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Southampton Police Chief James P. Overton To Retire In April

Hey Scottj... FYI... Sound a little bitter do you? Now now...So let's see..1968 flashback..two precints, east-west..no BP vests, no walkie-talkies, no mace, no glocks, no tasers, no computers, just a black-jack, and a revolver... little or NO back-up units on midnights...anarchy in Watts, Detroit, Newark, Viet Nam {lovers of cops} rarely called "Cops" rather "PIGS" 6 day a week work weeks, $3400.00 salary,
And, by the way...what prevented YOU from choosing this now enviable career?
So, now, after 40 plus years You want what HE has!!!!
Pay your dues first BOY." Mar 8, 11 10:20 AM

Town Police Chief Appointment May Be Clouded By Politics

Hopefully this article represents no more than ..."The politically right thing to do" and not some sort of retribution or power play.
As in Jim's case, anyone thinking clearly would acknowledge that"Paying one's dues" would entitle them to reap certain benefits when in competition with those who have not measured up with the same distinction.
In so doing, Tony beganwith part time service to local police depts...became as we knew then, a radio operator for the Town...sector patrol...road sgt...det sgt...lieutenant...Swat...and Captain..serving the township for decades.
He has always been both approachable and true to his word. His knowledge of personnel and fairness distinguishes him from many of his counterparts who often times develop amnesia as they climb the ladder of success.

In closing...do the "Right-Thing" and appoint the right man for the right job!!!" Apr 14, 11 10:54 AM

So let me see if I understand these last 15 postings correctly... we have a retiring chief of 2 decades... we have an in house cantidate who has traveled this SHTPD "Un 'Blemished" ..for an equal amount of time.
Nowhere...I repeat "No where" has anyone posted a substantial,definable, and credible reason why the torch should be passed to the most likely cantidate.
All we hear are the reasons for a further search... no reasons why...just keep searching.
Tony has served due time in apprentice search... he has been hip connected to the workhorse of the dept...he has benefited from the leaderships gains and has so too, learned from it's shortcomings.

To think that someone who know less...who has no history... who has not earned the respect of those young enough to be his sons...is now going to come abord...is a mockery and disrecpt to the theory of "pay-your-dues' and if so doing after 20-30 years...that would a resume that would need to be unnecessary to be be=holding to anyone...especially those who have laid their head on pillows at 10;00pm for the past 20 years and felt assured that they would wake up the next morning as he patrlloed their streets in troubled times.
The decision makers are here until the next election or until the next fiasco that tarnishes their reputation. Find fault with Tony and that's another thing...so far... not even a whisper.......
" Apr 15, 11 6:56 PM

Southampton Town Board Fails To Appoint New Police Chief

Can it be ruled out that when the "Executive Session Door Slams" and the 6 locks, ala Seinfeld"s apt are thrown... that this plot may be thickening?
Is there a broom on order that would be used to clean house???
Scene one..Jim retires.
Scene two... open interviews.
Scene three.. Wilson appointed.
Final act...Capt. Tenaglia chooses to retire.
Finale,,,, New outsider # two appointed...
Is that beyond our current seat holding politician's ethics code of dignity to merely laugh off such a scheme? Not so fast!!!!
Again, the right man's office should be relocated from 25 feet away... rather than 10 miles away....
" Apr 17, 11 12:20 PM

Police: Eastport South Manor Teacher Charged With Fourth DWI

So after reading twenty odd comments... I'd like to give it a shot .
Fact: taugt for 35 years ins school distance.
Fact:coached football for 33 years
Fact: served as a certified police officer for over three decades
So with that being said ... Now this,,
How can one sit in the back of apolicecar cuffed marandized etcnot ask themselves what the he'll didido. .
Then again and followed by two moreagains!!!!
With the encore being fleeing from police jeopardizing a momtakingher kids out fora carvel treat... Andthen deciding to takeonthe arresting officer
How'd that work out for you Timmy? By the looks of your eye.. Maybe you should think twice with number five down the road.
Yea give him help. Plenty but not. While during prep periods.
It's said that the number of arrests for crimes of this felony nature represent about ten percent of those the violator commits...imagine how many more good folks lives he threatened!!!!!
Teacmhing car rears are a gift not right. They are meant to be more tan a pay check andasummer Columbus day thanksgiving Christmas winter va ca spring recess snow dat OFF!!!!!!!
Set an example... Be grateful... Quit clinging to the bleeding liberal society that features you Asa victim who is mis guided or misunderstood. Where has accountability gone?
Where has. Consequences foronesactions gone?
Where have those who are. The guardians for the students gone. Who are charged with the responsibilities they signed up for.?
Take that mug shot and hang it in the cafeteria so kids can finally learn a lessonnotfound in textbooks." Aug 5, 11 6:06 PM

