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SYS Pitches Indoor Ice Rink Proposal To Town Board

Lets do both! Hockey Rink and swimming pool.

The squash courts were built with Donations and were spearheaded by a small group of Squash enthusiasts, organized by Wally Glennon. All it takes is some hardwork and passing the hat... Squash in the Hamptons took about 3 years to raise the capital." Feb 28, 13 5:21 PM

Cops: Early Saturday Fight at 75 Main, One Assaulted, One Arrested

I don't remember loud music at The Anchorage either. It was a pretty peaceful place that locals grabbed a cold one.
" Mar 10, 13 1:11 PM

Sexual Predator Pleads Guilty To Numerous Charges In Riverhead On Thursday

He's going to be very popular in prison... They love pedophiles in there.
" Jun 23, 13 10:47 PM

Vaccines Recommended For Diners Who Ate At Southampton Restaurant

Yeah, that's when it went downhill.

Took out the fireplace
destroyed the baked clams
" Sep 4, 13 5:23 PM

Southampton Village Trustees Approve Redrawing Village Boundary For Housing Development

Can't wait to see some of the comments on this one.
" Sep 14, 13 12:36 PM

East Hampton Man Accused Of Trafficking In Child Pornography, Held Without Bail

Sick. There's a special place in hell for these people." Oct 30, 13 2:08 PM

Southampton Students Protest Failed Merger Vote

The vote was tilted by The Southampton Association, a "watchdog" group made up mostly of taxpayers who don't live year round in Southampton. Their kids go to school elsewhere, if they have kids in school anymore. The Taxes will go up anyway, after Tuckahoe money goes to another district." Nov 1, 13 2:14 PM

Coast Guard Rescues Fisherman Off Montauk

Semper Peratus. Bravo Zulu, Station Montauk!
" Dec 8, 13 7:26 AM

UPDATE:Oddone Released On Bail Monday

Only if Andy gets to come home for Christmas.
" Dec 21, 13 8:34 AM

UPDATE: Police ID Pair Charged With Stealing Fire Chief Car

What kind of a derelict steals a Fire Chiefs car?

" Jan 26, 14 8:01 PM

Town's Top Planner Calls For Reduction In Scope Of Hampton Bays Townhouse Development

Thank you, Kyle. Finally, a Town official not in Developers Pockets.

" Jan 29, 14 8:55 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Served With Injunction; Bank Accounts Remain Frozen

Dongan Patent...
" Feb 13, 14 9:42 AM

I was told recently that Queen ATH was attempting to squash the Trustees, make the town board and the trustees one and the same. Developers would love this. I didn't believe it at the time and filed it under useless information....

" Feb 14, 14 10:17 AM

Just go fishing.
" Feb 22, 14 6:30 PM

Oddone Pleads Guilty To Manslaughter Charge

Friend of the Devil.
" Feb 26, 14 9:28 PM

Tuckahoe Sixth Grader Raises Big Bucks For St. Baldrick's

Great Job, Aidan!
" Apr 1, 14 11:34 PM

Coast Guard Rescues Three From Burning Boat Sunday

And a life raft...
" Apr 8, 14 11:16 PM

Man Charged In Southampton Village Attack On Friday

There isn't a hole deep or dark enough for this dirtbag.

I hope now maybe he can be found a Habitual Criminal & put upstate for the rest of his life. And his dance card filled...
" May 20, 14 7:00 AM

Kardashian Clan Leases Jobs Lane Store In Southampton Village

Driver Seat Closes for the winter.
" May 28, 14 12:37 PM

Six-Year-Old Girl Hit By Car In Water Mill Dies At Hospital

There you go again with idiotic rants about our local emergency services-something you know nothing about. Learn county EMS protocol and then comment.

My deepest condolence to the family. I couldn't even imagine the pain." Jun 17, 14 1:18 PM

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