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New Effort To Repeal Fishing Licenses

The Dongan Patent also provided for the raising of taxes.
If you have a body of water that is frequented by people (fishermen/women) how do you pay for the upkeep and maintenance of the waterways? What is wrong with paying for the privilege to fish? You want to fish for free because of a treaty written in 1686? Get real. This is not gestapo tactics but rather land stewardship. But then perhaps you think the National Parks System is a rip off as well. Pay to play. " Feb 28, 11 9:26 PM

Sag Harbor Village Considering Eminent Domain For Ferry Road Property

the village could be criticized for coming to the party so late in the game (fault probably goes to previous mayor) but if there is a good example for using eminent domain, this is it. the location begs for a public use and not another stack of buildings, however nicely rendered. (r. stern has no conscience when it comes to development opportunities).
To chief: the case for eminent domain is well defined in the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program. Preserve open space, make use of existing infrastructure, minimize adverse effects of development.
" Jan 14, 16 11:02 AM

Hot Sales In Sag Harbor Area

at the present rate of flipping and speculation, sag harbor will soon become monaco by the bay.

" Jan 16, 19 7:59 AM

Bialsky Unveils Prices For West Water Street Condos

maybe the buildings are ok, scale, however, overwhelms the site.

for certain, the bulkhead should never have been approved. look at the arc of the sandy beach to the east and west; the bulkhead imposes itself into the bay, enabling the construction of 6 private docks.

the village capitulated to the developer on all accounts, including the payola for the park.

funky precedent." Aug 22, 19 5:42 PM