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Feb 4, 2019 7:42 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Sag Harbor Restaurateurs Want To Revive Success Of La Superica At Same Site

The partners in the new venture that will move into the La Superica building this spring. The group includes, from left to right in front, Tora Matsuoka, David Hart, Jeff Resnick, Stephen Loffredo and Jesse Matsuoka. Behind them are partners Nunzio Zappola and Nick Zappola.      KYRIL BROMLEY
Feb 6, 2019 11:10 AM

The owners of Sag Harbor’s hyper-popular Japanese restaurant Sen have taken over the sunset-centric restaurant building that housed La Superica for more than 25 years and plan to resurrect the location with a new Mexican-themed eatery—possibly even under the same brand. Jeff Resnick, one of seven partners in the new venture, was the original owner of La Superica, which he opened in 1991, his first foray into the business that has since made him a household name in Sag Harbor.

Sag Harbor in those days, he’s quick to point out, was a very different place: It was sleepy in the winter, and in the summer season the biggest draw was nightlife. But Mr. Resnick’s vision of the sort of laid-back beachy scene one might find near Central American surf breaks caught on quickly.

“I wanted to do a surfer bar, Mexican restaurant—and people took to it right away,” said Mr. Resnick, who has owned a half dozen restaurants since then.

In 1994, he took over Sen, which also became an instant hit. In 1997, he sold La Superica to one of his bartenders, Ken O’Donnell, who is now a Sag Harbor Village trustee.

Mr. O’Donnell closed La Superica last year after being unable to negotiate a new lease with the landlord, Rosie Cheng. After the space sat vacant through last summer, Mr. Resnick and his partners snatched up the lease this winter.

“It took a lot of thought and effort,” he said. “It needed a good idea, and the right group of people. I think we’ve got it.”

Joining Mr. Resnick in taking over the glass-walled eatery at the foot of the Jordan C. Haerter Veterans Memorial Bridge will be his partners in Sen, brothers Jesse and Tora Matsuoka, as well as their own partners in other ventures, Stephen Loffredo and David Hart, and other cohorts.

After doing renovations, the group plans to open the doors in May, possibly even reviving the La Superica name, or some variation of it.

“It’s going to be a tequila and taco bar—street food with Latin influences,” said Jesse Matsuoka, who is also currently the general manager at Sen. “Jeff and Kenny did an amazing job with La Superica. We’re going to put our own spin on it—that space brought a lot of folks great joy and the wonderful sunsets, and we want to bring that same thing back.”

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Everyone is a household name in Sag Harbor.
By SlimeAlive (1181), Southampton on Feb 5, 19 7:38 AM
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Looking forward to it. Please keep the prices affordable to locals :)
By marybmary (54), east hampton on Feb 5, 19 10:29 AM
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La Superica has the best guacamole! But as Marybmary said, please keep the new incarnation affordable for the locals!
By Rich Morey (368), East Hampton on Feb 5, 19 10:51 AM
Sounds great but too many partners! How can 7 people agree to anything??
By sukie (5), sag harbor on Feb 5, 19 10:57 AM
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They only have to agree on how the money is split.
By Fred s (2863), Southampton on Feb 5, 19 11:04 AM
This is part of the invasion that is coming from our Southern border. First they get you hooked on guacamole, before you know it you are injecting Mexican-Made roboframulatornyl in you neck.
Superica was great, fun and fairly priced but a $24 declicious shrimp fajita and a $16 wicked supermargarita was an infrequent treat.

Very positive news for Sag : )
By Aeshtron (349), Southampton on Feb 5, 19 11:16 AM
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Please bring back the Shrimp Enchiladas Rancheros
By pgt (1), Southampton on Feb 5, 19 11:22 AM
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By ammills (22), east hampton on Feb 5, 19 11:48 AM
The food at Superica was mediocre at best. often I felt like my dish was a heap of cheese on top of something....I have full faith that the new owners know that good food makes a restaurant. the spot is a home run.
By ammills (22), east hampton on Feb 5, 19 11:49 AM
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Looks like a great team....Good luck all.
By zappy (56), east quogue on Feb 5, 19 7:09 PM
Keep it AFFORDABLE PLEASE!!!!! Our service community struggles from November to April.....give them something they can afford ..
By Mate (47), Southampton on Feb 5, 19 7:14 PM
I would like high end small Mexican tapas plates please! No street food, that would only cloudy the place...Sag Harbor needs to go NYC style.
By lirider (275), Hampton Bays on Feb 5, 19 11:14 PM
I can guarantee that these self taught restauranteurs don't know everything.
But if they know one thing it's that they don't need the locals.
They certainly don't want a bar full of Fire Dept. jackets scaring the Millennial crowd away.
Their customer base will be walking over from Barons Cove, strolling through Steinbeck Waterfront Park, stopping in for a Margarita and a meal...
Then off to Bay Street theatre for a show. After the show they will split a gelato from Big Olaf (which ...more
By saggguy (20), SAGAPONACK on Feb 6, 19 8:17 AM
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Sad but so true !!!!
By Sturgis (603), Southampton on Feb 7, 19 12:27 PM
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Sounds like a delightful evening! I don’t see the boogeyman in your story. Please enlighten anyone as to how this is a bad thing? Locals have corner bar if they wanna look like dirt and drink during their volunteer shift. Locals will now have a nice Mexican inspired joint in a prime location too, if they wanna shower first before going out. Win win!
By Brandon Quinn (189), Hampton Bays on Feb 8, 19 1:51 PM
2 members liked this comment
Brandon, comic genius!!!
By Fred s (2863), Southampton on Feb 8, 19 2:01 PM
Seven partners.. that's 6 too many in a restaurant. Food will be expensive... just do the numbers and remember where we live. Next question?
By harbor (401), East Hampton on Feb 6, 19 4:34 PM
Seven partners? In a restaurant? Anyone remember Schmoozies in Bridgehampton? That's what happens when you have a bunch of partners.
By btdt (445), water mill on Feb 6, 19 10:52 PM
Trying to attempt to thwart the gentrification that we really DO NOT need!
It is the least that I can do?!?
By saggguy (20), SAGAPONACK on Feb 8, 19 11:09 PM
I'll go there first chance I get once it opens and with a open mind and positive expectations. Good luck Superica v. 2!
By Killerfrog (36), Southampton on Feb 11, 19 12:30 AM
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