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The Press News Group To Offer Premium Membership Subscriptions

Mr. Louchcheim. A simple question for you. Are you going to be addressing some of the issues some of us have pointed out to you as to how your website is working? Do you acknowledge that there are problems or do you simply ignore it?
As someone who buys your newspaper weekly and contributes, for better or worse, to your website, I would appreciate knowing. I realize its your paper and you need not acknowledge me, but I think many people are frustrated with the status quo. " Feb 28, 11 5:58 PM

Mr. Louchcheim, Thank you for your reply and we appreciate that you are listening and paying attention and working to resolve. I speak for myself, my twin, and perhaps others. The site has many positive features. I've listed some of my peeves so no need to elaborate more.

I just make three suggestions. First, create a link " web site problems suggestions" so that when issues occur they can be easily reported and get feedback that the problem is being addressed .

Second, I suggest you allow more than two free post for non-subscribers. It will reduce the number of twins that sprout or all sorts of extended families. This may be easier than rewriting a lot of code and having users try to outdo the programmers. More importantly, having a greater number of allowances for posting will keep discussions and debates more lively. As you noted the comments have become an important aspect of the site. I find them complimentary to the stories in their ability to go beyond the story and bring out the community's perspectives, they can be educational, and bring editorial balance at times. If you restrict the number of posts too much you will loose a lot of that vibrancy. Its in the advertisers interest too to keep users coming back as opposed to going elsewhere. You also mention anonymity. Some people, myself included, might be reluctant to make posts when a name or address can be associated with it. They may be more docile in their criticism of the publication, government or police. Someone might cross that double yellow line of the Patriot Act and force your publication to divulge personal information. Perhaps I'm paranoid but its worth thinking about.

Third, the advertising could be managed better. Perhaps more below the fold and more content above the fold. Also, change it around a bit its the same constant adds. I'm not buying a house from Ms Petrilo at Sotheby's, nor am I in the market for a BMW, and even less in the market for an estate. I don't think the reader here is an elite. I believe they are predominantly local concerned citizens and taxpayers. There is a better way to tailor your adds an listings to them. I suggest you look at the way Patch does it. Its less in your face and more subtle.

Well thank you again." Mar 1, 11 12:34 PM

Well you raise a good point. If you pay to be in, does that entitle the editors to sensor your posts? I'm reminded of Reagan's famous quip:
"Excuse me sir, I payed for this microphone."" Mar 3, 11 9:56 AM

Request For $70 Million Default Judgment Against Town Dismissed

It would have been nice to know Misters Nuzzi's and Malone's reaction to the Judges ruling on the Genovese default judgement. They seemed quite anxious about it." Mar 3, 11 11:43 AM

Police: Molotov Cocktail Placed In Front Of Southampton Highway Superintendent's House

HB ..Maybe you should take some adult literacy classes before you go around and lecture people on what the highway department does. You might want to reread what I wrote in another post on another story before you make libelous and inappropriate insinuations about people. " Jun 27, 11 11:08 PM

Seems like people are associating the Molotov cocktail to the leaf program. The incident at Mr. Gregor's house occurred on June 16. His latest version of the leaf program he announced on Wednesday June 22. The bagging version that is. So I find the association with the leaf program less likely as it could not have been a reaction to something not yet announced to the public. Again there are other possibilities out there. But that also doesnot justify the attack. " Jun 28, 11 12:47 PM

New Southampton Town Audit States That Revenues Outpaced Expenses In 2010

Oh good. There will be money to pick up the PILES of leaves after all." Jun 30, 11 6:30 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Expected To Discuss Plastic Bag Ban Next Month

The plastic bag ban would not resolve the littering problem in any town or village.There is a lot more garbage out there floating around than plastic bags. Try banning plastic bottled drinks of all kinds as well. Who needs bottle water. Why not use reusable bottles of water too? Also the town and villages should send around the garbage trucks around more often to clear out overflowing garbage cans. That is where a lot of the flying garbage originates. Of course, ultimately its people that litter and don't recycle that is the problem. Not the plastic bag.

Westhampton should wait until the ban in SH village has been in effect to see if it makes sense. That law was cleverly written to go into effect after the summer season. Wait till fall and see what the reaction will be. " Jun 30, 11 7:10 PM

The Elusive, Exclusive Blue Book Of The Hamptons

Do you have to pay to be in the book? How much does it cost? " Jul 1, 11 12:31 PM

North Sea Day Camp Hearing Postponed Until September

Maybe a nudist colony might get a better reception? " Jul 8, 11 10:23 AM

Southampton Town GOP Still Lacks Supervisor Candidate As Deadline Looms

Wishful thinking on their part if they are going to elect anyone. I am not aware that any of the candidates are actually campaigning. They need to get to be known if they expect people to vote for them. What a mess..." Jul 8, 11 7:00 PM