Never said. I could type... Did teach I south manor school distance.
Also read above and separate a couple of the hooked together words.
I was too quick on the trigger as I typed... Mea culpable!," Aug 5, 11 6:13 PM

Eastport South Manor Theater Group Raising Money To Revive Spring Musical

So let's see how Mr Fairness responds to this : From 1965 through 2000 south manor contracts ranked in the lower 10 percent of the county while delivering Quality education and un paid volunteer time to programs that were generously compensated in nearby districts.. no clammer There for so called Fairness ... And if what you quoted as Robson salaries is infact true..this is a result of school board elected reps...Whom you in fact, if you are a voting resident, may have pulled the lever for!!
Ok when Lilco, Telephone, Cops, etc negotiate their deals with less education and in some cases responsibility, are hardly called upon for fairness give backs.

It has taken five decades for South Manor and Eastport to be able to climb a ladder that "Greedy Dictatorial Ignorant" board members and superintendents imposed upon these two districts with little clout.

Now, combined, it's a much more level playing field!
One should not judge a book by one's cover and so too not three hundred plus teachers by one teacher.

I was around for most of those years I described and I applaud all of the changes!!!!

" Sep 15, 11 12:58 PM

Mourners Pack Vigil For Mom And Son Killed In Manorville Crash On Saturday

For many years now, I have made it a practice to call upon a phrase to help me get through what all too often is a trivial situation..."You need a bigger problem".. The kids and wife kinda shrug it off when they and sometimes myself lament over no nearby parking spaces...wrong take out food order... Three people ahead on a checkout line... ETC.

Next time... Give the Trinca family a thought and ask God to give them the strength and faith to pass through these times of trouble that few have ever been called upon to endure ...." Oct 10, 11 2:55 PM

Man Pushes Girlfriend Onto Train Tracks In Hampton Bays, Both Arrested

Hey if it were Ozzie and his wife... ( not Harriat sp?)... it would make for a prime time reality special these days!!!!

Instead ... Taxpayers have to share the expense of police services rendered, jail accomodations with meals no less, chauffeur delivery to and from court and another black eye for the already tormented hamlet of Hampton Bays as a result of the "staggering" flow of Budweiser from some local pubs..." Oct 18, 11 11:02 AM

Unarguable... Let the good times roll... " Oct 22, 11 3:07 PM

Police: Southampton Man Punches, Kicks Officer After DWI Arrest

Mr Size..
So in time of need for you or a family member... Dialing 911 would in all liklihood produce a STPD officer... Would you choose not to entrust the necessary aid provided by a department that falls so short of your expectations?!!!
Better have NY State Police on speed dial... And hope they' re not in Greenport or Shelter Island.. (limited number of patrol units available)
Good luck!" Dec 15, 11 3:31 PM

Car Plunges Into Shinnecock Canal, Man Dies

So where's big hat or big head or whatever his or her name is now??? Here are you productivity... U Tax PD dollars at work!!!
If it was your frigid frightened breath holding butt in that car... Might you make a generous PBA donation?
Google for the address you probably will be seeking.

" Jan 3, 12 6:16 PM

Developer Seeks Change To Westhampton Beach Zoning Code To Allow For New Supermarket

Afetr decades in the "Best Hamptons"... Both age and opportunities took us a bit farther south.
With on going sunshine being the the tops of the most desirable trade offs upon relocating... A close runner up would be our " Publix" supermarket .
All too often the folks there have us saying ( sarcastically )" doesn't that remind you of Waldbaums?",,,??!! Bag for you.. Buy one get one free... Carry out service.. Customize every deli order .. On and on. Yes mam no sir... Return anything open unopened even half used full apologeticreplacement or full refund. The gold standard of personnel and customer service.
So " IT is possible"...
On Long Island ie.WHB why not?
Bet all of the readers might have a few reasons they could suggest..
Yet if standards and practices are set high.. Accompanied with management accepting nothing less than excellence in employment practices.. Who knows?

