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Construction worker killed in job site accident in Southampton Village

I do not care what color or religion this man was, or whether he was here legally or not. The ONLY important issues here are: someone died...why & who is responsible?
My great grandparents came to this country ages ago & I thank God no one was around back then holding up signs or telling them to go back home. I do not blame folks for trying to make money to send back to their families who are still stuck in countries so poor they are living in huts without running water. I believe all the "white" folks on welfare should be out there as well on the streets looking for work. I recently needed help cleaning out a basement (2 30-yard dumpsters of crap). No legal white guy would touch the job, and the one who said yes advised he couldn't get there for 3 weeks and would charge $2,500. I hired two Guatemalan gentlemen. They showed at 8:00 a.m. the next day & worked their butts off, and charged no where near "Mr. I'm-Here-Legally-So-Pay-Me-100-Times-More-Than-What-I-Am-Worth-So-I-Can-Buy-A-Big-Fat-SUV-Mobile-Home-100" TV-&-Beer." By the way, I need a landscaper & handyman. Any legal white guys out there willing to do same for a REASONABLE amount of money & show up the next day? Didn't think so.
" Jan 7, 09 2:22 PM

Town euthanizes Tank and Dolce

I think the owners of these poor pups should have been put to sleep instead." Jan 7, 09 2:26 PM

Construction worker killed in job site accident in Southampton Village

Dear Mrs. HB,
For your information, my workers own their own homes with mortgages and taxes, but have no children. More useless info: they recylce, speak perfect English, grow their own vegetables, and live simply, so they can help others. How quickly we jump to conculsions when it comes to other nationalities. I suppose if I told you I was Irish, you would call me a drunk? My grandmother taught me to treat ALL human beings the same, with respect, and to help those less fortunate. I do not know where this ignornance & hate comes from. You should be ashamed! Not only will I keep the Gonzalez family in my prayers, but I will pray for you as well." Jan 8, 09 10:01 AM

People give up pets due to economy

This is so sad. I also would never give up my animals - I'd go without first.
I currently feed a couple ol feral cat colonies, plus my own cat & dog, plus most of the wild animals in my woods. It gets expensive, but if everyone chipped in a little here & there, it would add up. I know ARF has their hands full & they are doing the best they can. " Jan 20, 09 12:49 PM

Dead fawn served as reminder of cost of hunting

According to actual medical sites, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease actually starts with MICE. Deer, along with other animals, such as the family dog, then pick up the contaminated ticks. Deer actually take the ticks AWAY from homes when they pass through. The mice stay put. Case in point: North Haven. Since they've erected mile high wire fences, Lyme disease has actually INCREASED. The ONLY way to keep deer out of your yard is with a 5-6' high solid wood fence - deer will not jump anything they can't see through. Killing all the deer will only increase the problem. Where will these diseased ticks (which infest mice) then live? I, for one, am sick of hearing guns go off morning, noon & night. Hunting is barbaric & should be outlawed. There are too many homes and too many stupid hunters. Anyone read about the 16 MONTH old girl who was killed in Swan Lake, NY thanks to a hunter?? Oh, and can anyone explain why the State DEC website lists what to feed the deer it it's illegal to do so? " Jan 20, 09 4:06 PM

$19 million in Southampton Town capital budget unaccounted for

Let me get this right....as soon as Kagel leaves, we're missing $19 million. Then we're told it will take 3 months to find it. Meanwhile, we're spending a mil on a golf course that appears to be fine as is? I think the Town should list all proposed projects on their website, then taxpayers can vote -majority wins. We don't have to wait for November; it can be done monthly. We should also do this for tracts of land purchased under Community Preservation funds. Has anyone seen some of the land the Town is buying at outrageous prices? " Jan 26, 09 1:20 PM

11 rescued pups find new hope at town shelter

Hey, animalcaregiver - you are correct. I picked up on this, too. Wasn't there even an article on folks having to give up their dogs & cats because of the economy? While I commend everyone for this amazing rescue, let's not forget there are already tons of pups & older dogs & cats at all the shelters out here waiting to be adopted - some have waited years. These cute little guys will be quickly adopted. However, for those of you who don't want to go through puppy training, please think about adopting an older dog, or one that someone had to give up because they couldn't afford to take care of them anymore. " Feb 4, 09 1:06 PM

East Quogue man, 42, joins Army National Guard

Way to go, Don. And - you are NOT old. :) Thank you, God bless, stay out of trouble. You are in our prayers. " Feb 9, 09 4:17 PM

Marienfeld fired as Pierson hoops coach

A lot of folks apparently need to grow up here. It sounds like inflated egos, spoiled kids & self-absorbed parents. How about concentrating on an education and not just "games?" I went to this school. Education came in second to sports. They pushed the kids to constantly win in order to obtain scholarships because the kids did not have the brains to do anything else. Then, when they all failed in the real world, they ran home to work for their daddies. Sad. Seems some things never change. " Feb 13, 09 10:38 AM

Neighbors near CR39 want to keep commercial traffic off residential streets

Why were these houses built on top of commercial businesses to begin with? Didn't these folks SEE the highway & businesses from their soon-to-be second story windows? Did ya think CR 39 was going to close soon? Why wasn't an open space area obtained between the houses & businesses, instead of further south where no one sees it? Who DOESN'T have commercial traffic on their residential street (i.e., contractors, pool companies, UPS, fuel oil deliveries, garbage pickup, landscapers)? If the kids stayed in their PRIVATE park, there won't be a problem. This is a great "let the buyer beware" lesson. " Feb 17, 09 12:00 PM