MTK Festival Organizers: $100,000 Pledged To Charity In Escrow Account

Hope no one tries to land during the concert..just saying.." Jul 9, 11 8:43 AM

Police: Woman Robbed Outside Hampton Bays Diner Early Sunday Morning

Maybe they need to hire one of those private security companies." Jul 10, 11 8:43 PM

Southampton Town GOP Still Lacks Supervisor Candidate As Deadline Looms

Randy's not available, but he can suggest a list of candidates in Bangalore..." Jul 11, 11 10:15 PM

Current Parrish Site To Be Expanded, Renovated After Museum Moves

That sounds like a lot of money to spend for an "if"...They should look for partners in NYC that might have an interest in opening an extension out East in Southampton. A Guggenheim, MoMA, Met, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Lincoln Center, BAM, etc. might be interested in a partnership where they can expand their offerings..Who knows if you don't talk about it. personally I like the theater idea. I think it would be nice to have a venue for that here...A small cabaret type place where different small musical events and shows could be heal. Jazz, Classical, Rock..etc. Maybe the occasional Burlesque benefit could be held there..Hell paint the town red while were at it.." Jul 13, 11 7:57 PM

Plan For Southampton Police Sector Car For Sagaponack Put On Hold

Well cops on the roads are a greater revenue generator for the police department especially in the summertime. The detective work might be shifted to fall and winter when they can redeploy the force. Obviously, depending on the gravity of the case...Now if Sagaponack might be interested, there are private security companies that might be able to provide some services for them..." Jul 13, 11 8:21 PM

You don't really expect the police to investigate crimes due to people's negligence? How serious are the crimes that are pending investigation? Like I said depending on the gravity of the case. If you wish to go to Hampton Bays a be a burglar that is your business. I am not going to be your accomplice. " Jul 14, 11 9:20 AM

Southampton Town Will Need To Come Up With Millions To Meet Tax Cap Next Year

Looks like there will be serious renegotiations necessary to come into compliance with the new law. Is this a board event or a campaign event? One would expect other town board members to be present as well." Jul 18, 11 2:49 PM

I like this self-insurance and clinic concept to the extent that it operates in a manner that would minimize potential fraud and abusive fees. Additionally these schemes should be opened up to local residents and taxpayers as well. It might make sense financially to open these up to greater participation. After all it is the taxpayer that would be paying for these so it makes sense that they also benefit from thme." Jul 19, 11 12:51 PM

Bloomberg In Contract To Purchase Hamptons Home

There's room for at least two helipads ..." Jul 22, 11 6:45 PM

Around Southampton Town Hall: Town Board Restricts Parking Near Rumba

All residents should have access to the towns beaches and bays. Lets get rid of restrictive parking signs whose only purpose is to keep residents away and serve no purpose in terms of road safety. The board should strive to open up the other locales as well. Give us back access to our ocean beaches too. Get rid of "private road" etc. signs as well. Town roads, communal property rights must be defended.

Looks like Nuzzi managed to fumble another one. " Jul 27, 11 10:14 PM

Authorities Seeking Information About Seagull Killing

don't forget the part about stoning them and the tar and feather bit too." Jul 27, 11 10:25 PM

East Hampton Village Bans Plastic Bags

Don't forget the heated pools..." Jul 30, 11 8:31 AM

Yea...Guns don't kill people... So why do away with the plastic bag? I doubt that you only see plastic bags at the beach. I see more plastic bottles and balloons than plastic bottles. Does your town wait for the garbage cans to overflow before they are emptied, (when there is one)? Do people place their garbage next to the filled garbage can,( instead of disposing of it at home)?Do animals scrounge for food from these garbage cans, and do they put it back when they are finished?) Banning the bags is fashionable but it wont make a dent into the problem. Substituting them with paper bags is worse overall for the environment. " Jul 30, 11 8:52 AM

Noyac Road Project Won't Happen In 2011

To me the problem is speeding in general all along Noyac road. Its time to put in traffic slowing measures. Lights and Stop signs. That way it want be the back road to East Hampton it has become as the crawl will be worse than Sunrise. The problem at Cromers is not the blind corners as you head in each direction but the parking lot in front of the stores. The parking lot access from the road should be blocked. Put a sidewalk there blocking it.

As for Alex Gregor... Again he comes up with ludicrous statements. "“the public doesn’t care for the project” ...Which unannounced stealth meeting did he come up with that one from? I'm glad the board came down hard on him. Money was specifically allocated for this project and he decides he's not going to do it. That's reminiscent of his decision to suspend the leaf program. Where was the board on that one though? Honest Jim where are you...Anna..where are you? Its a sad commentary on all of yous." Aug 1, 11 1:36 PM

Southampton Town Board Considers $125 Million CPF Bond Recommended By Panel

As long as they can resell the land when they come up short and and can keep from imposing the burden of this purchase on the regular taxpayers and can stick to their commitments and maintain their other expenses and keep within their tax caps ...." Aug 1, 11 4:18 PM

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