" Jan 9, 12 3:37 PM

East Quogue Man Whose Body Was Recovered In Shinnecock Bay Was Avid Waterman, Family Says

Bravo PH.D Matt.. You and Alex Trebeck should take a course or two in the art of being humble, sensitive, and appreciation for those who are doing nothing more than hurting for someone else's loss. " WIZE " up!!!" Jan 27, 12 3:57 PM

PS also had an opportunity to coach his son in H S ... And in this case the younger " Apple".. did not fall short of the tree he called DAD..." Jan 27, 12 9:53 PM

Police Suspension May Hint At Issues In Department

I share with those of you who go back decades with the STPD.. A humble opinion:
"Bigger in this case, day and age,Bigger is Not always Better"...
Mid sixties through subsequent decades the township operated with local homegrown cops... Schooled here.. Raised here.. Worked home sectors.. Brought their families up here.. Had pride to have that car seen in their driveway and so too were their neighbors.
Had our hands full wit the separation of east and west precincts..
A terror filled Flanders Road
Hampton Bays out of control with cops there then not there with little or no training.
Hot dog beach,the Barge,the Eye, etc. Free for all with no alcohol limitations during the Viet Nam era and cities burning across the nation ... Reflected in even our small hamlets.
Not uncommon to ride in single operated units answering 12 to 15 calls a night swith few backups.. Walkie talkies.. Mace..b proof vests.. Computers.. Or a belt filled with all the other gadgets.
Calls got answered.. And for far less $$$$ and perks.. As was confirmed by few applying for such undesirable terms... Working on the bay got you a lot more for your efforts.
Don't recall many boxes being carted out of town hall either!
Not saying it was perfect.. One can find fault with every operation .. Just saying for those who served then are shamed by what this era has served up..
Can't go backwards.. But pride..appreciation..non self serving... And lack of entitlement practices certainly could be characteristics that those who wear the blue today and politicians who raise that right hand could well begin to heal this hemoraging dilemma...
I fear the worst is yet to come....

" May 9, 12 7:51 PM


Seriously now... You take the time to respond after much forethought and apparently very strong convictions and you conclude that a "Chuck Berry" wanna be is your point of reference... Even your friend must be chagrined with that illustration...
Would have welcomed a better Argument...
Guess you'd have to wear the uniform during both eras to form factual opinions...
Would tip my hat and bend at the waist to hear from those who did..." May 10, 12 9:38 AM

S lover...
Re read..where is the word "All"? That's your assumption.. Era is not synonymous with ALL !!!
Town P D would still be the first number I would dial ..
" May 10, 12 2:36 PM

Southampton Man Charged With Sexually Abusing 10-Year-Old Girl

Southampton Honduras ... Where he was probably a "Stand Up" citizen who is currently being "Misunderstood"...
10 years should rack up 99.. If and when found guilty!!!!! " Aug 13, 12 5:47 PM

Hampton Bays Man Charged With Sexually Abusing Preteen Girl

So..we're supposed to keep our mouths shut much like the altar boys...
Sandusky camp kids.. And little guys who have sixth grade teachers who come to class with classy skirts and blouses with pearls..that are peeled off in the heat of a pre-pubescent after school "one on one"tutoring session.
This ombré should have the removal surgery as soon as he is convicted.
All those who bleed liberally should ask themselves if that innocent girl was their daughter... Would that enforcement be too harsh.??? !!!!!!


" Aug 20, 12 5:02 PM

Wellwiththat psbeing stated... Etter get a good defense attorney to salvage your jewels!!!" Aug 20, 12 5:46 PM

UPDATE: Throne-Holst Promises 'A Seamless And Positive Transition' For Police Department

once the "Flagship" of East End Township P.D. s...
The men and women who currently serve and protect ..are but doomed passangers aboard the current "Titanic"... with what appears to be countless icebergs ahead!!!!!!