Southampton Town Board places road construction projects under microscope

Way to go Councilwoman Pope! The leaves on my street were just recently picked up. They caused flooding problems & one accident that I know of. When the snow plows finally came through, they couldn't clear the road because of all the piles of leaves & sticks, so they cleared a narrow winding path only. If fire trucks had to get through that mess, they never would have made it. " Feb 18, 09 8:58 AM

Southampton Town Justice Court relocation to go forward

I think if Blowes ordered the extra units he should pay for them OUT OF HIS OWN POCKET, or, better yet, take it out of his salary! Here's another waste of money the taxpayers will end up paying for. How about we stick the court in some of these vacant retail buldings all over Town? " Feb 18, 09 4:09 PM

Supervisor has bone to pick over councilwoman's dog

Oh, for goodness sakes - this is the stupidest issue I've seen so far in Town Hall politics. Why on earth can't we have a dog or 2 (or 3) in Town Hall? What harm can this little mutt get into? I can see if someone brought in a St. Bernard or Rottweiler, but this little guy is only 12 pounds of fluff. If anything, studies have proven that animals in the workplace actually work to bring blood pressures down. From what I've read, this is exactly what they need over there right now. I say we keep Frankie & get rid of some of the complaining employees. " Mar 4, 09 11:01 AM

Planning Board recommends slightly altered version of public participation proposal

The way I see it is that most of the members of the CACs are year-round locals who know the history of the area. Half the Town planners are imports and have no clue that a site mght have been a gas station, or a dump site, or filled land 50 plus years ago. This should be brought to the Town's attention ASAP....not at a public hearing which is usually held AFTER all the plans are drawn and most of the planning is done. We all know the folks who show at a hearing are just the neighbors who don't want anything built in their back yard. It would be very simple to send an application to the CAC as soon as it comes in & then, if there is a major issue, set up a meeting with the CAC, the Board and the applicant to hash out the problem PRIOR to the hearing. " Mar 11, 09 9:25 AM

Some opposition to proposed farmers market in Southampton

I think this is an awesome idea. It will bring folks into the village, which appears to be slowly dying (lots of empty stores). There's plenty of parking. Great competition to keep prices down. All "farmers" should be invited - North Fork as well. Isn't there even a garlic farm up there? I see nothing wrong with say inviting the folks that make goat cheese products or local wineries (after all, aren't their products made from "local" grapes?) or bakeries. And best of all, you won't have to deal with cashiers that don't speak English! " Mar 18, 09 9:33 AM

A clarification for C Law's benefit: What I meant was, it would be nice to walk into a local store and ask for radicchio, or ask if the corn is local, and not get a dumb stare back. I believe one should be able to speak the language of the country they are living in and living off of. I should not have to learn another language just to buy a head of lettuce. The grounds of the Museum are perfect for this market. Perhaps Walt can add a little culture to his life while he's there. " Mar 19, 09 9:50 AM

Hey William Rodney - LOL regarding the radicchio - you're probably right. Yet another reason for a farmer's market - educational value! In response to RealLocal: When my great grandparents came to this country, no one said, "Hey, the Smiths are here, but they only speak Italian, so let's everyone speak Italian so they can understand us. Oh, and here are the Jones, but they only speak French....no problem, we'll all start speaking French." And the reason for that was because in order to communicate, we all need to speak the same language. My family had no choice but to accept the laws & customs & language of this country if they wanted to survive....and they did, without a problem. And it's absolutely fascinating hearing about other cultures and customs, but in order to do so, again, we have to be able to communicate. So before you start calling people names, think a little. What if I wrote this entire post in German? " Mar 20, 09 9:03 AM

Online auction has mansions up for sale to highest bidders

I think lulubelle1956 is on to something...what a great idea! Most have fully finished basements & garage apartments bigger than my house. Put a wall through the middle of the first & second floors & you have 6 instant living spaces. " Mar 24, 09 9:15 AM

CAC wants soup kitchens for day laborers

The perfect spot for a combination soup kitchen and hiring hall would be the lot south of the 7-11 in Southampton. That piece of land is already owned by both the Village and the Town, is commercially zoned, and there are no houses that would object to such a use. Perhaps funds can be obtained from the state to build it. " Mar 25, 09 4:02 PM

Southampton Town Comptroller charged with DWI

Having lost two friends to first time DWI drivers and having witnessed numerous accidents caused by DWIs, I tend to have no tolerance toward anyone who drives drunk & puts others at risk. That is what we have taxis and friends for. I'm sure this guy learned his lesson, if not from the actual incident itself, than from the public humiliation. Perhaps all DWI drivers should be dragged through the media like this - not just when they kill somone or are in public office." Mar 26, 09 10:42 AM

Code enforcement shuts down soup kitchen at Southampton Tire

Unbelievable - having the police come down on you for providing a sandwich to someone less fortunate. I guess we should stop handing out coats and gloves to the homeless in the city, too, and shut down all the soup kitchens. After all, somone might slip in without a green card on them. Then we can raid HRH next. My heavens, they're actually helping folks, too - regardless of who they are. Gee, I buy my fellow co-workers and friends lunch all the time. Guess I need to get a soup kitchen permit, too. What is the world coming to? pstevens & natui lady said it all - "There, but for the grace of God, go I..." " Apr 2, 09 11:01 AM

Southampton wrestling coach arrested on drug charges

So...we have tolerance for teachers that use heroin or who gather DWIs and "date" their students....oops, sorry wrong school....but we have no telerance for folks willing to work hard to keep food on their tables. Yeah, let's just white, I mean write this off as yet another mistake he made. By the way, does the "three strikes you're out" rule apply here? " Apr 3, 09 2:35 PM

Me - I asked a friend's child what he thought of this. His comment: "Well, if the teacher is doing drugs and everyone says it's no big deal, they [drugs] can't be all that bad." " Apr 3, 09 4:12 PM

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