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New Traffic Light Coming To Hampton Bays

Long overdue , and the CPI needs to be razed as soon as possible , an eyesore is a compliment " May 15, 13 6:56 AM

Dunes To Be Rebuilt In Wainscott After Erosion Worse Than During Sandy

the ocean will come and go as it pleases, if you build a house on the ocean that's the risk you run , have fun fighting mother nature " Mar 16, 16 8:26 AM

Hampton Bays Library Board Will Seek Taxpayer Approval Of $9.9 Million Renovation Plan In March

9.9mm$ for an updated interior, new roof and a/c system and 25 parking spots ...so just shy of 10mm$ does not even get us a new structure? That seems very steep. No thanks ." Jan 20, 17 3:04 PM

and im sorry I can not help myself...but Eli Manning only had to pay 8.5mm$ for 7000 sq ft on the ocean!! think about that " Jan 20, 17 3:09 PM

Southampton Town Issues More Than 200 Code Violations For Illegal Rentals In Hampton Bays During Housing Crackdown

The 100$-1000$ fines are seen merely as a cost of doing business by these owners and land lords and I use that term very lightly. How about increasing their property taxes to reflect the real occupancy of their properties. that may have a little more bite.
" Oct 20, 17 12:33 PM

or just condemn and raze them, actually I like that idea much better
" Oct 20, 17 12:44 PM

Quogue Homeowners Pitch New Beach Reconstruction Plan, On Their Own Dime

The sand will be long gone before your 10 year loan payment period . The ocean will go where it wants to . " Aug 23, 18 7:06 AM

Southampton Town Board Rejects Proposal To Purchase Bel-Aire Cove Motel With CPF Money

The owner of this property is a disgrace, shows a blatant disregard for the law and his tenants. How this business is allowed to operate is mind boggling.
" Jan 23, 19 5:07 PM

Montauk Beach Restoration Would Be Costly, But Possibly Worth The Cost To Those Who Would Pay

can not fight mother nature ....ocean will go where it wants to
" Sep 19, 19 8:34 AM