With leadership... both Professionally and Politically abandoning ship... what expectations would now be highlighted as "Redemption"???
In the absence of Pride,Performance and attainable Goal Setting... buttoning up that Blue Shirt..with the "Patch of the Day"... merely rewards stalemated efforts with a basic paycheck... Does anyone with a brain believe that's what most of them signed up for???

If this is incompetent leadership...FIX IT!!!
If it is finances...FIGURE IT OUT!!!
If it is political in-house immaturity...GROW UP!!!
If it is on a Back Burner....MOVE IT TO A FURNACE!!!

Everyone of the East End {Forget West End} Depts... are doubled up with laughing stomach cramping celebrating..."SURE GLAD IT'S NOT US"!!!!!!!!

And before long the Bad Guys out there will figure out where the "Low Hanging Fruit" is out there in the abandoned orchard!!!! Buckle up!!

"SHAMEFUL"..." Nov 8, 12 11:52 AM

Lawsuit Reveals That Drug Charges Against Third Accused Felon Were Dropped In Wake Of Probe

Oh boy..just what a once dedicated bunch of community "Servers and Protectors"... Needs....
Hopefully those who still strive to do so.. Will one day overshadow this stigma associated with a few of those who wear the uniform..." Mar 7, 13 11:12 AM

UPDATE: Top Cops Dispute Charges That Street Crime Unit Office Was Strewn With Drugs

This tangled web has brought disgrace to the men and women who served with pride and dignity through the tenure of three chiefs and even some of whom might have turned in their papers when Capt Red Carlson was at the helm.

Not for one moment did those eras represent Hawaii Five-O perfection... However, the news of the day was not be littered with the current staggering headlines day after day.

Five or six town supervisors, scores of counsel people, Republican,Democrats, Independents,.....
Town Police Brass...
Truth,facts, evidence, cannot have vaporized!!!!!!
Those who hold one or more of the puzzle pieces must step forward or be brought forward to clean up this sore infested wound.

For those who have served professionally and those who are doing so.. No less should be accepted.
An educated guess would put the number of calls answered over the past twenty five years no less than 700,000 !!! With no acknowledgement.. No applause.. And rare recognition... Regrettably, this current chapter disgraces all the good done by those who truly cared.
" Mar 8, 13 6:37 PM

So..as stated by the Press Bean Counter.. Some 180 comments, observations, and point-counter point discussions on this heated topic.
Up front...I am a card carrying flag waver for the STPD!!!!
However not without concern for those who might have, in some or any way have shamed this Dept .
Whether those wear a uniform, suit, tie, or skirt.. Should be held accountable.

But sadly, it appears that only 180 comments reflect this concern ( with 80. Of those being authored by OU812 & PBR)... With a Southampton Town population in the many thousands ... Deafining silence prevails.

Those who are in the know... In addition to looking over their shoulder... Should not count on this whole thing going away." Mar 19, 13 3:10 PM

UPDATE: Police Believe Teacher Recorded Students With Cellphone; Released After Posting $25,000 Bail

Imagine how many grocery store tabloids will go unread with all of this juice flowing from local journalism and the diverse cast of characters from our trusted public servants." Mar 20, 13 6:26 PM

Westhampton Beach Middle School Gym Teacher Pleads Guilty To Filming Girls In Locker Room

Maybe not just a "One time"... Videoing temptation with consequences he chose to challenge...
But rather the "First time".. He got caught...
Who knows what his personal video library looks like?
180 days a year times the number of years employed could include countless other victims.
A. James Bond... He was not... " Oct 23, 13 6:54 PM

Both Southampton And Hampton Bays Football Teams Forfeit Final Regular Season Games

I always believed that participating in High School sports was a commitment to be a part of something greater than ones self,
Team means just that.
Kids need stern leadership with consequences that accompany unacceptable behavior.
They're not stupid... If they find weaknesses in towing the line...they will not tow.
What a shame especially for those who have done everything right.
Football has become a year round opportunity for those who love this sport to witness the result of work outs.. Weight training.. And devotion to teammates to prosper with a winning season...
How could all go so bad?" Nov 3, 13 9:57 PM

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