, 13 3:18 PM

Traffic Woes Are Once Again Plaguing County Road 39 Commuters

How dare Jay Schneiderman suggest all blinking lights during rush hour. People actually live in this community and need to be able to safely navigate the roads with the help of traffic lights. CR39 isn't simply a thoroughfare and this isn't just about getting trucks and commuter traffic flowing more quickly. Maybe Mr. Schneiderman should to tackle the issue of the death road he has helped to create and come up with some real solutions regarding safeguarding local residents who take their lives in their hands every time they travel on CR39. " Aug 1, 13 10:28 PM

Southampton Church Leaders Question Transparency Of Suffolk County Board Of Elections

I hope Jay Schneiderman is spending as much time figuring out the mess he's helped to create on CR39 as he has in helping a hate mongerer target those who may share his views on discrimination based on sexual orientation. Someone's walking a fine line between tax exempt status and politics. " Aug 2, 13 3:30 PM

Officials Recommend Traffic Light Cameras, Lower Speed Limits To Reduce South Fork Car Crashes

Why is the speed limit on CR39 in Water Mill 45mph when it's 35mph further west. Shouldn't it be uniform at 35mph? " Aug 17, 13 1:54 PM

Parrish Tax Levy Approved By Southampton Voters

Regardless of how one would vote, why is the museum allowed to hold a separate vote on an off day as opposed to the usual practice of holding it on the same day and voting place as the school budget. It all seems very random. Then again, perhaps intentional." Apr 10, 14 4:57 PM

East Hampton Volunteer Ocean Rescue Selects Member of the Year

Couldn't happen to a nicer person and a great eye dr too. " Jan 22, 15 1:00 PM

Jay Schneiderman Will Run For Southampton Town Supervisor

Ugh, argh, good grief, say it ain't so. " May 23, 15 12:50 PM

Bouwerie Mansion On Meadow Lane In Southampton Meets The Wrecking Ball

Would be helpful if the paper identified the new owner by name." Dec 19, 15 8:51 PM

Requiem For The Bouwerie

Why don't you name the owner of the property instead of the LLC. Then the community can know what individual needs 17 bedrooms, 11 car garage and an 18,000sf house. Despicable.
" Dec 20, 15 2:50 PM

County Executive Calls For New Fees On Water Use To Fight Nitrogen Pollution

What about private well water use, The polo farm in Water Mill will be pumping 1000 gallons of private well water per minute. That's a lot of untaxed water use by a major contributor of nitrogen in the groundwater. " Apr 26, 16 12:55 PM

Revised Tuckahoe Center Proposal Submitted To Southampton Town

Can you stop posting the rendering with 3 cars on CR39?
" Aug 10, 16 3:57 PM

UPDATE: Town Deems 'The Hills' Environmental Impact Statement Complete

The Town should make that a requirement from every developer for every project submitted.
" Oct 11, 16 5:48 PM

East End Community Rallies Around Victim Of Racist Attack In Hampton Bays

Sad we live in a Country where this type of rhetoric and intimidation exists and there are residents in our community who think it's ok to behave this way.
" Nov 22, 16 1:27 PM

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